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TPG Mobile

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TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan

20 SMS


Roaming Plans

Free unlimited data roaming in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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  • Updated 4d ago


    TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan

    [Customer Service] TPG Mobile has proved time and time again that their customer service is top notch. I had an issue with my SIM card and they immediately rectify without charging. Kudos to the team.
  • Updated on 09 Feb 2020


    TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan

    [Network] Its fast and 2gb per day and free? What's more to ask for? No network underground especially in mrt though. I'm sure they will fix that before price plans are launched. [Customer Service] Some minor hiccups during the initial trial launch due to excessive number of people that signed up. So far so good afterwards.
  • Updated on 06 Feb 2020


    TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan

    [Network] Totally no signal when it is underground. Have to switch to my M1 Data when I am travelling in MRT (btw M1 signal is not that great too). [Customer Service] Friendly people who were willing to help me with inserting the SIM card and explaining to me the instructions for the SIM card usage. [Ease of porting] Super easy to understand instructions. Esp useful if you have Dual Sim function in your phone. Overall, Use it as a supplementary SIM card to your main service provider. TPG cannot function on its own due to the unstable network.
  • Updated on 06 Feb 2020


    TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan

    Ease of application: It was easy to sign up for. However, collection was troublesome as they require users to go to a certain location to collect the SIM card. Benefits: You get an unlimited 2GB a day for no cost! This lasts for a year, and sadly my free trial is coming to an end already :( Coverage: Coverage has greatly improved during the past year. However, the signal strength is still weak at some areas, and you get almost no coverage underground. Overall, this is a good SIM card to get because you get 2GB a day, and because it's free! Would highly recommend because why not?
  • Updated on 26 Jan 2020


    TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan

    I'm currently using SingTel as my main line with 10GB data/mth. But as I'm a heavy user, 10GB is often insufficient, this is where TPG comes in hand as a spare 2nd line where I use it occasionally when I want to scroll mindlessly on social media watching video content -it is currently not good enough to be a main line yet and it makes perfect sense they are still offering it for free [Network] Above ground, the coverage is actually quite decent, has improved since they started. But don't ever use it underground as they don't have coverage atm...i've ever tried to tap in to the MRT gantry when connected to TPG and it failed quite badly... imagine trying to tap in with your phone but failing during the peak hour!! Also tried to use grab pay at a basement shopping center...that failed as on that front TPG still has a ton to do before they can start charging, I would imagine it would have to be the cheapest of the cheapest... In summary - only use TPG as a 2nd line ( must have dual SIM phone) - never ever use it underground, Once you are at B1, pls switch back to your main line.
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TPG Mobile

Geraldo L.
Geraldo L.
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered on 25 Feb 2020
You can sign up for the 6 months trial from TPG here: And if the trial expires after 6 months, you can try signing up using a different email. Previously they offered a 1 year trial period, which I'm still using even after the 1 year mark because they automatically extended the trial period.
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TPG Mobile

Mobile Plans

Level 2. Rookie
Answered on 09 Feb 2020
Its good market strategy to capture audiences first before fully implementation.
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TPG Mobile


I think it will be best to check with the provider. Might be a technical or network issue? Who knows.
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About TPG Mobile

Founded in 1986, the TPG Group has grown to become the second largest fixed line provider in Australia and the leading challenger in the market, with more than 2 million customers including 420,000 mobile customers. TPG is the latest addition to the Singapore telecommunications market.

TPG Mobile Plans

As of April 2019, TPG Mobile is still conducting a trial of its mobile network and thus are offering a select number of customers free services during their trial period. Customers who wish to use TPG Mobile after 12 months will be subjected to fees in the future.

TPG Mobile offers a SIM Only Mobile Plan.

Details of XL Unlimited Data Plan are as follows:

  • Unlimited Data - Speed capped at 1Mbps after the first 2GB of Data per day.
  • 20 Call minutes to Fixed Lines
  • 20 SMS
  • Unlimited calls to local mobile - Only available to new TPG mobile numbers only, not applicable for numbers ported from another operator

For more info, here is TPG Mobile’s Critical information Summary

Good To Know

  • The service trial is only eligible to pre-registered users with a Singapore NRIC & Permanent Pass holders aged 18 years old and above. The trial offer may be withdrawn at any time subjected to market conditions.
  • While TPG Mobile services are supplied on a rolling month to month basis, TPG Mobile reserves the right to terminate the contract and recover your allotted number of an inactive SIM card. An inactive SIM card means there is no data usage for a continuous period of 30 days.

Contact Info

For more info, you can visit TPG Mobile’s page here.