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Mobile Plans/Zero Mobile
Mobile Plans/Zero Mobile
63 reviews


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Zero Mobile Has Discontinued Its Services in Singapore

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Reviews (63)


63 Reviews

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      Updated on 23 Jun 2020
      Useless mob. Their mail ended in my spam They had all my details but lost them, took my $18 and stuffed me around Totally useless



      Updated on 05 Mar 2020
      [Billing] I have not been using zerosg sim card for 2 months that’s because the line doesn’t have connection . I have tried to go to my account to check if i have not make any payment but the website shows expired therefore I couldn’t log in . Ive contacted them through facebook but for whatever reason the message wasnt sent to them , i dont know why . Emailed them but no response . Called them , server failed . So i decided to change my sim card to circle life . i cannot be waiting for them to get back Because it has been day and i need line for work . And Just few days ago , they deduct my money thru my account. This is not the first time im having issue with billing . I was charged double for the past 4 months. They did refund back the money but it happen again . This is ridiculous!



      Updated on 04 Mar 2020
      [Billing] Horrible. Definitely do not get zero mobile despite their attractively low prices . I kept getting wrong billings from the very first month, they charged me for the non promo price even though I signed up during promo. I would constantly call customer service to get the extra charges refunded. And YET it could not be fixed and kept happening for many months. Worse, the 2nd problem with billing was also double billing, after they tried to tie my account to the correct pricing plan, I started receiving TWO bills. 1 for the wrong price 1 for the correct price. It was a NIGHTMARE. After nearly being on zero mobile for a year I realised there can be nothing good with cheap plan and unproven mobile service provider like them. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE. [Customer Service] One word - incompetent. To be fair I think they tried, but they just could not fix the problems. Every time I called I had to explain again and let them investigate even though it were recurring monthly billing problems. I gave up. Right now I would rather pay $100 to Singtel for the same plan than to subject myself to a cheap but horrible service.



      Posted on 08 Nov 2019


      Zero Mobile SIM Only Zero X

      this is a scam service. they double charge on several months and if you don't check regularly, the money is just siphoned from your credit card. attempting to contact them to resolve the matter is futile. they do not pick up their phones, they do not reply their emails or their facebook page. put simply, you will just be ignored. dont put yourself through this, totally not worth it. and its not as if their service is any good. after throttling kicks in, even simple web pages take forever to load. pretty much unusable



      Posted on 19 Sep 2019
      Application was quite easy, but had a hiccup during delivery that was eventually resolved after contacting customer support. Network is buggy sometimes.



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      About Zero Mobile

      Zero Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator in Singapore, which discontinued its mobile services in December 2019.

      It was licensed in 2017 and was the second virtual mobile telco to launch in Singapore, after Circles.Life.

      Zero Mobile's aim was to help consumers drive their phone bills down to $0 each month.

      Zero Mobile Plans

      Zero Mobile offers no contract, SIM only mobile plans.

      Things to Note About Zero Mobile

      There is a signup fee of $18 and the SIM card will cost you $20.

      Data restrictions will apply when excessive usage is detected. FYI: any usage in excess of 30GB per month or part thereof will be considered as excessive usage.

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