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    Seedly's Product Comparison Page Listing Guidelines
    For Maid Insurance products to be listed on Seedly's Product Comparison Page, they have to fulfil the following criteria:

    • Policies protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection (PPF) Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC)
    • Provides medical, personal accident coverage to domestic helper
    • Provides a security bond insurance

    What is Maid Insurance?


    This calling would be familiar to you if you have a domestic helper back at home.

    As of June 2019, there are about 256,000 foreign domestic workers in Singapore. It is not surprising with Singapore being a dual income familiy and its aging population - more household duties have to be outsourced from other countries. Maid Insurance is an insurance that helps to cover the welfare and financial costs of both you as an employer and your domestic helper in the case of an unfortunate event.

    Do I Really Need Maid Insurance?

    Is it really necessary? Hiring a domestic helper is already expensive enough, yet you still have to purchase more insurance for a "stranger".

    Well, it is in fact compulsory. While your domestic helper has to answer to your wife (the MOM of the house), you as an employer will have to answer to the Ministry of Manpower (the real MOM in Singapore).

    The Ministry of Manpower requires you, the employer to minimally provide your domestic helper with:

    • A medical insurance of at least S$15,000 per year
    • A personal accident insurance of at least S$60,000 per year
    • A security bond of at least S$5,000 for your foreign domestic helper

    As such, this renders a Maid Insurance necessary, and at least cheaper for you as compared to buying 2 separate insurance plans.

    That being said, having a domestic worker at home is similar to having another family member - another mouth to provide for. In that sense, she has traveled far away from her home country to help out with your household activities and to take care of your children. It should only be right for you to take care and ensure her well being as form of respect to her family members back at home.

    How Much Coverage Should I Get?

    Most Maid Insurance Plans would have at least hit the minimum requirement of MOM Singapore.

    They should mainly cover:

    • Personal Accident
    • Medical and Surgical Expenses
    • Outpatient Expenses
    • Third Party Liability
    • Repatriation Expenses
    • Insurance Guarantee to Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM)

    Add-Ons may include:

    • Insurance Guarantee Bond to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office
    • Waiver for Counter Indemnity for Insurance Guaranteed Bond (MOM)

    Best Maid Insurance Plan Companies in Singapore

    Here is the current list of Maid Insurances with reviews that Singaporeans can compare before buying the Maid Insurance of your choice. We have made a comparison of the premiums between all the Maid insurances (Most Basic and 26 years policy term, inclusive of GST) that we have considered in the above list and have summarized the findings below:

    • Sompo MaidEase (Deluxe): S$262.15
    • POSB Maid Protect: S$246.10
    • NTUC Income Foreign Maid Insurance (Basic): S$314.36
    • MSIG MaidPlus: S$267.50
    • Liberty Insurance MaidCare (Plan 1): S$200.63
    • India International Insurance Maid Bond Package: S$212.20
    • Hong Leong Maid Protect360 (Basic): S$239
    • Great Eastern MaidGR8 Plan A: S$217.21
    • FWD Maid Insurance (Essential): S$280.34
    • Etiqa ePROTECT Maid Plan A: S$260.96
    • EQ Insurance EQ Maid (Essential): S$267.50
    • China Taiping Domestic Maid Insurance Plan D1: S$353.10
    • AXA SmartHelper (Standard): S$267.50

    Tools To Help You Choose The Best Maid Insurance For You

    To help Singaporeans make smarter personal finance decision, here are some tools to help you:

    If you'd like more information you can

    Check out our article(s) which will help you to pick out the best maid insurance:

    If you have questions about which maid insurance to get after reading our Real User Reviews, why not ask our community of experts and experienced members at Seedly Community? Best of all, you can even ask your questions anonymously if you're really, really shy!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the $5,000 security bond for and is it necessary?

    The $5000 security bond is a mandatory payment to the Ministry of Manpower for non-Malaysian domestic workers. It serves as a guarantee that you or your domestic worker will not break any laws or work permit conditions. This security bond has to be paid by employers and must be paid before your domestic helper arrives in Singapore.

    Why are the insurance periods 14 or 26 months when the work permits are

    issued at 12 or 24 months?

    The additional two months of coverage is a requirement by MOM, to ensure that your helper has an additional two months of coverage after her work permit expires, in case of unforeseen circumstances where her repatriation is not immediate.

    Is the compulsory coverage enough?

    While the compulsory coverage fulfils the mandated requirement by MOM, it does not protect you or your domestic helper against other common losses and risks. It is often recommended to purchase a policy beyond the mandated coverage, especially since it does not cost significantly more.

    Will my helper's outpatient treatment be covered by insurance?

    This would depend on whether your insurance covers for outpatient treatment costs. As it stands, the basic insurance requirement by MOM does not require outpatient treatment coverage. However, most insurance providers do provide coverage for outpatient treatment costs, though usually only covered if the treatment needed is a result of an accident.

    What to consider when you are getting Maid Insurance?

    Besides the basic required coverage by MOM, it is important to consider what is important to you before purchasing a maid insurance. As add-ons do not cost significantly more, it may be worthwhile purchasing a policy with more comprehensive insurance, especially with coverage for medical and hospital expenses.

    How to make a maid insurance claim?

    First notify the your insurance provider and submit the relevant documents and information specified by your provider to kickstart the claims process.

    Can I increase coverage for my domestic helper?

    Yes, you will be able to do so at higher premium charges.

    What is third party liability?

    Third Party Liability coverage provides you with indemnity against paying compensation, in the event that your helper commits any damage or injury to any third parties.

    How long do maid insurance plans last?

    Most insurance companies offer coverage for either 14 or 26 months instead of 12 or 24 months. The additional two months of coverage is a requirement by MOM, to ensure that your helper has an additional two months of coverage after her work permit expires, in case of unforeseen circumstances where her repatriation is not immediate.

    How much does maid insurance cost?

    Maid insurance plans are categorised into three tiers (basic, mid-, top-tier) for durations of either 14 or 26 months, depending on your choice. While the exact cost of maid insurance will eventually depend on the extend and duration of coverage, you should expect to pay about $260-$360 for a 26-month policy across the tiers.

    How to buy maid insurance?

    You may approach any insurance provider to purchase your maid insurance. Some maid agencies may also be able to assist you in purchasing a policy of the required minimum coverage.

    What to do if early termination of maid insurance is required?

    Yes, you should be able to receive a refund of premium calculated based on the remaining period of insurance coverage.

    What is the reimbursement of indemnity/waiver of counter indemnity paid to the insurer?

    The waiver of counter indemnity is where the insurance provider limits the loss of your $5000 compulsory security bond deposit to $250 or to whichever stated amount in the event of a contract breach by your domestic helper. This is a optional add-on feature to your maid insurance policy.

    When should you start buying a maid insurance policy?

    It is important to know when coverage for your maid insurance kicks in to ensure your domestic helper is covered when she starts work. In general, the start date of a maid insurance is usually five days from the date of purchase and within fourteen days from the date of application.

    Will my maid be covered under the Maid Insurance when she returns to her home country for holiday?

    Coverage will cease when your domestic helper returns back to her home country and resume when she returns.