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Vivifi Share SIM Only Mobile Plan

40 GB
300 min
100 SMS

Vivifi Lite SIM Only Mobile Plan

3 GB
500 min
20 SMS


Roaming Plans

VIVIFI Data Roam Plan A

$5.00/GB for 7 days in Malaysia

VIVIFI Data Roam Plan B

$5.00/GB for 7 days in Thailand

VIVIFI Data Roam Plan C

$20.00 for 3GB for 10 days in Asia Pacific

VIVIFI Data Roam Plan D

$35.00/GB for 30 days globally

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  • Posted on 06 Dec 2019


    Vivifi Lite SIM Only Mobile Plan

    Have been with Vivifi for a month now. The data and call experiences so far are the same as with my previous S telco. So I am happy with them. Hope they continue to maintain the same standard.
  • Posted on 04 Dec 2019


    Vivifi Share SIM Only Mobile Plan

    I feel this plan is not suitable for the masses as there are many good MVNOs that offer a good price for single account users. this VIVIFI Share account is only good for those who have a big family size and are close together or have good relationship. but not all families in Singapore are like this. most subscribers prefer paying their own account and may not be close with their own family members. Change my whole family to redONE. took 12 hours to port for me. The reception is the same as Starhub as they using the same network grid. very competitively price and best of all, able to get free roaming in Malaysia and no more buying of prepaid sim cards (wasting money) when i travel north again. So overall i think more people should support and try redONE as to me they are the best MVNO in town and better price than the BIG 3 telco. No gimmick. just great value.
  • Posted on 19 Sep 2019
    The company should spend more on the advertising, make more people know or aware of it. As currently the awareness are still Low.
  • Posted on 02 Sep 2019
    I signed up recently for the plan, the web interface was not the best and easiest to use. The information was not very organised but at least the data was decent when I connected to it so far. Will update again when I try it for longer.
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VIVIFI places its emphasis on Innovation, Optimism and Trust in providing services and products to their customers, thereby enriching your life, energize your play and empower your work.

Plans from VIVIFI

The VIVIFI Share SIM Only Mobile plan offers both VIVIFI Me SIM (main mobile line) and VIVIFI Us SIM to share.

With this VIVIFi Share Plan, you get to enjoy:

  • 20 GB of data;
  • 300 mins of call time;
  • and 100 SMS.

Given that you only use the VIVIFI Me SIM Plan, you just need to pay a monthly price of $29.90.

This plan also allows you to add up to 8 VIVIFI Us, which are additional mobile lines to share benefits from the VIVIFI Share Plan. Data, SMS and add-ons from the plan can be shared across all the mobile lines hosted on it.

Every additional VIVIFI Us will require an additional $5.35/month (Use PROMOCODE: VIVIFIUS , RRP: $12.84)

Monthly Cost Breakdown:

1 Mobile Line (VIVIFI Me Plan): $29.90/pax

2 Mobile Lines: $17.60/pax

3 Mobile Lines: $13.50/pax

4 Mobile Lines: $11.50/pax

5 Mobile Lines: $10.26/pax

6 Mobile Lines: $9.44/pax

7 Mobile Lines: $8.86/pax

8 Mobile Lines: $8.42/pax

9 Mobile Lines: $8.10/pax

VIVIFI More: Extra Usage Charges

Excess Data Usage

Excess data usage is charged by use according to tiers, starting from $10 for excess usage under 6 GB (see “VIVIFI More” section). Once the tiers have been exhausted, excess data usage is charged by use at a flat rate of $4.28 per GB.

  • Excess usage < 6 GB: $10.00
  • Excess usage < 18 GB: $20.00
  • Excess usage < 30 GB: $30.00
  • Excess usage > 30 GB$4.28/GB


  • Under 25 SMS: $1.07
  • Under 100 SMS: $4.28
  • Over 100 SMS: $0.05/SMS

Call Time

  • Under 200 min: $5.35
  • Under 500 min: $10.70
  • Under 1000 min: $16.05
  • Over 1000 min: $0.11/min


  • Caller ID Non-display: $5.35/mth
  • Additional Lines: $5.35/mth (Use code 'VIVIFIUS')

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