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  • Currently using their Uno plan. $18 per month. First 1gb in 4G, managed speeds afterwards. The managed speeds after reaching your data cap are around 2G/3G speed. Speed test shows them to be in the 40-50kbps range. Slow enough that sending pictures through WhatsApp is a pain but fast enough for watching YouTube in 480p. Did not experience any issues using them except for one time when I went to the basement of a shopping mall and I had zero connection. Overall I have good experience with them. As long as you sign up knowing that the managed speeds would be slow, it should be no problem.
  • Posted on 10 Oct 2019
    Customer service is pretty good- patient and attentive call representatives (save for one disgruntled sounding one where I was constantly cut off.) Granted customer service officers are just doing their job BUT they seem almost clueless about technical issues on their backend and give very unsatisfactory explanations. Have been calling in for more than a month about the same issue which wastes SO MUCH TIME! When asked about why their service for a particular feature is down, their only response is they don't have a timeline as to when it will be fixed. Would have appreciated at least a notice or some kind of announcement but none at all and it's only when we called in so many times that we were told, "Oh the service is down for now." Asked why we are paying for a feature every month that doesn't work and they will be quick to say that technically it does work, I just have to call in every time I want to use it, no biggie. Calling in can take at least 15 minutes, now imagine calling in a few times a week, multiplied by the number of weeks it has been since the problem has started. Not sure what they're doing but seems they need a major look into the services and features they claim to offer. Disappointing.
  • Posted on 03 Oct 2019
    Application process was smooth and easy. There is always network everywhere i kids and me total 3 lines with myRepublic.customer service is good enough for me.
  • Posted on 19 Sep 2019
    Smooth application process, customer support was fantastic. Network is stable and mobile plan is competitive.
  • I have been MyRepublic for more than a year. Very satisfied with their service so far. There was once MyRepublic charged me overseas call for joining a group (based in England) in Telegram. Personally, I felt that it is just like any whatsapp call and hence wrote in via email to enquire about matters. After MyRepublic had conducted a thorough investigation, they were willing to waive off the charges. Thank you MyRepublic for your excellent service provided.
  • Updated on 21 Aug 2019
    Hello! I'm using the Uno 18 plan with no contract. 1GB data is good enough as I mainly use home, office and public Wi-Fi. In terms of speed and connection, both are reasonably good. There's free Caller ID, incoming calls and SMS. Best of all, there's boundless data so I can still use the internet (albeit at a slower speed) if I exceed my data limit, no worries about paying extra. I also don't have to pay extra if I decide to change plan. The CSOs are efficient and helpful as well. Highly recommended!
  • Posted on 21 Aug 2019
    Good value sign up online for more than one year, free delivery. Uno plan only $8 monthly No contract, 1000 minutes talktime, boundless data. Last month, I experienced, No in & outgoing calls, no sms both ways. Myrepublic was very kind & efficent, troubleshoot my issues, replaced SIM card for free. Telco subscribers, will only know what is their Telco level & standard of service quality when a problem arises ?
  • Posted on 21 Aug 2019
    I signed up the plan during the initial launch. Registeration was smooth and easy as i ported my number over. Delivery was on time on target. Really a good deal as the plan is valued for money, with 1000mins of talk time, which is essential for my Business.. Thanks!
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Zen Rogue Xuan
Zen Rogue Xuan
Level 6. Master
Answered on 20 Aug 2019
You can consider opting for GOMO, Singtel's sub-brand as they are giving 20GB, 200 outgoing calls and 200 SMS for $20.
About MyRepublic
Operations MyRepublic is headquartered in Singapore. Since its initial launch in 2011, it primarily offered broadband services before launching mobile plans in 2018
Bundles AvailableSIM Only Plans (No-Contract)
Contract LengthNo Contract
Data RoamingAvailable

About MyRepublic

First entering the market with its broadband services in 2011. MyRepublic, headquartered in Singapore, first introduced mobile plans in 2018. Priding itself in being the world’s first telecommunications company powered by a proprietary cloud platform, MyRepublic also offers networking solutions for businesses.

Good to know

You can check out MyRepublic’s mobile plans here.

MyRepublic also offers Data Booster and Data Add-ons, allowing users to choose from a range of data options.

No contract plans allow you to change your plan type at any time without extra cost.

Wondering if you’re getting a bang for your buck? Check out our SIM only comparison.

Contact Info

Customer Support Hotline: +65 6717 1680

Customer Service Email: [email protected]

MyRepublic Office HQ Address:

11 Lorong 3 Toa Payoh

Block B Jackson Square #04-11/15

Singapore 319579