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Zero Mobile SIM Only Zero X
$59.95 per mth (w GST)


Zero Mobile SIM Only Zero X

$59.95 per mth (w GST)

No Contract


45 GB






This plan offer 45 GB data at 4G speeds; unlimited data at managed speeds thereafter.

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  • Promotions
    This plan does not have promotions 😞
  • Key Benefits
    - $10/mth discount across 12 months for customers porting their existing number across.
Product Features
  • Roaming Add-ons
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Port In Existing Number
    Transfer your current number to your new plan
  • Discount Off New Phones
What Others are Saying
  • Posted on 08 Nov 2019


    Zero Mobile SIM Only Zero X

    this is a scam service. they double charge on several months and if you don't check regularly, the money is just siphoned from your credit card. attempting to contact them to resolve the matter is futile. they do not pick up their phones, they do not reply their emails or their facebook page. put simply, you will just be ignored. dont put yourself through this, totally not worth it. and its not as if their service is any good. after throttling kicks in, even simple web pages take forever to load. pretty much unusable
  • Posted on 19 Sep 2019
    Application was quite easy, but had a hiccup during delivery that was eventually resolved after contacting customer support. Network is buggy sometimes.
  • Updated on 23 Aug 2019
    God awful service, walk away before it’s too late! 1) they throttle your data at around 40gb a month, stating that you have “throttled or tethered” your phone, even though I did not do so. 2) non existent customer service that replies to emails fucking slowly. Compared to customer service, this is a joke. 3)made me absorb the first month of fees even though they didn’t port my number, could not even refute since they said the bill starts upon delivery. 4)silence any and all criticisms on their Facebook comments so that new people will not know better.
  • Local Data
  • Call Time
  • Others
Extra Fees
  • Monthly Fee
    Incoming CallFree
    Incoming SMSFree
    Caller IDFree
    Roaming ActivationNA
  • One Time Fee
    Registration FeeFree
    Admin FeeFree
    SIM CardFree
    SIM Card Delivery$8.00
Roaming Plans
  • International Calls

    Only able to make international calls at prevailing rates.

Watch Out For
  • Data Throttling

    Unlimited Data entails first 45 GB at 4G speeds; managed speeds thereafter.