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Vivifi Plus SIM Only 6 GB Plan



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VIVIFI Review 2021

VIVIFI is a Mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) in Singapore that offers competitive data-heavy SIM Only plans. Most notable is VIVIFI's 40 GB plan that costs $29.90 per month. A unique selling point of VIVIFI is that it allows family members to share a single mobile plan. So this 40 GB plan with 300 mins talktime and 100 SMS can be shared with up to 8 family members.

Network and Customer-service wise, Seedly Reviewers report positive experiences with VIVIFI.

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Reviews (122)


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      Updated 2w ago


      Vivifi Plus SIM Only 6 GB Plan

      [Customer Service] I lost my SIM card and sent them an email on Sunday. Surprisingly, I got their reply within one hour. They manage to send me a new sim card in 2 hours after communication. Great!! Never expect it can be so efficient. [Network] Got no problem so far. they use Singtel network. The coverage and singal are good anyway. [Mobile App] they can consider to develop an app. I don't check my usage often since I am not a heavy data user. So, not a big issue for me. [Billing] it is auto billing via credit card. I receive SMS alert when bill is ready. good for me. [Ease of porting] the number was ported over smoothly. So far so good. No problem in service. Customer service supprises me due to the fast reaction. Feel good to get this service at a fair price. I have recommended the service to friends.


      Updated 2w ago


      Vivifi Plus SIM Only 6 GB Plan

      [Customer Service] Used it for 2 months and didn’t like the network. wrote in in early Nov to terminate the SIM as instructed In the website. found the charges in Dec credit card bill. Wrote in again and the service feedback with an email, which received as spam, asking if I want to terminate or port out. But can’t explain why people need to write to them to apply for “port out”, while I already instructed then to terminate. They just want your money. You won’t be able to know if your line is terminate until you see the card bill. Sorry you will be charged for another month because it will only terminate the service at the end of the month. My request in early Nov didn’t end the service, and I will be charged for Jan full month. How about Feb? I am not sure. When they decide not to feedback your email. You don’t know what they are up to.


      Updated on 23 Dec 2020


      Vivifi Plus SIM Only 6 GB Plan

      Network: I do not agree with most users here about the network connection being as good as Singtel. I ported in from GOMO and can tell a significant drop in download and upload speeds. Customer service: I also disagree with some users about the efficiency of their customer service. I have sent them an email before I ported in on a few minor enquiries not covered in their FAQs and 3 months into porting in, there still isn’t any response. I picked up the SIM from the station and the lady (there’s only one that distributes the SIM nationwide) was impolite and unprofessional. She had a mix up and refused to offer any solutions to her mistake. I had to pay an addition amount just for her mistake. Update: VIVIFI seems very concerned about this section and immediately emailed me in response. Ease of porting: This was not difficult but I can say it’s easy to port in and out of any telecom service provider you may choose. Mobile App: Unlike GOMO, I don’t believe there is a mobile app for VIVIFI (I use the Apple AppStore). So I log in from the web page to check my data usage. It’s rather inconvenient. Billing: Let’s be frank here. They do want your money so it will not be hard. Overall I do not recommend this provider unless you’re at home all day with excellent broadband coverage and do not care for mobile data.


      Updated on 09 Dec 2020


      Vivifi Plus SIM Only 6 GB Plan

      Have been using the service for several months. I ported over from Starhub and was attracted by the price and the mobile network VIVIFI is using (Singtel). So far, the service is good. Have not encountered any issue. Number port was taken one day after self-collection. I have recommended the service to friends.


