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What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is an insurance that helps cover any possible costs or loss incurred should something unfortunate happen while traveling abroad. The main purpose is to reduce the risk of any possible unexpected events incurred while on travelling overseas.

Getting a good deal on your travel insurance policy can be difficult with the sheer number of different options in the market. However, getting the cheapest travel insurance with the best coverage should not be the only priority for travellers. One should also have to put factors such as how efficient customer service and how ease-free the claiming process is into consideration.

As for the latter, real user reviews on customers who have made their purchases and gone through the entire process will be really helpful. After all, the last thing you need is to be unable to claim your damages should anything unfortunate happen.

What Do You Need Before Getting Travel Insurance?

The process to buying a travel insurance is really convenient now with technology. Simply head over to the insurance company's website and one will be able to get his coverage.

Of course, one will need his travel details before making his purchase.

Travel Insurance providers in Singapore

Currently there are a few major travel insurance providers in Singapore. They are mainly:

  • FWD Travel Insurance
  • NTUC Income Travel Insurance
  • MSIG TravelEasy Insurance
  • Sompo TravelJoy Insurance
  • AIG Travel Guard Travel Insurance
  • Etiqa eProtect Travel Insurance
  • Great Eastern Travel Smart Insurance
  • AXA SmartTraveller Insurance
  • Hong Leong Group Travel Insurance

Best Travel Insurance In Singapore 2019

  • Best Overall: MSIG Travel Easy
    Up to $250k for medical expenses and accidents.
  • Best For Personal Accident and Medical Expenses: Great Eastern Travel Smart Basic
    Up to $300K to $500K
  • Best for Cancelled Trips: FWD Travel Premium
    Up to max $7,500
  • Best for Lost Belongings: AXA TravelSmart
    Up to 800 per item, pair or set of items
  • Best for Pre-existing condition: NTUC Enhanced PreX
    Up to $200K medical expenses overseas
  • Best for NS Men: AVIVA Travel Lite
    Up to $250K medical expenses overseas

Tools To Help You Choose The Best Travel Insurance

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If there are still questions after reading Real User Reviews on the best travel insurance in Singapore, why not ask our community over at Seedly QnA? Don't worry, we're all here to help you make smarter financial decisions!