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  • Had many issues with porting in and thus contacted them that I wanted to cancel but was charged later anyway, customer service was unapologetic. This happened some time ago but yet it is 1 of the most memorable customer service I've had, avoid at all cost.
  • Posted 2w ago


    Zero1 SIM Only 1 GB to Unlimited Data

    Worst telco in terms of processing, customer service and user experience. Few minutes before I was about to collect the simcard at their office near Tai Seng mrt, i have already started reading up their T&C on Termination simply because of the following points. - no delivery service for foreigner which created huge trouble for me to arrange a timing during work hours to go down and collect. - indicated wrong timing for collection in their email notification, resulting in the first wasted trip to the office. - authorised collection failed simply because the original copy of the applicant NRIC was not presented. (Photocopied NRIC was presented but was not acceptable.), resulting in 2nd wasted trip to the office. - nonchalant apologies and unhelpful customer service that did not help anything or do any remedy to the damage done.
  • Posted on 13 Dec 2019


    Zero1 SIM Only 3 GB to Unlimited Data

    The data service is very slow thus it would take awhile for the page to load which was very troublesome,please improve on it
  • Posted on 27 Nov 2019
    So so so bad. The billing was terrible, it arrives on different dates every month. The bill format was also terrible, I needed to go and figure out which month was I paying for. My emails took a week to get a generic reply. When i emailed to cancel, there was no reply until I sent a chaser 2 weeks later. Even the reply that came 2 weeks later was generic; there was no confirmation whether or not my cancellation request was received or being processed, or when will the cancellation happen (immediate or a few days (or weeks) later). I know of people who received 3 months of bill at once, and their card was charged 3 months worth at once. Overall, customer service and turnaround time was so bad. Luckily I bought the $9.90 plan to test out first before deciding if i wanted to port over. Not even worth 1 star in my opinion, 0 stars.
  • Posted on 23 Nov 2019


    Zero1 SIM Only 3 GB to Unlimited Data

    Zero1 is terrible, in terms of customer service and billing accuracy. So I would not recommend people to go for it, and I have already ported out of Zero1 to another SIM only plan provider. The porting out process was painful as I need to have continuous ding-dong exchanges with Zero1 before I got back my refund.
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You can get a prepaid card - you have to fund the account first but it presents like a Mastercard/Visa and can allow you to apply for things that need a cc number.


Mobile Plans

Jennifer Goh
Jennifer Goh
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 24 Jun 2019
Actually you can! How I did it without an IC... 1. Go to Zero1 website, create an account (name, email address, password) 2. Click "The Plan" on top of the page, select "Give me a New Number" and there's a list of numbers for you to choose from 3. Once you've chosen a number, proceed to "Order Summary" 4. Key in credit card details, agreeing to monthly auto-deduction then you're off to go! Hope the above helps a little! :)

Zero Mobile



So let’s weigh the plans of zero and zero1 assuming we are a high internet user/talktime. As for Zero, Plan 1 : you can get unlimited data,calls and sms at $69.95/month, which will give you unlimited data at 4G speed, but in accordance to fair use policy. There’s an ongoing promotion now for $59.95/month. There is no binding contract. Plan 2: If you are a high internet user, you could also take unlimited data at $49.95. Right now promotion at $39.95 which is a good deal. As for Zero1, Plan 3: You pay $39.90 for 9GB to unlimited data Where first 27GB would be at 4G talk time of 450 mins ( incoming and outgoing each) Plan 4: You pay $29.90 for 3GB to unlimited data Where first 15GB would be at 4G speeds. Free talk time of 200 mins ( incoming and outgoing each) This means that its better to use ZERO1 (PLAN 3/4) if you would like a cheaper alternative best is to pay $29.90-$39.90 where your data of max 15-27GB would have high speed, with additional free talk time as a bonus as compared to only unlimited data through ZERO. Otherwise, if you have not much of money constraint and also someone who would spends lots of time talking on the phone, best is to take Zero plan of $69.90 which is now going at $59.90 . Where you can get unlimited calls/data/sms, which means you no need to worry on how much you use your phone since the monthly payment should be constant thoughtout which is so convenient . Zero1 offers “unlimited” data too at less than half the price ($29.99/month), but you only get 3GB of data at guaranteed 4G speed – any data beyond that is at “managed speeds”, whatever that means.


Mobile Plans


Level 4. Prodigy
Updated on 12 Jun 2019
I am a Zero1 user currently! It is definitely very economical, given that I was one of the first few users, so my plan is at $19.90 per month. Other than one serious outage for half a day a few months back, so far the reception is pretty good. I could not make calls or receive calls or receive any data that half day though, so that’s one thing to take into account. There is also no data roaming available, so if you need to receive sms to activate your credit card overseas, not possible: do that before you get overseas! Other than those mentioned, I have been using since inception and still going strong!


HC Tang
HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 23 May 2019
No you can't because work permit validity less than 6 months. Requires min 6 months validity: You can try getting a postpaid card instead from the normal telco.


Zero Mobile

Dominic Chang
Dominic Chang
Level 3. Wonderkid
Updated on 07 Jun 2019
How much data do you use? and how fast do you need your data. If you can peg your data use to a certain number, compare the prices and see if it is worth it to take unlimited data. As some workplace has WIFI, you may get away with lower data caps. However if you have high data usage, also factor in how fast you need your data. Streaming ZERO X looks good but just day to day task i believe you can get a better deal with Zero1

About Zero1

Founded in 2017, Zero1 is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) licensed by the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA). Zero1 emphasises fast, reliable, unlimited data at competitive and transparent prices. This Virtual Network Operator leases from Singtel.

Plans from Zero1

Zero1 offers no contract and unlimited data plans.

You can check out their data plans here.

Good to know

Network speeds will be managed after certain amounts of data are used, speed management differs from plan to plan.

There is a one-time registration fee of $10.70 and a SIM card fee of $32.10 for the application of a new Mobile line or porting in of an existing line, unless otherwise specifically waived or discounted.

It will cost you $10.70 for a change in mobile number.

SIM replacement fee is $32.10

Unsure about choosing Zero1? You can check out our SIM-Only comparison here.

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]