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Jetset Giga Roaming Pass

1 GB data roaming at $5 for 5 days across 14 countries.

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120 Reviews

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  • I love how my data can be rollover to the following month!!! Now I feel my money is worth it! Thank you!
  • Updated 5h ago


    giga! SIM Only 25 GB Plan

    The amount of data given from @gigaexperience which is 25GB cost only $25! And the number of calls and SMS you can use will just make your mind blown! It is really good! I'm glad I know this plan! The amount of data given was just right for me! Thank you!
  • Updated 5h ago


    giga! SIM Only 25 GB Plan

    Not regretting porting over to giga! as the data rollover is really lucrative. I used to be an M1 user but since I'm a user in Tekong for the time being, the M1 speeds are really poor, almost no connection at all. But since I've used giga!, it has been night an day from M1, full 4G speeds and never experienced any hiccups so far. Recommended for newly enlisted recruits out there! [Mobile App] is okay and reliable but animations aren't that smooth, surely will have updates to fix this in the future. [Billing] No hidden costs and they will provide receipts to your email with clarity. Pleasant experience so far!
  • Updated 23h ago


    giga! SIM Only 5 GB Plan

    Mobile app lags sometimes and I had issue uploading my supporting documents to port over. Once you've completed the application, you just have to sit back and wait for your sim to arrive
  • Updated 1d ago


    giga! SIM Only 5 GB Plan

    Giga is definitely a lifesaver with their awesome plans & also letting us roll over data that’s unused into the next month is amazing!!! now we don’t have to worry about exceeding our data usuals anymore!
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Promo Codes


Can anyone share their promo code for Giga?
Level 2. Rookie
Updated 2d ago
Giga promo code for June 2020 Sign up with my Promo Code " 1OE2zE " and enjoy savings on the 25GB and 50GB giga plans. All giga plans are contract-free and come with FREE Rollover Data, FREE Caller ID, and FREE Incoming Calls & SMS forever! • 🥇Top pick! 25GB plan at $20 for the first month (U.P. $25), with 1000 mins and 1000 SMS • 50GB plan at $42 for the first month (U.P. $45), with 10000 mins and 10000 SMS • 5GB plan at just $10 per month, with 100 mins and 100 SMS (promo code does not apply) No registration fees. No hidden fees. No contract. Download the giga app to sign up today. Promo code valid till 30 June 2020.
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Anyone know if giga network coverage in jurong island is good?
Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered on 14 Apr 2020
Hi there Just saw this question as well. For me personally I've been using GIGA for the last 8 months now and it's been pretty reliable no matter where I go. I live in bradell area and work at Clementi area. So everyday when I'm on the circle line as well, we get pretty good signal even underground, so that's a food for thought! Have not ventured over yet to Jurong Island to explore haha.
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Looking for promo or referral code for GIGA?
Brandon Ho
Brandon Ho, Community Lead at Seedly
Level 6. Master
Answered on 25 Feb 2020
Hi Harshit, Unfortunately, I believe the referral code promotion being run by Giga! was only available till 15 Jan 2020. Do keep an eye out on this thread though, it'll be updated with new codes if Giga! decides to run another referral promotion! Hope this helps!
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Mobile Plans



How is the network/service of the mobile provider Giga?
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 21 Mar 2020
Avoid giga at all costs. If you're lucky, the process works fine and the only hiccup is the awful app. But if you're not lucky, then it's really not worth it. Service doesn't exist at all. There is no line to call, there is only one live agent and you have to wait hours to get to him. Emails for help don't even get looked at. So if they mischarge you or you buy a roaming package and it doesn't work, there will be no refunds. For me, that's not worth the couple dollars saved at all.
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Mobile Plans






What's the appeal of traditional telcos, considering how there are many new providers such as Giga! and Circles?
Andy Sim
Andy Sim, HR Professional at a Financial Institution
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered on 26 Feb 2020
Traditional telcos still offer lots of discounts for phone (under contract), but to balance this, your monthly fees will be higher compared to Sim only plans. Good for those who wants to keep changing phone every year or so. I'm personally with a traditional telco, M1, but under their Sim only plan. I buy a 1x good phone that can last me for years, but have a cheaper plan so that overall I save money. Moreover M1 sim only plan has 1000 mins, 1000 sms, 30 GB per month, best for all worlds, though connectivity may be abit bad in some parts of the mrt, but overall not a big issue.
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Mobile Plans

Is it possible to port out existing giga! number in future?
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered on 02 Mar 2020
I don think there is such a clause as giga is a sim only plan. But it would be good to check with the staff directly.
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Mobile Plans


Say if i travel to China, I don’t need any data plan but hope can receive SMS and incoming call, in that case what additional packages should I add?
According to their terms, you cannot use voice (including but not limited to outgoing and incoming voice calls and SMS) overseas. However, you will be able to receive SMS and this service is free. To do this, it will be under gigaRoam pass Asia Pacific. Here is everything about me and what I do best.
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Mobile Plans

How do I get more data for gigaRoam if I have exceeded 1GB within 5 days?
You may stack the data pack with 1GB data for $2. The validity will follow your plan's month cycle and renews accordingly. Here is everything about me and what I do best.
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About giga!

giga! offers a contract-free SIM only plan (only $25) which comes with

  • 25GB data
  • 1000 outgoing minutes talk time
  • 1000 outgoing SMSes
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free data rollover
  • Free incoming talk time and SMSes

Can I Port My Existing Number To giga!?

Yes. To port-in or transfer your existing number, ensure that:

  • It is an active postpaid number (prepaid numbers are not supported for now)
  • It is registered to your name with the same ID you're registering with giga
  • It is not with TPG (TPG does not support porting)
  • It is not on any contract with your current telco - this might incur early termination charges

Here's how the port-in or transfer process works:

  • When you choose to port-in/transfer your existing number from another telco to giga, a temporary giga number will first be assigned and delivered to you
  • Upon delivery of the temporary giga number, your request to port-in will be processed within the next working day
  • Once your port-in is approved, your temporary giga number will be automatically changed to your existing number

What Is Free Data Roll-Over?

Up to 25GB of unused data from your giga plan will be rolled over for another 2 renewal cycles. Take note that data from Jetset giga roaming pass and other packs will not be rolled over.

This way you'll never waste data!

Does giga! Have Roaming Plans?


Here's how you can activate roaming on giga!:

  • Stack on the Jetset giga roaming pass at 1GB for $5 (valid for 5 days from time of activation)
  • Turn on 'Data Roaming' under your phone settings; no manual network selection is needed
  • Start surfing at your travel destination!

Here is the list of 14 supported roaming countries:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

What If I Need More Data?

Simply stack on one of giga's packs:

  • Data pack: 1GB local data for $2
  • WhatsApp pack: 1GB local data for WhatsApp usage only, for $1
  • Insta 'n' FB pack: 1GB local data for Instagram and Facebook usage only, for $1