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    Best Home Fibre Broadband in Singapore 2022 with Comparison

    Looking for a home fibre broadband plan but don't know where to start? There are many things to consider when getting a home broadband connection to get the most value out of the monthly bills you fork out just to stay connected to the internet - all to avoid over-paying or becoming annoyed because of insufficient performance.

    What is Broadband Internet?

    Besides our mobile phones, broadband internet is probably the next thing we cannot live without since it provides data and internet access. Broadband internet commonly refers to high-speed internet access that removes the need for traditional dial-up access. Internet speed refers to the maximum rate you can transmit data, usually measured as megabits per second (Mbps). On the other hand, bandwidth refers to the maximum amount of data your internet can manage. It is also measured as Mbps. 

    One of the most common broadband plans you can get in Singapore is fibre broadband, which gives the fastest internet speed and most uninterrupted connection. Here are the six main Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the Singapore market today:

    1. M1
    2. SingTel
    3. MyRepublic
    4. StarHub
    5. ViewQwest
    6. WhizComms

    How Can I Enjoy Fibre Broadband at Home?

    To utilise fibre broadband in the comfort of your home, you will need to ensure that:

    Termination Point (TP) is installed 

    For homes that do not have a TP, it is necessary to establish a TP in your home before you can enjoy fibre broadband service. This is usually the case for those who have moved to a new home. A TP is a small wall-mounted box where NetLink Trust will terminate the optical fibre in your home. As of 2013, TP must be installed by the building developer or owner during construction. 

    If you are moving to a new home, you are allowed to transfer your fibre subscription to your new home. You must contact your provider of choice and inform them of your request to transfer your subscription. NLT will proceed with the transfer at a chargeable fee once your service provider informs them of your transfer request.  

    NetLink Trust (NLT) is activated 

    NLT will need to activate your TP once installed before your chosen service provider can install and activate the broadband plan of your choice. Again, this is only applicable to new users who have recently moved.  

    Here are the fees charged, based on your residential type:



    Landed Property

    NetLink Trust (NLT) Service Installation 



    NLT Activation



    Relocation, Repair, Replacement, and Removal



    Fees chargeable that you need to take into consideration based on the type of housing you reside in

    ISP modem and router set up

    The process of setting up your modem and router is often advertised as ONT activation on brochures and websites of your ISP. In simpler terms, this is also commonly referred to as service activation. ONT activation is typically chargeable by your ISP.

    Best Home Fibre Broadband Plans in Singapore Comparison 2022

    Home Fibre Broadband Provider

    12-Months Plan

    24-Months Plan

    No Contract Plan

    Sign-Up and Installation Fees


    500Mbps: $39.90

    1Gbps: $49.90

    1Gbps with Router (GamePRO): $52

    2 x 1Gbps with Router/Mesh: $59.90

    500Mbps: $29.90


    Registration: $58.85

    ONT Activation: $90.00

    Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation: $160.50 (Condo & HDB) or $288.90 (landed)


    1Gbps: $50.99

    200Mbps: $27.99

    1Gbps: $38.99

    1Gbps with Router: $41.99/$49.99

    1Gbps Google Nest Wi-Fi: $56.99

    1Gbps with Mesh: $57.99

    1Gbps (Gamer): $50.99

    1Gbps with Router (Gamer): $57.99/$63.99

    2 x 1Gbps: $51.99

    2 x 1Gbps (Gamer): $56.99

    2 x 1Gbps Google Nest Wi-Fi: $59.99

    2 x 1Gbps with Router: $51.99

    2Gbps with Router (Gamer): $65.99

    1Gbps: $59.99

    Service installation fee: $53.50 (one-time)

    ONT Activation: $56.71

    Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation: $160.50 (Condo & HDB) or $288.90 (landed) (Free for new customers with no prior TP)



    1Gbps with Router: $45.90

    1Gbps with Mesh: $54.90

    2Gbps with Mesh: $64.90

    1+1 Gbps with Router (Gamer): $64.90

    10Gbps with Mesh: $169

    2Gbps with Mesh (Home Priority): $88

    2Gbps with Mesh (Home Priority Plus): $128


    Registration: $53.50 (one-time)

    ONT Activation: $56.71 (Free till 31 Mar 2022)

    Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation: $160.50 (Condo & HDB) or $288.90 (landed)


    1Gbps with Router: $49.90

    500Mbps: $29.90

    1Gbps with Router: $45.90

    2Gbps with Router: $62.90


    Registration: None

    ONT Activation: $56.71

    Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation: $160.50 (Condo & HDB) or $288.90 (landed)



    500Mbps: $29.90

    1Gbps: $36.99

    1Gbps with Mesh: $59.90/$69.90

    1Gbps (Gamer): $52.90

    2 Gbps: $48.90

    2Gbps (Gamer): $64.90

    2Gbps with Router: $44.90


    Registration: $53.50 (one-time)

    ONT Activation: $56.71

    Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation: $160.50 (Condo & HDB) or $288.90 (landed)


    300Mbps: $3

    1Gbps: $40

    1Gbps with Router: $47

    300Mbps: $26.90

    1Gbps: $34.90

    1Gbps with Router: $40.90

    1Gbps with Mesh: $49.90/$56.90


    Service activation fee: $53.50 (one-time)

    ONT Activation: $56.71

    Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation: $160.50 (Condo & HDB) or $288.90 (landed)

    Compare between the best broadband providers in Singapore

    Best Fibre Broadband Plans for Every User Type

    Best Fibre Broadband Promos in Singapore

    Here are some recommendations for the best and most suitable broadband plans depending on your internet usage habits.

