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Grid SIM Only Mobile Plan

40 GB
200 min
200 SMS


Roaming Plans

TravelRoam 1GB Pack A

1 GB roaming at $12 across 30 days in 9 destinations.

TravelRoam 1GB Pack B

1 GB roaming at $18 across 30 days in 18 destinations.

TravelRoam 1GB Pack C

1 GB roaming at $35 across 30 days in 56 destinations.

TravelRoam 1GB Malaysia

1 GB roaming at $5 across 7 days in Malaysia.

TravelRoam 1GB Thailand

1 GB roaming at $5 across 7 days in Thailand.

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  • Updated 5d ago


    Grid SIM Only Mobile Plan

    TLDR: The 40GB for $24.90/month is so value-for-money that I am willing to look past all the flaws of Grid Mobile - namely their lousy user experience. Overall 3/5 [Network] 4/5 No complaints here. I cannot recall ever having an issue with the data dropping or otherwise, However, I do note that speeds can slow down on the underground MRT lines. Noticeably at Novena/Newton that stretch. Otherwise it's always okay and I always get great speeds. In fact, sometimes I get so annoyed by Wifi being slow that I just use my data - with 40GB you really can't use it up. [Ease of porting] 5/5 Porting is easy and quick. I filled up the online form and I don't even recall having to make up-front payment. They delivered within a week and activated soon after. No issues at all. [Mobile App] 0/5 What mobile app? [User Experience] 1/5 Honestly, Grid Mobile is horrible to interact with in the mobile age. You have to go onto their website to do any customisation, and even then you have absolutely no transparency into how much data/minutes/SMS you're using. You just can't track it until they bill you - which you have to retrieve from their website again by logging in. It's just clunky and inefficient. Worse, if you want to communicate with them, you have to send them an email. I mean, seriously? If I wanted to send emails to get stuff done all the time I might as well go back to office. I don't want to send emails on my own time. Compared to CirclesLife's incredible app and their option to speak to customer service immediately (although the standard has dropped tremendously there), it's really day and night. [Billing] 4/5 Billing is straightforward and they charge your credit card directly. So you don't have to do anything. Unfortunately, it's only in your bill that you can see how much data you've been using, and you have to go into their clunky website to retrieve the bill in pdf format. The whole experience with interacting with Grid is kind of like you're dealing with a Government agency. It's just not modern. Conclusion: 3/5 Thankfully for Grid, all their flaws can be looked past because of their stunning 40GB for $24.90 plan. I think it was during a promo and I'm not sure it's still ongoing or not. But it's so refreshing, after years of watching out for data usage and being scared of busting, to be able to watch whatever you want, whenever you want. I'd recommend Grid only if you can get such value-for-money promo.
  • Posted 4w ago


    Grid SIM Only Mobile Plan

    I have tried many different telcos (Singtel,Zero1, Circles life, Starhub, TPG) before and am currently using Grid. Was using Starhub Sim only plan previous due to the attractive free unlimited weekend data. What make me decided to port over to Grid are mainly the following 3 factors: 1. Uses Singtel Network (thought it has the most stable network) 2. Free 1GB/mth for data roaming in Malaysia. Great for me since I travel to JB once in a while. 3. Value for money ($24.90 for 35gb data, caller ID, 200min outgoing, 200 sms) After using it for a month here are the pros and cons I feel about Grid. Pros: 1. Network is pretty stable and fast in open areas. 2. 35GB of data really cannot be utilized finish no matter how hard I try. 3. The 1GB of data roaming in Malaysia really comes in handy. Even though the network is not very stable but it gets the basic work done (using Grab app and replying messages) Cons: 1. SLOW and average quality customer service. The only way you can reach them is through email which will take a while for them to get back to you. So far no telcos beats the experience I had with circles life previously. 2. SUPER BAD network in underground (DTL specifically). It is so bad that it’s hard for me to even use telegram. I have absolutely no issue with connectivity (even when streaming videos) when using Starhub in underground previously. 3. NO app and lousy to track my usage at all. Even the website doesn’t has the function of tracking at all. Indeed the amount of data is never ending but the presence of tracking will gives user a sense of safety. Might consider to jump to GIGA (since my experience with Starhub is quite positive previously). But the value and 1GB malaysia data roaming are the factors that make me stay with them for now.
  • Posted on 20 Nov 2019


    Grid SIM Only Mobile Plan

    With no option for a physical pick up, delivery is your only option (same as for other similar networks). That being said, the delivery is no longer an optional service, but a compulsory one, and they can't even ensure that the courier will call you when they reach. As a "$16" delivery fee (their re-delivery fee), this is almost a rip off, I'm wondering where you find a 16$ per delivery courier service which won't even carry out such a simple action. I could get a more reliable international delivery for less than $16. The delivery is compulsory and part and parcel of their service, and as a company that sells services, this is just plain unacceptable.
  • Posted on 05 Sep 2019
    Extremely poor service and highly rigid management. Sim card delivery person left and I was told to pay additional $16 for delivery rescheduling. Support was unable to contact delivery person to deliver to me despite I wasted time waiting at home for deliver. The only way to get the sim card then was to pay that $16 - felt cheated. Requested for refund of $16 but rejected. Grid was okay to refund line transfer fee ($37) and rescheduling fee ($16) for me to cancel subscription. Unreasonable service and management. Please avoid.
  • Posted on 02 Sep 2019
    Customer service officer, Kaye was fast and efficient in resolving customer issues. She is also empathatic to customer's problem. Thumbs up!
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About Grid Mobile

Grid Mobile has a simple no-contract SIM-only plan.

For $24.90/month, you will get

  • 20GB
  • 200 mins outgoing talk time
  • 200 outgoing SMSes

Best of all, they provide free Caller ID and incoming calls. There is also free TravelRoam 1GB in Malaysia every month.

Additionally, they are also offering a free Buddy SIM with

  • 1GB
  • 25 mins outgoing talk time
  • 25 outgoing SMSes

Grid Mobile TravelRoam

If you still require more overseas data on top of the free TravelRoam 1GB Malaysia provided every month, here are the data roaming plans:

  • TravelRoam 1GB Malaysia for 7 days @ $5
  • TravelRoam 1GB Thailand for 7 days @ $5
  • TravelRoam 1GB Pack A for 30 days @ $12
  • TravelRoam 1GB Pack B for 30 days @ $18
  • TravelRoam 1GB Pack C for 30 days @ $35

Pack A: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand

Pack B: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

Pack C: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA and Vietnam


Grid Mobile has a loyalty programme where you are able to earn points on your birthday, stay subscribed to their plans, and friend referral. The earned points can be used to offset your bill, earn cashback and snag merchant offers.