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  • Updated 1w ago


    redONE SIM Only Amazing8

    Good bargain as only pay SGD$8 for every month. Worry free about data roaming rates surcharge while staying connected at Malaysia, 1 data 2 countries. Recommend!
  • Updated on 02 May 2020


    redONE SIM Only Amazing8

    Value for money Been using since Nov 2019, so far the plan doesn’t have much issue with the network connection.
  • Updated on 20 Apr 2020


    redONE SIM Only Amazing8

    RedOne piggyback on Starhub so network is pretty good. Ported 3 numbers. 2 ok. Last one screw up very badly because shop staff (their partners) unfamiliar with porting. I first sign up when the $8 plan had only 2GB. Till today after they have updated to 3GB, the people who first support Redone still having 2 GB only. 1GB is no big deal. It is the principle most critical. Do you think the early birds are going to stay when TPG come in and you treat us like shit with your "plan still updating"?
  • Updated on 18 Apr 2020


    redONE SIM Only Amazing8

    Porting to redONE was the worse mistake ever. I had difficulty receiving phone calls after porting to their service. Tried to reached them and sought support but the process was painful, due to their long request form and extremely long wait time to hear from them, it was a joke that they got back to me on my network issue 6 days after i have ported to a more reliable service tleling me they noticed i have ported out and will prpceed to close the case.
  • Updated on 07 Apr 2020


    redONE SIM Only Amazing8

    By far, the best value MVNO in Singapore at $8 (3gb, 100 mins). $18 (6gb, 200 mins) & $28 (10GB, 300 mins) plans with the best feature of free 4G data roaming in Malaysia. Have many affordable top-up choices, e.g. more SMS, more talktime or even RedSocial lite at just $10 for 10GB or $18 for 20GB (for WA, FB, YouTube, Instagram) for data hungry users. Can have NO number display service at just $2. Experienced first hand fast speed 4G data roaming in Malaysia (Digi, Maxis, U mobile). You can tap any of these networks from West Malaysia to East Malaysia like a local. Remember to add a "new APN" to redONE to get free Malaysia roaming. No regrets and no harm trying.
Questions (3)
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Mobile Plans

For a Singapore subscriber, can 'unlimited' data at 128kbps for redONE be used in Malaysia?
Lim Qin Da
Lim Qin Da, Community Lead at Seedly
Level 6. Master
Answered 6d ago
Hello! According to an article published by redONE, Singapore subscribers can still surf, chat and post at a reduced connection speed, with no roaming charges applied even when the roaming bundle is depleted. Looking at the footnote of the redONE plans, it states "Unlimited data usage with the connection throttled at 128kbps, depending on the user's location and prevailing network conditions." Using this page to check your roaming charges in Malaysia, it states that there is $0 charge per MB. So, I believe that you will be able to use your unlimited data at 128kbps in Malaysia! If you would like to know more about how the community feels about redONE, you could look to the right and click through to our SeedlyReviews page. Similarly, other reviewed mobile plans are also available there. Hope this helps!
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Grid Mobile




Are the newer telcom companies like redONE and Grid Mobile as reliable as the big telcos like Singtel, M1 and Starhub?
Lok Yang Teng
Lok Yang Teng
Top Contributor

Top Contributor (May)

Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered on 11 Apr 2020
These new companies are mobile virtual network operators. What they do is to lease the network infrastructure from existing companies (Singtel, Starhub, M1) to provide it's services. redONE uses Starhub's mobile network infrastructure while Grid Mobile taps on Singtel. The network/receptivity issues at certain areas which these big 3 companies will likely carry over.
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Are there any promotions on redONE?
Kathlyn Laiu
Kathlyn Laiu, Community Associate at Seedly
Level 6. Master
Answered on 08 Apr 2020
Yes there is. So one of them would be that there is 1 month free subscription when you sign up for any Challenger Valueclub membership. However, with the current COVID-19 situation, all challenger stores are temporarily closed so the promotion is actually put on hold until 4 May 2020. Another deal would be 3 months free access to VIU premium account (for amazing18 and amazing28 plans only)
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About redONE

Hailing from Malaysia, redONE has 3 simple no-contract SIM-only plans.

For their Amazing8 plan at $8/month,

  • 3GB of 4G, followed by unlimited basic internet
  • 100 mins outgoing talk time
  • 10 outgoing SMSes

For their Amazing18 plan at $18/month,

  • 6GB of 4G. followed by unlimited basic internet
  • 200 mins outgoing talk time
  • 20 outgoing SMSes

For their Amazing28 plan at $28/month,

  • 10GB of 4G, followed by unlimited basic internet
  • 300 mins outgoing talk time
  • 30 SMSes

Best of all, they provide unlimited local calls to other redONE Singapore subscribers. All plans also come with Data Without Borders, where you can use your local base data bundle while in Malaysia.

Can I Port My Existing Number To redONE?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is:

1. Ensure that your existing number is a post-paid mobile line registered under your NRIC/FIN with your telco.

2. Check that your current post-paid mobile line has no outstanding contract, payments, or suspensions.

3. Head over to redONE's partners and you'll be able to port your number over.

If you have a prepaid number, you are required to convert it to a post-paid number under the existing telco in order to port-in to redONE.

Value-Added Services

redONE offers redSOCIAL (20GB) & redSOCIAL Lite (10GB) for subscribers to use data on their social applications without touching their main data bundle.

The following social applications are covered:

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]

Live Chat: 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week

WhatsApp Messaging: +65 8756 8756, 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week