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    Compare the Best SIM-Only Plans in Singapore for Light, Moderate & Heavy Users 2022

    What is a SIM-Only Plan?

    A SIM-only plan functions as a monthly mobile contract that offers minutes for talk time, texts, and data at a fixed cost. 

    Before SIM-only plans were introduced into the mobile market, phone contracts were often offered as a two-year contract plan that tied the price of a subsidised handset and a mobile plan. As such, monthly phone fees are priced significantly higher than SIM-only plans as you are essentially paying for both your mobile plan and a monthly instalment for a subsidised handset.

    Best SIM-Only Plans in Singapore Comparison

    How do SIM-Only Plans Work?

    Similar to the more traditional (two-year) contract plans, SIM-only plans are a type of postpaid plan that charges you for your usage every month – you purchase your preferred plan and pay a monthly fee to continue using your chosen allowance of minutes, texts, and data based on your needs. 

    What are the differences between SIM-Only and Traditional Contract Plans?

    Several defining features set a SIM-only plan apart from the traditional two-year mobile contract plans offered on the market. Firstly and likely most importantly, SIM-only plans do not have a minimum contract period. This means that you do not have to be tied down for two years or more, depending on your contract. In other words, you are free to terminate your SIM-only plan to another contract or switch to another telco altogether any time you wish! 

    An often overlooked but apparent difference between the two postpaid plans is that SIM-only plans do not include a subsidised mobile phone. This is also why SIM-only plans are priced significantly cheaper than its counterpart. If you already have a working mobile phone that you do not intend to change any time soon, SIM-only plans may be an economical option for you! 

    Data is now king when it comes to finding the perfect mobile contract deal. This is probably why SIM-only plans have garnered such popularity, as it leverages the demand for high data usage to meet present phone usage habits. Compared to traditional mobile phone contracts, SIM-only plans place greater emphasis on providing high data allowance. While you always have the option to top up for more data on both types of plans, SIM-only plans will be suitable for users with heavy data usage since it starts you off with a higher data baseline. 

    Best SIM-Only Mobile Plans for Light Users (<$15/Month): TPG 50GB SIM Only Plan

    These are the SIM-Only Mobile Plans most suitable for you if you are not a heavy user of mobile data:

    SIM-Only Mobile Plan

    Price (Monthly)

    Data (Unthrottled)

    Data Cost Per 1GB of Unthrottled Data

    Talk Time (Minutes) | SMS



    (+free 50GB until further notice)


    300 | 50




    500 | 20



    (unlimited data at managed speeds thereafter)


    350 | 200

    redONE Amazing8

    (Can be used in Singapore & Malaysia)



    (unlimited data at 128kbps thereafter)


    300 | 300

    SIM-Only Mobile Plans Comparison for Light Data Users


    • TPG’s 50GB + 50GB SIM-only mobile plan is the cheapest SIM-only mobile plan going at $10/month with a cost of $0.10 per GB of data.
    • There are a few other alternatives to cheap SIM-only Mobile Plans such as the VIVIFI Plus Plan which provides 9GB of data for $9/month and the redONE AMazing8 Plan giving you 5GB of data for only $8/month.
    • Another good alternative if you're not a heavy user of mobile data is VIVIFI Lite Plan which provides you with 3GB of data for only $8.80/month but comes with 500 minutes worth of free talk time.

    Best Mid-Range SIM-Only Plans for Moderate Data Users ($15-$30/Month): TPG 80GB SIM-Only Plan

    If you don’t mind paying a little bit more for more data and/or free talk time and SMS, these will be the plans for you:

    SIM-Only Mobile Plan

    Price (Monthly)

    Data (Unthrottled)

    Data Cost Per 1GB of Unthrottled Data

    Talk Time (Minutes) | SMS



    (+free 50GB until further notice)


    300 | 30



    (unlimited data at managed speeds thereafter)


    500 | 500

    GOMO (20GB)

    (for first 12 months)

    $18.00 (U.P. $20.00)

    50GB (20GB Base + 30GB for 12 months)


    500 | 500

    SIM-Only Mobile Plans Comparison for Moderate Data Users


    • TPG’s (80GB) Plan is the best SIM-Only Mobile Plan for moderate users of data which costs $18/month providing $0.13/GB of data
    • Great alternative plans for moderate data users include the MyRepublic Mobile Core Plan which costs $15/month  ($0.34/GB of data) and the GOMO 20GB+30GB Plan which costs $18/month.

    Best Premium Sim-Only Plans for Heavy Data Users ($30-$50/Month): Changi Mobile’s Flexi Ultra Plan

    If you are a heavy user of mobile data, be it for streaming videos or gaming, then you should apply for these high-end SIM-Only Mobile Plans:

    SIM-Only Mobile Plan

    Price (Monthly)

    Data (Unthrottled)

    Data Cost Per 1GB of Unthrottled Data

    Talk Time (Minutes) | SMS

    Changi Mobile Flexi Ultra

    (Lifetime price as long as your continue with the plan)

    $35.00 (U.P. $45)


    (1 month rollover data till 31 Dec 21)


    800 | 800




    100 (outgoing & incoming) | 25


    Unlimited data (4GB/day at 4G, slower speeds thereafter)


    1,000 | 1,000

    SIM-Only Mobile Plans Comparison for Moderate Data Users


    • The Changi Mobile Flexi Ultra Plan is the best premium SIM-Only Plan for heavy mobile data users offering 100GB of data for only $35/month which means only $0.35/GB of data. The best thing is the monthly bill is locked at $35/month as long as you continue with the plan.
    • Suitable alternatives for heavy mobile data users would be the Circles.Life 100GB plan, which offers 100GB data at $38/month, but this plans comes without free incoming calls, and the MyRepublic Mobile’s Unlimited Data Plan which offers unlimited 4G data at $39/month capped a t 4GB a day with managed speeds thereafter.

