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M1 Sim-Only Plan

30 GB
1000 min
1000 SMS


Roaming Plans

Roaming Subscription

$10 monthly subscription with $20 registration fee. Usage charge applies by destination.

Pay per Use Roaming

Free registration and subscription. Usage charge applies by destination with additional 20% on top of usage charges.

Data Passport - Single Destination

Available at $10 or $25.

Data Passport - Multiple Destination

Available for destinations in Europe, ASEAN and Asia at $50, $25 and $50 respectively.

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Reviews (82)


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  • Updated 7h ago
    Wow finally. After much hesitation we're finally switching over to Circles Life. Yay! M1 cut our lines as ONLY $199 was overdue. So we quickly cleared the payment in full to make sure the lines are active again in order for Circles Life to assist with the transfer! Will definitely recommend my relatives using my name under M1 to switch over too! Can't wait!
  • Posted 4w ago


    M1 Sim-Only Plan

    Converted when they offered the 20dollar SIM only plan. They upgraded for me to the latest plan for free. Very good service but connectivity takes a hit at certain place in the circle and downtown line,
  • Posted 4w ago


    M1 Sim-Only Plan

    Just converted to M1 Sim-only plan with a $10 discount. The $15offer is worth it. Network is slightly less good than Singtel with some areas not being blessed to read
  • Posted on 11 Dec 2019


    M1 Sim-Only Plan

    25 bucks for more than enough data, keep your number when porting from starhub/singtel, no lock in. I saved about 15 bucks per month sim only and sacrificed nothing at all. Payment app could be easier but I can probably get that fixed if I give it some time. Good service from the shop
  • Posted on 10 Dec 2019


    M1 Sim-Only Plan

    Using M1 with corporate benefit for quite a while. the free 3 M1 number calling feature is great as it allows me to call my family without adding up to my month free talktime.
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Personally, I have been using the same telco for the longest time. While staying loyal doesn't yield much additional perks, I'm pretty satisfied with the services rendered. Hence, there is no need to give myself unnecessary work. Here is everything about me and what I do best.

Mobile Plans


Switched to a SIM only plan 2 years ago and no regrets. Not only is it cheaper, but I also get the luxury of better customer service (maybe I am biased but I really noticed better customer service after I have no contract). I also have the luxury of switching to a mobile phone of my own choice and timing. I have a friend who noted that if he bothers to get the ideal hot phone of the time at the contract and sell off that phone, it could be cheaper. But there are so many hassles plus smartphones nowadays can last for 3 yrs or more, why bother. Stick to SIM only plans and enjoy the convenience, your own timing and savings!




Tee-Ming Chew
Tee-Ming Chew, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 6. Master
Answered on 14 Jun 2019
You can use WeChat to do the call


John Doe
John Doe
Level 3. Wonderkid
Updated on 07 Jun 2019
In case it helps. I had contracted for M1 SIM only plan that gave 5GB about 2 months back. I heard a week back that M1 is offering 15 gb for the same price. I called up M1 and they recontracted me without any penalty or charges for 1 year and I got extra 10 GB. Very pleased



Nicholas Chan
Nicholas Chan
Level 6. Master
Updated on 07 Jun 2019
It's halted. Will probably jump close to offer price when it resumes trading.

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About M1

M1 first launched in the year 1997. It became the first operator to offer nationwide 4G service, as well as ultra high-speed fixed broadband, fixed voice and other services on the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN).

Good to know

Catering to our data driven needs, M1 emphasises on its data heavy plans. Offering a multitude of different plans.  

Still considering other telcos? Use our SIM only comparison to help you decide.

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You can check out M1’s faq here.

Contact number: 1627