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01 Aug 2020


After what happened with Smartly, should I be worried about my portfolio with other Robo-advisors?

I have parked some of my money with StashAway, MoneyOwl and Endowus who are some of the more prominent platforms in Singapore. Are they still stable and safe?

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Amelia Yamato Leow

01 Aug 2020

Student Ambassador 20/21 at Seedly

With the operational runway from the amount of funding they've gotten, plus the management team, I would say that they are more stable than Smartly

Hi there,

it is completely undestandable to be concerend.

During this uncertain period of time is it necessary to be critical and careful of your assets and savings.

You might want to take a look at kristal.AI,

We do not charge any management fees for investment below $50,000 USD. Therefore we're the most accessible investment platform in the market at the moment.

There is 0.05% currency conversion fee if you are depositing SGD into your Kristal Freedom account because the Freedom account is maintained in USD by default.

If you wish to withdraw your money in SGD, there are no charges at all. If you wish to withdraw in USD, there is a fee up to $50 by our broker.

We also have free algorithm feature to assist you.

It's in the 'Explore' tab, select 'Get Advice'.

kristal.AI's team comprises of former veteran traders with over 20 years experience in JP Morgan, Deutsche, UOB, DBS, and more has put in a lot of effort with our tech team to optimise the algorithm.

Or perhaps you'd like consistent investment such as SIP.

You can set up SIP (systematic investment plan) on the investment product you wish to invest monthly in. Just select 'Buy' and the option will be offered to you.

If you would like to reinvest in a certain product monthly, you can select Systematic Investment Plan e.g. in Vanguard VTI 'Buy'. Then, when adding in your budget, do allow a 10% - 20% buffer in event the NAV goes up.

We are not a GIRO, so you will need to ensure funds are in your bank before date of trade execution. E.g. Execute trade on 4th. You need to set up standing instructions on 2nd.

For example, if an ETF is USD 40 and the SIP is set for USD 100, we will buy 2 units of the ETF. If the ETF goes up to USD 60, we will only buy 1 unit of the ETF and so on.

The uninvested funding will be shown as your Available Cash instead.

Regarding charges if you execute over 25 trades per year:

We had to introduce this measurement as clients were using our platform as a free brokerage account when we are an investments account.
The investment horizon is stated on each ETF/Kristal and ranges from 2-5 years to 10 years plus, meaning that frequent trading is not encouraged.

• We take month-end NAVs to determine whether more than or less than 50K. Very soon, we will change to daily NAVs. For the days when NAV 50K, the client will get charged.

• Currently we are doing quarterly billing for bandwidth reasons. Soon we will change to monthly.

• 1 buy or 1 sell at a Kristal level = 1 trade.

As long as you are using us for investment purposes and not as a day trading platform, you don't have to worry about the charges.

For more info about kristal.AI you can check our review page here https://seedly.sg/reviews/robo-advisors/kristal-ai

Hope this helps,


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