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  • I had signup and ported to Amazing 8 plan (Promo Launch) at $8/including GST on the second day of launch in June at their local agent store in Jurong West HDB. My Amazing 8 Plan (Promo Launch) includes 2GB Data with Unlimited Basic Internet at 128kbps thereafter, Free incoming calls, 150 minutes outgoing calls and 10 SMS. No contract, free SIM card and free wavier of $10 registration fee. Roaming data to Malaysia is free. Signing up at their local agent store was a breeze, took just 10 minutes in total. The agent took out a redONE tablet, keyed in my personal particulars, including a digital photograph of my NRIC. I was given a new redONE SIM card. NO payment was given. The billing cycle will start from every 1st of the month. I was surprised how efficient their backend was. The redONE SIM card was activated immediately after signup. Porting from M1 was processed and completed in the evening at 6PM on the same day. redONE piggybank on Starhub network. Reception wise on 4G network, on above ground and in buildings/shopping malls are excellent. I could get full signal bar on my mobile phone. Calls are crystal clear and I have never experience any drop connection. However, in the MRT underground stations and moving train, data reception is patchy especially along EAST-WEST Line. Although I get a full bar connection signal, data speed on 4G network is slow and sometimes loading of website or facebook is not possible. I have to manually switch to 3G network to get any data coming in. On data roaming in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, I could manually connect to Maxis or Digi but not redONE. Strange, I was wondering why. The data speed at 4G network was painfully slow, using Whatsapp chat and Facebook Lite were possible but slow. Instagram and google map were unable to load. I have realised that redONE counts data in blocks of 1MB instead of 100KB in other Telcos during their first 2 months of launch. Hence, I was wondering why my base bundle of 2GB ran out so fast. Unlimited data speed at 128kbps after 2GB base bundle was usable. Whatapp chat, Facebook Lite and Opera Mini were usable, but slow. Nothing loads on Google map and Youtube. After my feedback to redONE, they now counts data in blocks of 100KB starting from August 2019. redONE has a simple 1app which I could install to view my usage, enabling my IDD/Roaming, adding extra data at a cost and view/pay monthly bill. Notification and payment of bill are all done through the 1app. Currently payment of bill through the app can only be done using e-nets, although I preferred Credit Card payment. During the NDP month of August, every user was given an extra 2GB data allocation. A very nice gesture for their loyal customers to stay onto their subscription with them. However, current $8 Amazing 8 Plan promotion, has data allocation of 3GB and 100 minutes outgoing calls. I had contacted redONE if I could upgrade to this plan. The answer was 'NO'. I was slightly disappointed that even I was on a no-contract plan, I could not upgrade or downgrade my mobile plan. Nevertheless, overall using redONE was trouble-free and fuss-free. The pricing alone at $8/month was super attractive even for a light to medium data user, without any worries for hefty extra data charges in Singapore and Malaysia.
  • REDONE services are prompt and efficient. Customer care service can be easily reached via different channels. So far the plan is affordable and reasonable and useful for my old aged parent. Network is reliable.
  • Hi to all phone user, if u always go malaysia for hoilday, supper, etc.. I recommend u to use redOne mobile.. Sg roam over to malaysia is fast, 4g data works great.. Best of all.. One data subscription can use both countries.. Highly recommended as i own couple of redOne line for my families..
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    Jack Tan
    Jack Tan

    1d ago

    I even port over from zero sg to redOne...
  • The plans offered are Affordable & with reasonable price. Catered to all consumers with different needs. Awesome 👏🏻
  • Been using redone for a month and i can say the speed of the data is superbly works just like those known telcos and they offered great promos..
  • I signed up RedOne when SingTel increased the price for its Malaysia roaming 1GB plan from $5 a month to $5 a week! Ridiculous service provider. Then RedOne offers just $8 for 3GB data roaming a month. The reception has been good all around Malaysia, in Desaru, Mersing and KL. Well done, RedOne!
  • Best deal in Singapore and some say JB! New MVNO and I rushed to sign up on their first launch day. Sign up was smooth and quick, my line was ported over in a few days. My monthly subscription dropped from $50+ to $18 right away. Not only that, I get free caller-id, free roaming in malaysia, and twice as much 4G data. No more bill shock as unlimited data will kick in after I exceeded the quota. No complains compare to the over-priced post-paid line that I paid for over 10 years. Suggestion : please extend the 6GB plan to first batch of subscriber like me. Also, please have a way to auto charge my subscription to my credit card.
  • APPLICATION and/or ADDITIONAL SIM? Seamless Application process via the local partner. The entire process last no longer than 15 minutes and gotten my redONE SIM. $0 UPFRONT payment. Kudos to their backend operation as the SIM is activated almost immediately after signup. Smooth. ADDITIONAL SIM?
 Thinking of getting additional sim for work related or for a kid to use at home? Look no further, their Amazing8 at $8/monthly with 3GB (4G LTE) data with unlimited basic connection afterwards ease the burden of BURSTING data cap. In addition, there’s unlimited calls among all redONE Singapore users provided. Why spend more for something you don’t need right? CONNECTION STRENGTH? Undoubtedly, this telco connection impressed me. Whilst travelling regardless of in tunnel or at camp sites, there isn’t a significant drop in the connection signal as compared to my previous telco (not pointing fingers). PUBG and Mobile Legend definitely require good connection signal. In summary, this is EXTREMELY worth it. If you’re reading this look no further than here and sign up tomorrow.
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About redONE
OperationsMobile Virtual Network Operator riding on the Starhub Network, started in July 2019
Bundles AvailableSIM Only Plans (No-Contract)
Contract LengthNo contract, but minimum period of at least 2 billing cycles
Data RoamingAvailable, all plans come with Data Without Borders (Able to use your local base data bundle in Malaysia)

About redONE

Hailing from Malaysia, redONE has 3 simple no-contract SIM-only plans.

For their Amazing8 plan at $8/month,

  • 3GB of 4G, followed by unlimited basic internet
  • 100 mins outgoing talk time
  • 10 outgoing SMSes

For their Amazing18 plan at $18/month,

  • 6GB of 4G. followed by unlimited basic internet
  • 200 mins outgoing talk time
  • 20 outgoing SMSes

For their Amazing28 plan at $28/month,

  • 10GB of 4G, followed by unlimited basic internet
  • 300 mins outgoing talk time
  • 30 SMSes

Best of all, they provide unlimited local calls to other redONE Singapore subscribers. All plans also come with Data Without Borders, where you can use your local base data bundle while in Malaysia.

Can I Port My Existing Number To redONE?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is:

1. Ensure that your existing number is a post-paid mobile line registered under your NRIC/FIN with your telco.

2. Check that your current post-paid mobile line has no outstanding contract, payments, or suspensions.

3. Head over to redONE's partners and you'll be able to port your number over.

If you have a prepaid number, you are required to convert it to a post-paid number under the existing telco in order to port-in to redONE.

Value-Added Services

redONE offers redSOCIAL (20GB) & redSOCIAL Lite (10GB) for subscribers to use data on their social applications without touching their main data bundle.

The following social applications are covered:

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]

Live Chat: 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week

WhatsApp Messaging: +65 8756 8756, 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week