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  • Posted on 09 Sep 2019
    Kristal is a great platform and well managed. They adapt well to the market and as a result manage to balance portfolios very well. I would definitely recommend Kristal.
  • Kristal.AI is highly professional. They prove that results speak louder than promises. Personally, for me, it has been the best experience for investment of my hard-earned savings! Well done Kristal team! Keep it up!
  • Posted on 21 Aug 2019
    A very innovative and simple way to manage what seems like complex investment strategies. Easy for a novice like myself to start investing in bonds and ETFs with no experience and no existing trading accounts. The Kristal concept is great, it transparently shows you what your bundled investment unit is made up of how it is performing and you choose which ones to try out and can change them at anytime. Low to no fees, no creepy 'Financial advisors', just smart facts, figures, simplicity and full control. Great for beginners and experts alike!
  • Updated on 15 Aug 2019
    Very easy to use, low fees and EXCELENT customer service. You can select yourself between the available ETFs or let their Roboadvisor AI to propose a ETF package based on your targets and risks you are willing to take. Highly recommended!
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About Kristal.AI
OperationsMAS Capital Markets Services License (CMS100614)
MethodologyGAIAA: Genetic Algorithm-based Iterative Asset Allocation In Darwin's evolutionary theory, only the fittest survive the battle of natural selection. Similarly, Kristal.AI's biology-inspired methodology selects the best portfolio design for every individual's needs. Our proprietary AI uses an underlying genetic algorithm to choose and modify strategies from a pool of thousands of permutations. At each stage, the curated strategies are tested against user-defined objectives, and only the 'fittest' strategies are chosen to finally evolve into a risk-limiting model which optimises asset allocation and maximises returns.
FeesRoboAdvisor Plan (ETFs and REITS only): Free up to USD 50k. Amount over 50k = 0.3% per annum of assets under management.
MinimumNo minimum

About Kristal

Kristal.AI strives to make investments possible and personal for everyone. Whether you have 20 dollars or 1 million.
Founded by Asheesh Chanda and Vineeth Narasimhan in 2016, what started as an ambitious idea sketched out on a black-board, is now present and thriving in three countries. 
Today Kristal.AI is operational in Singapore, Hong Kong & India and has clients across Asia, Middle East, and the Americas, committed to providing the best investment strategies to our investors and building a community of portfolio managers, affiliated partners, and investors. Our diverse team of financial advisors, researchers, and market experts takes a unique yet holistic approach to our clients’ needs and works hard to achieve their goals. 
Additionally, we are the humble recipient of numerous accolades, awards, and recognition across the three countries. Our goal is to get only better and offer you a service that is truly a unique blend of continuous innovation and financial expertise. 
Today, we are more than a tech platform or a financial advisor. We are the ones who bring the ‘intelligence’ into intelligent investing.

Method of Investing for Kristal

No minimum investment (depends on the smallest Kristal which would be a single ETF around USD 15)

Minimum Investment and Fees for Kristal

Zero fees up to USD 50k under management in our Kristal Investment Account (ETFs and Strategies consisting of ETFs only). Amount above USD 50k = management fee of 0.3% p.a.
For Private Wealth clients investing in strategies consisting of other instruments than ETFs = management fee of 0.5% p.a.