    How to Choose the Best SIM-Only Mobile Plan?

    Choosing the right mobile phone plan is important as it removes the hassle of re-contracting, changing, or switching between plans and providers. While it is tempting to go with the cheapest SIM-only plan, several other factors should be taken into account before taking the plunge to avoid unnecessary or additional upgrading fees in the future.

    Here are some factors to consider before purchasing your SIM-only mobile plan: 

    • Price of the mobile plan
    • Data allowance and speed
    • SMS and call time of the mobile plan
    • Network Performance, Reception and Connectivity
    • Flexibility to customise plan
    • Flexibility to roam
    • Customer service efficiency

    There are also many additional services, free perks or incentives you should look out for to help sweeten your deal! Look out for these perks: 

    • Free Caller ID
    • Free Talktime - outgoing and incoming
    • Free SMS - limited to a certain quantity
    • Additional data or discount for your subscription
    • Free Music Streaming services

    Are SIM-Only Plans Better Than Fixed Contract Plans?

    This is largely dependent on whether you require a new phone or are looking to upgrade your phone soon. As mentioned, SIM-only plans do not offer subsidised handsets and you will have to purchase one at full retail price separately. However, if you require a new phone, purchasing a new phone at full price and then getting a SIM-only plan may not necessarily be more expensive than fixed contract plans, given the plethora of low-cost SIM-only plans available. On the flip side, if you do not require a new phone and are looking for cheaper alternatives, SIM-only plans are likely the way to go.

    With that said, a unique selling point of fixed contract plans is that they offer a greater variety of promotions, such as streaming subscriptions. If this may be something that may be useful for you, these fixed contract plans may be suitable for you.

    How to Apply for a Mobile Plan?

    To apply for a mobile plan, simply head down to a telco branch or apply for their mobile plan online, depending on the telco of your choice.

    Documents required to apply for a mobile plan:

    • If you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident:
      Original IC (or passport)
    • If you are a foreigner:
      Employment Pass/Work Permit/Social or Dependent Pass with at least 6 months validity to date of expiry
      Purchase Agreement/Tenancy Letter (with proof of more than 6 months occupancy)
    • If you are a New Business Customer:
      Form 9 (Change of company name due to company incorporated)
      Form C (Certificate of registration for a new business firm)
      Form K (Renewal for business firm)
      Form 83 (Foreign company)Depending on the bank, application for a savings account can be done within a week.
    • If you are applying on behalf of someone, these are the additional documents required:
      Letter of authorisation letter signed by the applicant

    Guide to SIM-Only Mobile Plans

    Still have questions or are wondering if you should switch to SIM-only mobile plans? Check out our curated list of guides to understanding all you need to know about SIM-only mobile plans to find the best plan to suit your usage needs: 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is the cheapest mobile plan?

    Compared to lock-in contracts, SIM-only mobile plans are a lot more affordable. Currently, Circles Life offers the cheapest SIM-only plan at only $5/month.

    How much data do you need?

    While an average smartphone user uses about 2GB to 5GB monthly, the amount of data you require greatly depends on your needs and usage habits.

    What is 'managed network speed'?

    Managing network speed refers to reducing internet connection performance for users who have exceeded their data usage before the end of their billing cycle. Network speeds will be restored at the start of a new billing cycle.

    What are the differences between SIM-Only and a prepaid plan?

    The biggest difference between SIM-only and prepaid is the time at which you pay for service. For SIM-only plans, users are charged at the end of the month, while prepaid plan users pay in advance of usage.

    What are the disadvantages of a SIM-Only plan?

    Some of the disadvantages of SIM-only plans are:

    1. Higher handset costs - If you do not own a handset, the upfront cost for a handset will be higher as SIM-only plans do not provide a bundled discount on handsets. While you will be paying less per month on SIM-only plans, do be prepared to fork out a higher upfront cost
    2. Additional top-up costs - If you foresee yourself requiring additional add-ons beyond the allowance in your chosen plan, you may need to factor in the costs of these additional top-ups over time.

    When can I switch to a SIM-Only plan?

    To switch over to SIM-only plans, ensure that your existing postpaid contract has expired to avoid being penalised an early termination fee. Thereafter, simply sign up with your chosen SIM-only plan provider, indicate if you intend to port over your existing number or get a new number, and wait for your new SIM card to be delivered!

    Can you cancel SIM-Only contracts?

    Yes, you can cancel SIM-only contract plans as there is no minimum contract period.

    How long does a SIM-Only contract last?

    SIM-only contracts last for as long as you decide to remain in contract with your telco provider. SIM-only contracts generally run on a 30-day rolling contract, which means that you will be billed for your chosen usage package at the end of every 30 days.

    How long do I have to commit to a SIM-Only plan?

    The main difference between SIM-only plans and traditional phone contracts is that there is no fixed, lock-in contractual period. With SIM-only plans, you are not contractually tied to a minimum contract period, and are free to switch providers with no penalty.

    Should I get a SIM-Only plan?

    This would greatly depend on your usage habit, data needs, and if you require a new handset. A SIM-only plan may be a more affordable option if you already own a functioning handset. There is also greater flexibility in choosing a plan that meets your usage and data needs. As you are also not tied down by a minimum contract period, this removes the concern of any penalty fee should you decide to switch providers.

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