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  • Posted on 01 Jul 2019
    Writing review for both MoneyOwl and Endowus. Both are not going to get 5 stars for now and i am giving 4 stars to Endowus for the time being: 1. User interface MoneyOwl interface is very minimal in a negative way because there is no way i can tell the trend of return, current return and long term projected return. Endowus has almost all the basic info you and i need from digital service like this. Personally, i can also observe ongoing enhancement (like renaming goal & changing portfolio) and subtle changes from Endowus but so far nothing from MoneyOwl. However, if you were to compare both MoneyOwl and Endowus with Stashaway, both platforms have a long way to go! I would say MoneyOwl investment interface feels very "half-baked" and Endowus needs to simplify the interface. 2. Processes Account opening - I have tried to open MoneyOwl account 3 times (for myself & family members) and all applications were processed in the next business day. I have also tried to open Endowus account 2 times too and the experience was mixed. An application that was submitted later got processed successfully within 3 business days but another application that was submitted 1 business day earlier missed the promised timeframe (indicated on the web). MoneyOwl definitely seems to be more efficient here. Funding - All fund transfers for MoneyOwl's cash account (with iFast) were reflected in the account within 30mins but it takes 1-2 days to see your fund in Endowus's cash account (with UOB Kay Hian). Once again, MoneyOwl is definitely more efficient here. Not sure if it is a tech constraint at Endowus & UOB Kay Hian but personally, i really like the quick turnaround time from MoneyOwl. Investment Order Execution - both MoneyOwl & Endowus take 3-4 business days to complete the order. A tie here. Both MoneyOwl and Endowus are relatively new to many retail investors like me. Consistency and efficiency are really important to gain trust. i had the opportunity to go through the processes multiple times and i believe MoneyOwl performs here. 3. Fee It has been discussed extensively in this forum. MoneyOwl has been saying that it doesn't aim to be the cheapest and it is not a robo-advisor but a bionic platform that provides non-commission based advisors. Personally, it is true that you can reach out to MoneyOwl advisor easily but i must say that i didn't have any problem to speak to anyone from StashAway and Endowus too when i needed advice. So why the higher fee? :) Comparing MoneyOwl & Endowus, Endowus is slightly cheaper and i like the fact that it offers tiered pricing scheme. I hope both companies can offer referral scheme soon!
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About endowus
OperationsMAS Financial Advisers Licence no. 100066-1
MethodologyGlobally diversified core investment portfolios that target the proven sources of returns at a low cost, executed through best-in-class global asset managers, such as PIMCO and Dimensional.
FeesAll-in flat fee of 0.25% to 0.60% p.a. based on clients assets under advice.
Minimum$10,000 initial investment / $100 monthly

About Endowus

Endowus is a sophisticated, digital-first independent financial advisor with a focus on advancing the human experience of money. The partners set up Endowus to institutional-quality financial products at the lowest cost possible to individual investors in order to help them secure their financial future.

The investment office is led by Sam Rhee, previously CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

Method Of Investing For Endowus

Endowus's proprietary institutional process enables every client to have a globally diversified core investment portfolio that is:

  • Personalised
  • Holistic
  • Multi-asset class

The company utilises funds from global fund managers, such as PIMCO and Dimensional, with real, long-term proven track records at a fraction of what the industry average costs.

Minimum Investment And Fees For Endowus

The current minimum amount for investment is $10,000.

Endowus also charges an all-in flat fee of 0.25% to 0.60%.