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AMEX Gold Card

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AMEX Gold Card

2 Points per $1.60
2 Points per $1.60
0.56 miles per point

    AMEX Gold Card

    2 Points per $1.60
    2 Points per $1.60
    0.56 miles per point


About American Express (AMEX Gold Card)

Since 1850, American Express (AMEX) has remained committed to providing its customers with the best products and services. Some popular credit cards include AMEX CapitaCard, AMEX Platinum Credit Card, AMEX True Cashback Card, AMEX Personal Card and AMEX Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card.

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  • Updated on 03 Mar 2020


    AMEX Gold Card

    [Promotions and Perks] No credit limit - amazing experience, hassle-free spending Member perks are incredible such as protected purchases and also have member protection in terms of card lost, followed by next day replacement worldwide.
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AMEX Gold Card



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Does the AMEX gold card get you free entry into airport lounges?
Rais M
Rais M
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered on 24 Feb 2020
Nope. It is just a very pretigious card that provides concierge services.
ūüĎć 0

AMEX Platinum Credit Card



AMEX Gold Card

Is it really more worth it to upgrade from the AMEX Gold Card to the AMEX Platinum Credit Card?
It depends on your needs and spending habit. Personally, I don't use too much of their perks. Hence I will stick with the Gold Card. Here is everything about me and what I do best.
ūüĎć 0

American Express Gold Card

AMEX Gold Card

Eligibility for American Express Gold Card

To be eligible for the AMEX Gold Card, you'll have to meet the following criteria:

  • 21 years old and above, supplementary card for 18 years of age and older
  • For Singaporeans and PRs:¬†Minimum annual income of S$55,000
  • For foreigners:¬†Minimum annual income of S$60,000

Find out how a cashback credit card works, and the difference between cashbacks and cash rebates.

Fees and Charges for AMEX Gold Card

  • Annual Principle Fee:¬†$180
  • Annual Supplementary Card fee:¬†$110
  • Fee waiver:¬†NA
  • Interest-Free Period:¬†NA
  • Annual Interest Rate:¬†NA
  • Minimum Monthly Payment:¬†Full amount to be repaid monthly
  • Late Payment Charge:¬†2.5% per month for any overdue previous balance or $90 per month (whichever is greater)
  • Cash Advance Fee:¬†5% of the amount withdrawn per transaction

Key Features and Benefits of AMEX Gold Card

These are some benefits of the AMEX Gold Card has to offer.

AMEX Gold Card Benefits

What You'll Get

Spending Limit

No spending limit

Membership Rewards Programme

Earn 2 Membership Rewards Points for every $1.60 spent

You may choose to enrol in one of the following two options:

  • Non-Frequent Traveller Option (S$10): Earn Membership Rewards points to redeem dining and shopping rewards.
  • Frequent Traveller Option (S$40): Earn Membership Rewards points to redeem dining & shopping rewards, flights and hotel stays.

Points do not Expire and no Restriction on the number of points you can accumulate


  • Provides coverage for any repair, replacement or reimbursement on eligible purchases made with your card within 90 days of purchase. (Max $8,000 per item and $80,000 per calendar year)
  • For any overseas emergencies, get immediate advice with their 24/7 global helpline at +65 6733 0833

Charter Membership

  • Exclusively for Gold Charter Members, our dedicated Charter Customer Assist team stands ready to assist you with any request during office hours
  • You can get double your original manufacturer's warranty when you make a purchase using the AMEX Gold Card (Max 48 months)

AMEX Gold Card - Benefits

Terms and conditions of American Express Gold Card

  • AMEX Gold Card insurance plan is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore
  • For any lost or misused charge cards, you must notify AMEX immediately via telephone, given that neither you are involved in or benefited from the loss, theft or misuse of the Card, you will not be liable for any unauthorized. Your liability for unauthorized Charges made before we receive notice is limited to S$100
  • If you find a card that was reportedly stolen or lost, you must cut it in half and return the pieces to AMEX
  • $100 charge will be incurred for any lost of stolen card
  • A 2.5% fee will charged for foreign currency transactions

AMEX Contact Info

  • Credit card support: 1800 295 0500

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