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  • Posted 1d ago


    TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan

    Managed to get tpg when it was released a month later. I must say 2gb everyday at 4g speed really is godsend especially when i have do not have a lot of data for my normal sim
  • Posted 2d ago


    TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan

    Reception very good. Data no interruption. Hopefully after the trial period, you can offer reasonable plan.
  • need to find the shop so troublesome . Is inside jurong point Challenger inside . But pls use your brain to put some details outside the shop . So ppl can easy to see , no need always to ask ppl . Staff also no pleasant .
  • Posted 3w ago


    TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan

    Just started using TPG mobile data. It is not as bad as I imagine it would be, except sometimes underground it doesn't really work but so far overall satisfied. Afterall it's free!
  • [[ Update 29 Oct - Pro 1 and Con2; update based on experiences; tldr, it isn't very good ]] TPG currently trialing their 4G network in SG via something similar to open beta. Pros 1. It's free! Can't beat the price of $0 - officially for first 12 months but with caveats can be withdrawn any time. So who really knows. As of Oct 21, it is now 6 month trial for new starters while others in runoff - guess TPG expect a official launch in March? 2. Data allowance very generous - 2Gb per *DAY*. I am sensible about wifi use when I can and don't stream movies or anything like that so this is way more than enough 3. Did I say it was free? :) Cons 1. Network is still somewhat patchy - in a tall building in CBD? underground in MRT? M1/Starhub/Singtel fine but TPG may be blanked out. Very spotty converage. Doesn't seem to have improved for the time I've been with them (from April - so 6 months). 2. Voice calls are via Voice-over-LTE --- For my phone (Xiaomi) - had to enter a special code to force the VoLTE mode - if your phone doesn't support it (apparently Apple didn't before ?!?) then can't really use this as mainline SIM as won't be able to take calls... Its pretty unreliable even for my Xiaomi - if calling a business number which has some redirects in place, the system may fail and get a recorded message (with Aussie accent no less!) saying service failed. Definitely good I have dual SIM with mainstream provider o/w up creek without paddle if using only TPG...
  • Posted 4w ago


    TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan

    TPG $0 is you wont be able to port your old number, and only certain phones can use for this line to make voice calls and data. and the worse part is they can anytime take away this trial at short notice. so its not really free. and another problem with TPG free roaming is only at low speeds so its not really free roaming and not at 4G speeds at all. The $5 plan by Circles Life is also a gimmick because you get 50 mins voice calls which includes (Incoming/Outgoing) so no FREE incoming calls. to get incoming calls free for this cheap plan , need to top up $10 which costs $15 in the end at least. So quite misleading. So change my whole family to redONE instead. took 12 hours to port for me. The reception is the same as Starhub as they using the same network grid. very competitively price and best of all, able to get free roaming in Malaysia and no more buying of prepaid sim cards (wasting money) when travel north again. So overall i think more people should support and try redONE as to me they are the best MVNO in town and better price than the BIG 3 telco and other MVNOs. No gimmick. just great value.
    1 comment
    Arthur Wong
    Arthur Wong

    2d ago

    What more to expect when they give you a whole year trial free. I been using it for my Galaxy Tab. Smooth video.
  • Posted on 13 Oct 2019
    TPG's network is quite decent over-ground. However, in MRT tunnels and far flung army camps like Sungei Gedong, there is no network at all. Data roaming in Bintan through SmartFren is sparse, although free so can't complain.
  • Posted on 02 Oct 2019
    Free 2 years mobile plan. No calls but there is free sms. However network sometimes is quite hard to get in mrt and underground. Overall data usage is good, and you can use it in Malaysia and Indonesia as well.
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TPG Mobile


I think it will be best to check with the provider. Might be a technical or network issue? Who knows.
About TPG Mobile
OperationsFounded in 1986, the TPG Group has grown to become the second largest fixed line provider in Australia and the leading challenger in the market, with more than 2 million customers including 420,000 mobile customers. TPG is the latest addition to the Singapore telecommunications market.
Bundles AvailableSIM Only Plans (12 Months)
Contract Length12 Months
Data RoamingNot Supported

About TPG Mobile

Founded in 1986, the TPG Group has grown to become the second largest fixed line provider in Australia and the leading challenger in the market, with more than 2 million customers including 420,000 mobile customers. TPG is the latest addition to the Singapore telecommunications market.

TPG Mobile Plans

As of April 2019, TPG Mobile is still conducting a trial of its mobile network and thus are offering a select number of customers free services during their trial period. Customers who wish to use TPG Mobile after 12 months will be subjected to fees in the future.

TPG Mobile offers a SIM Only Mobile Plan.

Details of XL Unlimited Data Plan are as follows:

  • Unlimited Data - Speed capped at 1Mbps after the first 2GB of Data per day.
  • 20 Call minutes to Fixed Lines
  • 20 SMS
  • Unlimited calls to local mobile - Only available to new TPG mobile numbers only, not applicable for numbers ported from another operator

For more info, here is TPG Mobile’s Critical information Summary

Good To Know

  • The service trial is only eligible to pre-registered users with a Singapore NRIC & Permanent Pass holders aged 18 years old and above. The trial offer may be withdrawn at any time subjected to market conditions.
  • While TPG Mobile services are supplied on a rolling month to month basis, TPG Mobile reserves the right to terminate the contract and recover your allotted number of an inactive SIM card. An inactive SIM card means there is no data usage for a continuous period of 30 days.

Contact Info

For more info, you can visit TPG Mobile’s page here.