      Updated on 02 Dec 2020


      Vivifi Plus SIM Only 6 GB Plan

      Honestly, this was one of the worst mobile networks I have ever used. I ported from Giga over because the price was attractive but I thoroughly regret that decision now. Planning to port back after a month. Network: It takes 10 seconds for safeentry to load. Can you imagine? I have to hold up the queue everytime I attempt safeentry and I am pretty sure safeentry is designed to load minimal megabytes so that the process is smooth. Watching videos or loading pages are even more impossible past the 6gb. The 6gb measurement is ridiculous. They tell me I used 6gb in 2 days. Can you imagine??? My phone records 1gb but they sent me a message telling me I used 90% of my 6gb already wtf??? What a joke. Porting over: Their locations and timings are so limited it's ridiculous. It took a huge struggle before I could squeeze out time to pick up my sim card from a location and timing that fixed my schedule. Mobile app: No app at all. I can't even track my usage aside from the text messages they send me. Conclusion: I hate this mobile network and for your own sake, don't even try it. The anger is not worth the price. Even giga is $15 for 55 GB now and TPG is $10 for 50GB.


      Mark Sie

      Mark Sie

      1w ago

      I have started 1 week. And I am never ever get connected on this "Singtel" network. Worst network I ever used.
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      Plans from VIVIFI

      The VIVIFI Share SIM Only Mobile plan offers both VIVIFI Me SIM (main mobile line) and VIVIFI Us SIM to share.

      With this VIVIFi Share Plan, you get to enjoy:

      • 40 GB of data;
      • 300 mins of call time;
      • and 100 SMS.
      • VIVIFI Me costs S$29.90/month

      How Does VIVIFI Share Work?

      Given that you only use the VIVIFI Me SIM Plan, you just need to pay a monthly price of $29.90.

      This plan also allows you to add up to 8 VIVIFI Us, which are additional mobile lines to share benefits from the VIVIFI Share Plan including Data, SMS and add-ons.

      Every additional VIVIFI Us will require an additional $5.35/month

      Monthly Cost Breakdown for VIVIFI Share:

      1 Mobile Line (VIVIFI Me Plan): $29.90/pax

      2 Mobile Lines: $17.60/pax

      3 Mobile Lines: $13.50/pax

      4 Mobile Lines: $11.50/pax

      5 Mobile Lines: $10.26/pax

      6 Mobile Lines: $9.44/pax

      7 Mobile Lines: $8.86/pax

      8 Mobile Lines: $8.42/pax

      9 Mobile Lines: $8.10/pax

      VIVIFI Roaming Plans Available

      • VIVIFI Data Roam Plan A:
        $5.00/GB for 7 days in Malaysia
      • VIVIFI Data Roam Plan B
        $5.00/GB for 7 days in Thailand
      • VIVIFI Data Roam Plan C
        $20.00 for 3GB for 10 days in Asia Pacific
      • VIVIFI Data Roam Plan D
      • $35.00/GB for 30 days globally

      VIVIFI More: Optional Add-ons

      More Data

      Excess data usage is charged by use according to tiers, starting from $10 for excess usage under 6 GB (see “VIVIFI More” section). Once the tiers have been exhausted, excess data usage is charged by use at a flat rate of $4.28 per GB.

      • Excess usage < 6 GB: $10.00
      • Excess usage < 18 GB: $20.00
      • Excess usage < 30 GB: $30.00
      • Excess usage > 30 GB$4.28/GB


      • Under 25 SMS: $1.07
      • Under 100 SMS: $4.28
      • Over 100 SMS: $0.05/SMS

      Talk Time

      • Under 200 min: $5.35
      • Under 500 min: $10.70
      • Under 1000 min: $16.05
      • Over 1000 min: $0.11/min


      • Caller ID Non-display: $5.35/mth
      • Additional Lines: $5.35/mth (Use code 'VIVIFIUS')

      Is VIVIFI The Best MVNO for you?

      The 40 GB plan VIVIFI Me, is very affordable and competitively priced.

      Another feature that makes VIVIFI stand out is their ability to market to families a shared data bundle. This is a convenient way for families to settle their telco bills if most members utilise data.

      However, when breaking tho cost per GB for VIVIFI's Shared plan, VIVIFI does not provide the cheapest network for multiple people. Getting a single line, VIVIFI Me 40 GB, is more cost-savvy.

      Many of our seedly reviewers report positive experiences with VIVIFI's network and customer service.

      Unsure about choosing VIVIFI? You can check out our SIM-Only comparison here.

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