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  • To cancel your line: Press the hamburger menu (bottom left) > SIM services > Cancel Line -------- I just started using giga! will give it a few more days but I just found out that you can't share your hotspot to anyone, not even my kindle. Anyway, I would have given it 1 star for my experience with the app when signing up for my number but the customer service staff, Jun Peng, was really understanding over email. While signing up for my number the app crashed on me for about 10 times before I finally succeeded in choosing a mobile number of my choice. After going through all the nitty-gritty details and paying S$2 for the sim-card delivery. I. Was. Not. Given. The. Number. I. Chose. Heartbroken. I asked for a replacement but the delivery fee is non-refundable so I stuck to the random number that was given to me anyway. Will probably not continue after the trial. I can't even warn you to be SUPER careful when choosing your number - I literally typed out the number to choose the one and only option available and I didn't get it.

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    Michelle Koo
    Michelle Koo

    16 Jun 2019

    Their on boarding process can definitely be improved. I had problem during port over and I wrote in to their giga!cares support. After I received my SIM card I can’t turn on personal hotspot too. I wrote in again and managed to solve it. For iOS: 1. Do ensure you have added giga APN - Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network - Simply add the giga APN Name: giga APN: giga Everything else is left blank   2. To change hotspot APN - Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network > Personal Hotspot - Change Hotspot APN to giga Hotspot APN: giga Username: left blank Password: left blank - Exit from the screen (do NOT reset settings)   3. Go to Personal Hotspot and turn it on
    Huang Yixuan
    Huang Yixuan

    14 Jun 2019

    So you are using a random number now?
  • I love it! It is highly self serviced in nature and much if not all of the information you will require can be found in the FAQ. Strongly recommended for those who are comfortable with skimming through the FAQ . I love that the data bundle can be rolled over so I end up with 40+GB of data this month despite tethering ! Its value for money and fuss free. This is the perfect business model for my mobile needs.
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About giga!
Operationsgiga! uses StarHub’s network to provide access to 3G and 4G mobile coverage (does not include VoLTE).
Data RoamingJetset giga pass: 1GB @ $5 valid for 5 days

About giga!

giga! offers a contract-free SIM only plan (only $25) which comes with

  • 25GB data
  • 1000 outgoing minutes talk time
  • 1000 outgoing SMSes
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free data rollover
  • Free incoming talk time and SMSes

Can I Port My Existing Number To giga!?

Yes. To port-in or transfer your existing number, ensure that:

  • It is an active postpaid number (prepaid numbers are not supported for now)
  • It is registered to your name with the same ID you're registering with giga
  • It is not with TPG (TPG does not support porting)
  • It is not on any contract with your current telco - this might incur early termination charges

Here's how the port-in or transfer process works:

  • When you choose to port-in/transfer your existing number from another telco to giga, a temporary giga number will first be assigned and delivered to you
  • Upon delivery of the temporary giga number, your request to port-in will be processed within the next working day
  • Once your port-in is approved, your temporary giga number will be automatically changed to your existing number

What Is Free Data Roll-Over?

Up to 25GB of unused data from your giga plan will be rolled over for another 2 renewal cycles. Take note that data from Jetset giga roaming pass and other packs will not be rolled over.

This way you'll never waste data!

Does giga! Have Roaming Plans?


Here's how you can activate roaming on giga!:

  • Stack on the Jetset giga roaming pass at 1GB for $5 (valid for 5 days from time of activation)
  • Turn on 'Data Roaming' under your phone settings; no manual network selection is needed
  • Start surfing at your travel destination!

Here is the list of 14 supported roaming countries:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

What If I Need More Data?

Simply stack on one of giga's packs:

  • Data pack: 1GB local data for $2
  • WhatsApp pack: 1GB local data for WhatsApp usage only, for $1
  • Insta 'n' FB pack: 1GB local data for Instagram and Facebook usage only, for $1