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Singtel SIM Only 3 GB Plan
$20 per mth (w GST)


Singtel SIM Only 3 GB Plan

$20 per mth (w GST)

No Contract


3 GB


0 min



Enjoy These Deals
  • Promotions
    - Registration and SIM Card Fees waived for new sign-ups.

    - $0 upfront fee for phone leasing with option to own phone anytime at a discounted price.
  • Key Benefits
    - Free 3GB/mth.

    - Free 12 mth Entertainment Plus worth $5.90.
Product Features
  • Roaming Add-ons
    Stay connected while travelling with data roaming add-ons
  • Mobile Tracking
    Make payments and track your usage on the go
  • Port In Existing Number
    Transfer your current number to your new plan
  • Discount Off New Phones
    Enjoy a discount on new phones
What Others are Saying
  • Switched my mum's Singtel line (Combo plan) over to Circles.Life's flexi plan (SIM-only) when her contract was up since her usage is very low. As a result, managed to save about $40+ every month since the flexi plan offered by Circles is free of charge with no strings attached. Understand that there is now a registration fee of $50, but I managed to get this plan when it was first launched and it didn't have any registration nor delivery fee. Super value for money!
  • Pros: Best Network Good and simple App Cons: Cannot top up data per month Very restrictive contracts
  • I switched to another telco because the plans were really expensive and I only had 4GB. After switching, I got a 15GB plan at a price way cheaper than what Singtel offers + more Data!
  • Local Data
    1 GB$5.35
  • Call Time
    200 min$5.35/mth
    800 min$10.70/mth
    1200 SMS/MMS$5.35
    2400 SMS/MMS$10.70
  • Others
Extra Fees
  • Monthly Fee
    Incoming CallFree
    Incoming SMSFree
    Caller ID$5.35
    Roaming Activation$10.70
  • One Time Fee
    Registration Fee$37.45
    Admin Fee$10.70
    SIM Card$10.70
    SIM Card Delivery$10.70
Roaming Plans
  • ReadyRoam

    4 plans to choose from $5 - Malaysia, 9, 18 and 56 destinations. Up to 30 days subscription.

  • DataRoam Unlimited Daily

    Unlimited data roaming in more than 100 destinations from $19. Daily Subscription.

  • DataRoam Monthly Recurring

    For frequent travellers to Malaysia or Australia. $10 monthly subscription that requires only one time activation.

  • SMSVoiceRoam 7

    Attractive voice and SMS roaming rates for $20. 7 day subscription.

  • In-flight Unlimited Data

    Stay connected while flying at $29 per flight.

Watch Out For
  • Nothing to watch out for right now!

    Watch this space.