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Single destination plans to Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia from $5/ GB with 7 days subscription. Or 9, 18 and 81 destination plans for $12/ GB, $20/ 2GB and $40/ 3GB respectively, with 30 days subscription.

DataRoam Unlimited Daily

Unlimited data roaming in more than 100 destinations from $19. Daily Subscription.

DataRoam Monthly Recurring

For frequent travellers to Malaysia or Australia. $10 monthly subscription that requires only one time activation.

SMSVoiceRoam 7

Attractive voice and SMS roaming rates for $20. 7 day subscription.

In-flight Unlimited Data

Stay connected while flying at $29 per flight.

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Reviews (129)


129 Reviews

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  • best telco in singapore now. the online is quite stable and fast . however the price is a bit expensive.
  • Updated 2w ago


    Singtel SIM Only 20 GB Plan

    Singtel $20 for 20GB was definitely one of the better options out there in terms of when I was signing up for a new SIM-only plan. I only paid $20 for 20GB, 150 outgoing calls, 500 SMS per month but this price is only for 12 months so I will be switching as soon as the 12-month period is over, since there are better options out there now.
  • Interesting SingTel rewards esp the lucky draws. Rates not as competitive as the new players. Extensive network of SingTel retailers.
  • [Network] I am with Singtel service for my broadband, phone plan, TV for more than 10 years. However utterly disappointed, there is no notice for recontract for singtel broadband, and my parents have been paying $65.90 every month for 500mbps for 3 years. Now in 2020, 1gbps is $45.90. And we are experiencing Super slow connection, and sometimes disconnect. So we decided to recontract. And the funny thing is u need to debundle and downgrade your TV just to enjoy the $45.90, if not recontract as a whole. The original plan of TV is free , now you need to add additional $23.90. For new signups, is cheaper. Recontract is more expensive. What is the logic? So never mind, i recontracted. They only bring over wifi mesh to my doorstep and expect us to install ourselves. I can do that myself. And i realise the 500MBPS broadband plan, new router installation is not delivered. And i have to call again, and the wifi mesh is not working at all. Today my wifi is not working after 1 week. Tomorrow they are going to send the Technicians again and compensate whatever that is not included. For older generations like my parents, they are not familiar with all these. Is there how you all run the marketing team, technical support and customer service? Utterly disappointed.
  • [Updated on 4th July 2020] Still using Singtel for the following reasons: [Mobile App] Singtel has made walking fun with its expanded offerings through its tie-up with AIA. I just signed up for the HealthyMe challenge that will reward me with a $5 GrabFood voucher if I manage to walk a mere 2500 steps. GrabFood vouchers are very useful in this time and era where we stay home more often than before! Other challenges enable me to join lucky draws to have a shot at winning an iPhone SE. [Billing] I recently downloaded Singtel Dash, which complements very nicely with my use of the family bundle plan. It's an easy way to get 1G of free local data should I pay my Singtel bill with Singtel Dash. It just so happened that Singtel Dash launched its Dash EasyEarn tie-up with Etiqa Insurance recently. The EasyEarn now offers one of the highest interest rates in the market ($2% in the first year!), so it means that I can use the interest accured from EasyEarn, transfer it to my Dash wallet and shave off part of my bill. [Customer Service] The telemarketers still speak at rapid-fire speed, but recently I managed to get one personnel to help me stop subscribing to some cable TV channels, which immediately reduced $40 of my bill. Service was prompt & I wasn't pressured to continue subscribing to these channels, so that was a pleasant customer engagement experience for me. [Written in August 2019] I am using the family bundle plan, so this means that the Internet, TV and home telephone services of my parents’ house and my house as well as two mobile subscriptions are lumped together under one fee. It’s hassle-free for me to keep track of this expenditure. SingTel’s recent tie-up with AIA also means that we can walk 10,000 steps every day to gain enough points towards 1GB of free data. I like how I’m made conscious of my walking habits without wearing a tracker. What does get on my nerves sometimes is SingTel staff calling me to persuade me to switch plans and/or take on new deals. Now I’m as desperate for a good deal as the typical Singaporean, but having these telemarketers hard-sell me stuff at a rapid-fire speed is off-putting. I hope they do more of the promoting through the MySingTel app.
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About Singtel

The Singtel Group is currently Asia's leading communications group. Headquartered in Singapore, Singtel has more than 130 years of operating experience.

Singtel is one of the largest listed companies on the Singapore Exchange in terms of market capitalisation.

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General Enquiries: 1688

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