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GOMO SIM Only Mobile Plan
$20 per mth (w GST)


GOMO SIM Only Mobile Plan

$20 per mth (w GST)

No Contract


20 GB


200 min


200 SMS

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  • Promotions
    - 30 GB for $20 for 30 days for all sign-ups by 30 Sep.
  • Key Benefits
    - Free same day SIM delivery for sign-ups before 10.30am

    - 1-for-1 HungryGoWhere deals
Product Features
  • Roaming Add-ons
    Stay connected while travelling with data roaming add-ons
  • Mobile Tracking
    Make payments and track your usage on the go
  • Port In Existing Number
    Transfer your current number to your new plan
  • Discount Off New Phones
What Others are Saying
  • Updated 5d ago


    GOMO SIM Only Mobile Plan

    Terrible customer service. I was chatting with several agents and have to repeat my story again and again. Was given wrong information by the agents, my line was terminated because of them and they are unable to do anything about it. Sign up with them if you can risk losing your number overnight and tolerate agents who are clueless about their own product. The signal was the best out of the 3 telcos anyway...
  • Updated 6d ago


    GOMO SIM Only Mobile Plan

    [Customer Service] Your customer service Karen made me talk to her for 1 hour and 30 mins with no resolution whilst taking her own sweet time and afterwards, left me a message asking me to rate her with a service level of "Another time". Which basically equates to asking me to skip the feedback session. Excellent customer service.
  • Updated 6d ago


    GOMO SIM Only Mobile Plan

    Customer Service is absolutely absymal. They give you all sorts of reasons even though you want something simple like a billing problem to be solved. It's running on Singtel, so I doubt there will be any connectivity issues. Just take note that it's troublesome to use GOMO if you're overseas. App should have the billing section, it's not that hard if you're already tracking billing.
  • Local Data
    10 GB + 100 min + 100 SMS$10.00
  • Call Time
    10 GB + 100 min + 100 SMS$10.00
    10 GB + 100 min + 100 SMS$10.00
  • Others
Extra Fees
  • Monthly Fee
    Incoming CallFree
    Incoming SMSFree
    Caller IDFree
    Roaming ActivationFree
  • One Time Fee
    Registration FeeFree
    Admin FeeFree
    SIM CardFree
    SIM Card DeliveryFree
Roaming Plans
  • Roaming Data Pump

    Roaming in up to 10 countries across 10 days, at $10 for 1 GB.

Watch Out For
  • None.

    Nothing to watch out for right now!