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VIVIFI Review 2020

VIVIFI is a Mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) in Singapore that offers competitive data-heavy SIM Only plans. Most notable is VIVIFI's 40 GB plan that costs $29.90 per month. A unique selling point of VIVIFI is that it allows family members to share a single mobile plan. So this 40 GB plan with 300 mins talktime and 100 SMS can be shared with up to 8 family members.

Network and Customer-service wise, Seedly Reviewers report positive experiences with VIVIFI.

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Reviews (113)


113 Reviews

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  • Updated 2d ago


    Vivifi Plus SIM Only 6 GB Plan

    I signed up for the Vivifi Plus plan 3.5 weeks ago. Have been trying out various MVNOs. This the first with ✌️ on SG oldest reliable network source but younger vibrant newbie operator with promising connections. Self-collection was easy and the staff friendly helpful, saved $12 on delivery charge. Impression wise a good start to kick off with my new service provider. Signal no problem as as far I recall. Value bundle a preferable choice. Though no app not an issue as accessible thru website shortcut link. Satisfied customer highly recommend 👍
  • Updated 3d ago


    Vivifi Plus SIM Only 6 GB Plan

    Change my mom's Telco to this & it is super easy to port in and I don't have to top up my mom's prepaid anymore
  • Updated 6d ago


    Vivifi Lite SIM Only Mobile Plan

    Definitely one of the under-rated MVNOs around. Friendly on the wallet and comes with luxurious talk time. Porting is easy and smooth, with no fees for changing of ownership of the mobile number. Also, it is indeed a post-paid plan, as the bill is deducted from your card at the end of the month (instead of at the start of the billing period like what most telcos are doing). There is no mobile app (and there is no need to have one), since one can just create a widget shortcut that points to the login page to check one's usage. Network is reliable (though it doesn't come with VoLTE voice calls). So far do not need any further customer support assistance other than the initial port over process, as I haven't found a situation that needs to contact them. Have been and still am a happy and satisfied customer since January 2020.
  • Poor customer service, slow response, no live chat if not customer. Unable to be flexible in my case 2 numbers to port but they were rigid in trying to make me pay 2 x $12 for SIM card delivery of the same address and same time application. No flexibility to deal this offline. Unfortunately this deters me from signing up. Self collection locations are limited as well.
  • Updated 2w ago


    Vivifi Plus SIM Only 6 GB Plan

    VIVIFI has a good network since they are using Singtel. Although they don't have hotline to call, but the customer service response fast. The VIVIFI Plus plan is good for value.
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Plans from VIVIFI

The VIVIFI Share SIM Only Mobile plan offers both VIVIFI Me SIM (main mobile line) and VIVIFI Us SIM to share.

With this VIVIFi Share Plan, you get to enjoy:

  • 40 GB of data;
  • 300 mins of call time;
  • and 100 SMS.
  • VIVIFI Me costs S$29.90/month

How Does VIVIFI Share Work?

Given that you only use the VIVIFI Me SIM Plan, you just need to pay a monthly price of $29.90.

This plan also allows you to add up to 8 VIVIFI Us, which are additional mobile lines to share benefits from the VIVIFI Share Plan including Data, SMS and add-ons.

Every additional VIVIFI Us will require an additional $5.35/month

Monthly Cost Breakdown for VIVIFI Share:

1 Mobile Line (VIVIFI Me Plan): $29.90/pax

2 Mobile Lines: $17.60/pax

3 Mobile Lines: $13.50/pax

4 Mobile Lines: $11.50/pax

5 Mobile Lines: $10.26/pax

6 Mobile Lines: $9.44/pax

7 Mobile Lines: $8.86/pax

8 Mobile Lines: $8.42/pax

9 Mobile Lines: $8.10/pax

VIVIFI Roaming Plans Available

  • VIVIFI Data Roam Plan A:
    $5.00/GB for 7 days in Malaysia
  • VIVIFI Data Roam Plan B
    $5.00/GB for 7 days in Thailand
  • VIVIFI Data Roam Plan C
    $20.00 for 3GB for 10 days in Asia Pacific
  • VIVIFI Data Roam Plan D
  • $35.00/GB for 30 days globally

VIVIFI More: Optional Add-ons

More Data

Excess data usage is charged by use according to tiers, starting from $10 for excess usage under 6 GB (see “VIVIFI More” section). Once the tiers have been exhausted, excess data usage is charged by use at a flat rate of $4.28 per GB.

  • Excess usage < 6 GB: $10.00
  • Excess usage < 18 GB: $20.00
  • Excess usage < 30 GB: $30.00
  • Excess usage > 30 GB$4.28/GB


  • Under 25 SMS: $1.07
  • Under 100 SMS: $4.28
  • Over 100 SMS: $0.05/SMS

Talk Time

  • Under 200 min: $5.35
  • Under 500 min: $10.70
  • Under 1000 min: $16.05
  • Over 1000 min: $0.11/min


  • Caller ID Non-display: $5.35/mth
  • Additional Lines: $5.35/mth (Use code 'VIVIFIUS')

Is VIVIFI The Best MVNO for you?

The 40 GB plan VIVIFI Me, is very affordable and competitively priced.

Another feature that makes VIVIFI stand out is their ability to market to families a shared data bundle. This is a convenient way for families to settle their telco bills if most members utilise data.

However, when breaking tho cost per GB for VIVIFI's Shared plan, VIVIFI does not provide the cheapest network for multiple people. Getting a single line, VIVIFI Me 40 GB, is more cost-savvy.

Many of our seedly reviewers report positive experiences with VIVIFI's network and customer service.

Unsure about choosing VIVIFI? You can check out our SIM-Only comparison here.

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