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giga! SIM Only 5 GB Plan
$10 per mth (w GST)


giga! SIM Only 5 GB Plan

$10 per mth (w GST)

No Contract


5 GB


100 min


100 SMS

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  • Promotions
    This plan does not have promotions :(
  • Key Benefits
    - Free rollover of unused data to the next month.
Product Features
  • Roaming Add-ons
    Stay connected while travelling with data roaming add-ons
  • Mobile Tracking
    Make payments and track your usage on the go
  • Port In Existing Number
    Transfer your current number to your new plan
  • Discount Off New Phones
What Others are Saying
  • Updated 8h ago


    giga! SIM Only 5 GB Plan

    I signed up a port-in 5GB plan on 30 Nov 2019 via a computer fair for a promotional first-month subscription fee of $1. SIM card delivery fee of $2 was waived because I collected the new SIM card on the spot. [Ease of porting] When I insert the new SIM card, it was under a temporary number. I got to do a one-time APN setup and the instructions are available clearly on the mobile app. On the next day (1 Dec 2019), it was successfully updated to the ported-in number. [Billing] Billing was easy to setup via the "Payment method" option in the mobile app. Automated bill payment via GrabPay Mastercard works well without issues.
  • Updated 11h ago


    giga! SIM Only 5 GB Plan

    [Network] Haven't got to try giga! services yet but will soon port into it after hearing the raving reviews. [Mobile App]Value for money plan as it cater to low-end data users like me for a cheap price point.
  • Updated 14h ago


    giga! SIM Only 25 GB Plan

    The worse Telco in terms of network and customer service. Bought additional plans for data roaming and idd calls. The most irritating experience, no network from 26 Dec till the last date 29 December I left Philippines. The worst was, not being able to contact home to find out about my mum who was unwell. Very stressful, wrote in to express my dissappointment and received a standard answer, sorry to hear about your grievances. Out idd calls are for calling overseas only. No mention of any form of compensation even for data roaming, and the loss of network even after I came to Singapore. Called the technical side. They were very helpful in trying everything without giving up. I managed to connect after switching on and off a few times. Even now, after 1 month, I couldn't call home or use wats app when I was outside home. Gets disconnected at least twice a day. Wrote in on Jan 16, still no response.
  • Local Data
    1 GB$2
    1 GB for Whatsapp only$1
    1 GB Instagram and Facebook pack$1
  • Call Time
    100 min$1
    100 SMS/MMS$1
  • Others
    Free Rollover DataFree
Extra Fees
  • Monthly Fee
    Incoming CallFree
    Incoming SMSFree
    Caller IDFree
    Roaming ActivationFree
  • One Time Fee
    Registration FeeFree
    Admin FeeFree
    SIM CardFree
    SIM Card Delivery$2
Roaming Plans
  • gigaRoam APAC

    1 GB data roaming at $5 for 5 days across 14 countries.

  • gigaRoam ROTW (Rest of the world)

    1 GB data roaming at $15 for 15 days across 34 popular global destinations.

  • International Direct Dialing (IDD)

    $5 per pack across 234 supported destinations, valid until end of your current plan cycle.

Watch Out For
  • None.

    Nothing to watch out for right now!