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Best Credit Cards for Trust Bank in Singapore

Discover your ideal credit card with Seedly's extensive list of Singapore's best cashback, miles, and rewards cards. Read reviews and find the right card for your lifestyle today.Updated June 2024

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Trust Bank

    Trust Bank


    52 Reviews

    NTUC Link Credit Card (For NTUC Union Members)

    Up to 21% in Linkpoints


    Up to 5,500 Linkpoints monthly, and up to 7,500 Linkpoints quarterly


    Redeem S$1 off with every 100 Linkpoints at participating Linkpoints partners


    Trust Link Credit Card (For Everyone Else)

    Up to 15% in Linkpoints


    Up to 5,500 Linkpoints monthly, and up to 7,500 Linkpoints quarterly


    Redeem S$1 off with every 100 Linkpoints at participating Linkpoints partners


    Speed of Approval


    Ease of Fee Waiver


    Customer Support


    "Initially I was delighted and impressed that Trust Bank increase their interest..." 2w ago

    Trust Credit Cards Review 2024

    Take a look at all the Trust credit cards available and find the right credit card to fit your spending needs!

    Trust Credit Card Key Features

    Trust’s Credit Card comes with no annual and no foreign transaction fees, and is a perfect pairing with their savings account. Additionally, Trust is an entirely digital bank, which comes with many perks.

    About Trust

    From the Trust Website:

    Trust is backed by a unique partnership between Standard Chartered, one of the world's most trusted banks with more than 160 years of experience in Singapore, and FairPrice Group, the nation’s leading grocery retailer for almost 50 years.

    We were born in the cloud and use the best and latest technology to deliver a world-class customer experience and cutting-edge security.

    Blending our heritage with digital innovation, we are here to delight our customers with an easy-to-use and transparent banking experience.

    Current Trust Credit Card Promotions

    Trust Offers

    Owning a Trust Credit Card lets you earn Linkpoints, and redeem exclusive offers with retailers.

    Best Trust Credit Cards - Comparison

    Credit Card

    Minimum Income

    Key Benefits

    S$30,000 (Local/PR)

    S$60,000 (Foreigner)

    Up to 21% savings

    on groceries and food at FairPrice Group

    Up to 22.78% savings on fuel purchase at Caltex

    No annual fee

    No foreign transaction fee 

    No cash advance fee

    No card replacement fee

    NTUC Union Members can enjoy higher savings on FairPrice Group groceries and food, Caltex fuel and more

    What's the best Trust Credit Card?

    The Trust Bank Credit Card is the only card that Trust offers for now, it is an overall good card that Trust offers with savings on groceries and fuel.

    Is there an alternative to the Trust Bank Credit Card?

    Trust only has the Trust Bank Credit Card for now, so there’s no alternative, but you can consider signing up for an NTUC Union Membership if you’re not a member yet to maximise your benefits!


    Contact Trust to get the necessary assistance for all your Trust related needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I apply for a credit card from Trust?

    You can apply for a credit card, through Seedly! Find the right card for you, fill out the online application form and follow the necessary steps.

    What's the eligibility criteria for a Trust credit card?

    Eligibility criteria may vary based on the type of credit card. Generally, factors like credit score, income, employment status, and credit history are considered. Refer to the specific card's details for precise eligibility requirements.

    Can I apply for a credit limit increase on my Trust credit card?

    Yes, you can request a credit limit increase after a certain period of responsible card usage, refer to Trust’s T&Cs to find out more

    How can I report a lost or stolen credit card from Trust?

    If your credit card is lost or stolen, immediately contact their customer service helpline and they’ll assist in securing your account and issuing a new card.

    What should I do if I notice suspicious transactions on my credit card statement?

    If you detect any unauthorized or suspicious transactions, contact Trust immediately, and have their representatives guide you through the process of reporting and resolving any fraudulent activity on your credit card.