    Ideal For

    Broadband Plan Type

    Plan Features 

    Additional Fees 

    Regular home usage

    • Speed: 1Gbps
    • 24-months plan: $39.90/month
    • Free: Wi-Fi 6 router, 4G mobile broadband, and Home fixed voice service 
    • Waived: ONT activation (worth $90)

    Customers with no TP:

    • TP installation: $160.50/$288.90
    • *NLT service activation fee: $56.71)


    • Speed: 1Gbps
    • 24-months plan: $50.99/month
    • Free: Custom routing for ultra-low latency, Home phone line (with unlimited local calls)
    • Waived: TP installation for new customers with no prior TP
    • Service installation fee: $53.50

    (Customers with no TP:

    • TP installation: $160.50/$288.90
    • NLT service activation fee: $56.71)

    Heavy users

    • Speed: 1Gbps
    • 24-months plan: $49.90/month
    • Free: 2 units TP-Link Deco M5, onsite Wi-Fi audit service for all router plans
    • Waived: Delivery and installation fee (worth $53.50)

    (Customers with no TP:

    • TP installation: $160.50/$288.90
    • NLT service activation fee: $56.71)

    Lite users

    • Speed: 300Mbps
    • 24-months plan: 26.90/month
    • Service installation fee: $53.50

    (Customers with no TP:

    • TP installation: $160.50/$288.90
    • NLT service activation fee: $56.71)

    No contract

    • Speed: 1Gbps
    • Monthly cost: $59.90/month
    • Free: Home phone line (unlimited local calls), and $150 new router discount
    • Waived: $48.15 after three months
    • Service installation fee: $53.50
    • Cancellation fee: $48.15 (if within first three months)

    (Customers with no TP:

    • TP installation: $160.50/$288.90
    • NLT service activation fee: $56.71)

    Find out which broadband plan is ideal for you to enjoy the best value

    Factors to Consider Before Choosing Broadband Plan

    1. Internet usage needs

    This factor takes into account how much speed and bandwidth you will need. A good gauge would be to factor in the number of household members in your home and their internet usage needs. For example, a tech-savvy household with multiple members who need to engage in bandwidth-intensive activity, such as gaming, big file downloads, and video streaming, will likely require higher speed and bandwidth.

    1. Contract duration

    Broadband plans are generally offered in contract periods of 12 or 24 months. Currently, MyRepublic is the only provider that offers a no contract plan at $59.99 for 1Gbps, although you will need to pay a $48.15 cancellation fee if you terminate within the first three months. 

    1. Maximum speed

    Broadband plans offer plans that come with 300Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gbps, and 2Gbps speeds. 

    500Mbps VS 1Gbps: Do You Really Need a 1Gbps Broadband Plan?

    If you are observant, you would have noticed that IPS's 1Gbps broadband plans seem to be the most common broadband speed. However, did you know that most may not need 1Gbps broadband speed?

    If reducing the cost of your bills is your priority, opting for a 500Mbps plan may be a good place to start. You may be surprised by how much you can save! 

    Guide to Fibre Broadband in Singapore

    Here are three guides to understanding fibre broadband and how to purchase the best plan for your needs: 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need a fibre broadband plan?

    Fibre broadband provides much faster and smoother internet speeds. This is especially ideal for those who work from home as they require uninterrupted and fast internet for smooth video conferencing or file transfers. Gamers will also benefit from faster internet speed due to the low ping/latency.

    What should I prepare before signing up for a fibre broadband plan?

    To ensure your home is ready to install a broadband plan, you must ensure that your area has the required fibre infrastructure and a Fibre Termination Point (TP) already installed on your premises. If your premises does not have the Netlink Trust Fibre TP, then your internet service provider will assist in arranging for the installation.

    Do I have to switch my Wifi Router to use fibre broadband plans?

    No, you can use your existing WiFi Router; however, to get the most out of the speed a fibre broadband connection offers, you might need to switch to a router with higher performance.

    Are there any data limits for fibre broadband plans?

    Fibre broadband plans in Singapore are typically unlimited.

    Can I have multiple fibre broadband plans?

    Yes, it is possible to have multiple broadband plans. This can be done because the NetLink Trust Termination Point typically has 2 ports allowing 2 separate fibre broadband services to run simultaneously.

    Is 500 Mbps enough in Singapore?

    Based on typical household internet usage behaviour, which mostly involves the use of broadband for video streaming, internet surfing, smart home devices and gaming, 500Mbs might be too much. 200Mbps should satisfy the typical household internet usage needs.

    What should I look for in a Wi-Fi plan?

    There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing a fibre broadband plan. These include your household internet usage habits, the network speed you want to achieve, and the subscription cost. All these are to ensure that you maximize the amount you pay every month and don't end up paying more for something you don't need or something that is not up to your performance standards.

    What is the fastest internet speed in Singapore?

    Singapore's fastest internet speed has been clocked at 783.63 Mbps and 818.31 for the median top download and upload speed.

    What's the difference between fibre and broadband?

    The main difference between a fibre and a broadband connection is that for a fibre connection, the fibre pipeline belongs solely to your household and is not shared with anyone else, while a broadband connection uses shared infrastructure to transmit data.

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