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18 Mar 2020

What are the reviews of robo-investors such as OCBC RoboInvest and StashAway?

How are the returns like? And does it count as a diversified portfolio if robo-investors buy into many funds and stocks?


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    Hi There,

    you can alco check the review on Kristal.AI here https://seedly.sg/reviews/robo-advisors/kristal-ai

    Kristal aso provides you with investment advice via its propietary algorithm within minuets to create a personilized investment portfolio. Which is designed sepicifically to meet your investment requirements and investor profile. You can be advised as much as you need.

    There's also ZERO fees for your first $50,000 investment.

    Hope this helps,





      The returns will depend on the risk profile you set with the robo-advisor, more conservative portfolios will return lower but more consistent returns while higher risk portfolios will see higher returns (albeit potential higher standard deviation). Do go through the entire KYC process with the robo advisor before choosing the risk profile which suits you the best!

      Depending on the risk profile you choose, the robo will allocate/diversify the portfolio accordingly. eg. more conservative portfolios will see higher allocations in bonds vs stocks and vice versa for a more aggressive profile.

      As amanda mentioned, you can check out the reviews for the robos on Seedly and see if you can relate to any specific experience. You can also read this article which Seedly has covered regarding the available robo-advisors here as well: https://blog.seedly.sg/singapore-robo-advisor-investment-comparison/​​​





        You can view some reviews on Seedly here:

        OCBC RoboInvest [https://seedly.sg/reviews/robo...

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