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redOne Mobile Plans Review 2020

redOne keeps their plans simple and affordable. Ideal for locals who travel to Malaysia frequently and are looking for a basic data-centric mobile plan.

redONE has 3 simple no-contract SIM-only plans: Amazing8, Amazing 18, and Amazing28. These 3 plans range from the most basic to the highest mobile plan coverage, all of which have 4G access, outgoing talk time and outgoing SMSes.

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  • Updated 6d ago


    redONE SIM Only Amazing8

    [Customer Service] Your Redone Head office whatspps chat staff is very unprofessional didn even addressed who is he /she.. just brushed me off and leave the chat. Is this how your staff work? I told her to check where is the RM 300 that i deposited to activate the auto roaming . didn even reply me on what i want. Wasting my time
  • Updated 2w ago


    redONE SIM Only Amazing8

    Do not sign up with Redone 1. Signed up for the family plan where 2 lines is $18. Staff made a mistake and put both line as main line (18+). Now redone is asking me to pay $18+$8 instead of just $18 for a mistake that they made. 2. Ported over but after a few days, M1 was not able to call me. Have missing SMS as well. Raised a support and after 5 days, I am still not reachable by certain telco users. 3. Network speed is below 1Mbps whereas TPG shows more than 40Mbps.
  • Updated 2w ago


    redONE SIM Only Amazing8

    [Mobile App] Bugs in the app. Email enquiry cannot be send out at all. Account bal will alway shows +ve bal. [Customer Service] Did not pay my bills as the account bal in the app shows I have sufficient bal for 2 mths. On the 3rd month the account was suspended and a reconnection fee was demanded, failure which the line will be terminated ( ex-M1 golden number). The fact is my acc bal was $0 but Redone app reflects as $16. watsapped the customer service as I felt misled. Any questions they couldnt answer would result in a timeout and having to reauthenticate my ID. I did 4 times before caving in to their very FIRM demand. Throughout the 2.5 hrs ordeal, no admitting their error, no waiver, no apologies. In fact one even adviced to ignore my account bal value! So be warned, cheap plan does come with some tradeoffs.
  • Updated on 11 Aug 2020


    redONE SIM Only Amazing18+

    Prior to changing over to redONE, i was using the Starhub Sim-only plan which included a whopping 30GB Data and 1000 mins of talk time at $25/mth. When redONE first launched, the low costs of their Sim-only plan caught my eyes as they costed $8,$18 & $28 respectively and i could even use the data in Malaysia! I decided to switch over to redONE as i wasn't using so much data and did not need the 30GB of data and i would be saving an extra $7 every month from switching over (i got the $18 plan which had 6GB prior to redONE's update on mobile plans. I now have 10GB every month after the update) Initially the network was not very fantastic and could only be used to perform basic tasks like surfing the web, texting, and watching YouTube videos. It especially did the worst when i tried to play games. (the game would always prompt i had weak internet connection and did not even allow me to load the game up) However, after the update, redONE has been performing well for me and i would recommend it to everyone to use it. However, if you do not frequent the border over to Malaysia, there are better Sim-only plans out there which include, TPG,GOMO,Circleslife and many more!
  • Updated on 09 Aug 2020


    redONE SIM Only Amazing18+

    I was on the Starhub Student Plan for the longest time prior to RedONE. RedONE was offered to me as a low-cost, SIM only plan and with no frills. So far, my experience has been alright and the service has been acceptable. When I started out, their mobile data reception was not acceptable as I always had weak connection especially when I was playing mobile games with friends. My app would prompt that my connection was not strong and I risk being disconnected from the server. As of Aug 2020, I can personally share that my experience using Amazing 18+ is okay and I think others should consider joining (after proper due dilligence)
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redONE SIM Only Mobile Data Plans

Hailing from Malaysia, redONE has 3 simple no-contract SIM-only plans.

redOne Amazing8 plan at $8/month

  • 3GB of 4G, followed by unlimited basic internet
  • 100 mins outgoing talk time
  • 10 SMSes
  • Costs $8/month

redOne Amazing18 plan at $18/month

  • 10GB of 4G. followed by unlimited basic internet
  • 200 mins outgoing talk time
  • 20 SMSes
  • Costs $18/ month

redOne Amazing28 plan at $28/month

  • 20GB of 4G, followed by unlimited basic internet
  • 300 mins outgoing talk time
  • 30 SMSes
  • Costs $28/ month

Best of all, they provide unlimited local calls to other redONE Singapore subscribers. All plans also come with Data Without Borders, where you can use your local base data bundle while in Malaysia.

Roaming Plans

Malaysia - applicable for all redOne users
  1. redOne data users are all eligible to use their bundled mobile data in Singapore and Malaysia.
  2. Additionally, they get at least 100 mins talk time to all Malaysia and Singapore networks.
Rest of The World

redOne has roaming capabilities but the plans depend on which country you are roaming from.

For more information, visit to check how much they charge for individual countries.

Is redOne the Best Mobile Data Plan for You?

Pros of redOne's mobile data plans:
  • Great for Singaporeans who travel frequently to Malaysia as your data plan can work in Malaysia and you have at least 100 free talktime to Malaysian networks
  • Good connectivity as it relies on Starhub's infrastructure
  • Simple basic plan
Cons of redOne's mobile data plans:
  • Not the cheapest - the data allowance and prices from redOne are not competitive enough considering how newer telcos are coming up with increasingly attractive SIM only data bundles.

Optional Add-Ons

redOne offers a variety of ways to customise your plans.

Data Add On Packages

for data-heavy users, redOne offers extra data as additions to your plans:

  1. + 1 GB for $5/month
  2. + 5 GB for $15/month
  3. + 10GB for $25/month
Value-Added Services

redONE offers redSOCIAL (20GB) & redSOCIAL Lite (10GB) for subscribers to use data on their social applications without touching their main data bundle.

The following social applications are covered:

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube

Can I Port My Existing Number To redONE?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is:

1. Ensure that your existing number is a post-paid mobile line registered under your NRIC/FIN with your telco.

2. Check that your current post-paid mobile line has no outstanding contract, payments, or suspensions.

3. Head over to redONE's partners and you'll be able to port your number over.

If you have a prepaid number, you are required to convert it to a post-paid number under the existing telco in order to port-in to redONE.

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