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Circles Life Review 2020

Circles Life is the fourth telco in Singapore. They also happen to be the region's first fully digital telco, with mainly no-contract mobile plans.

Circles Life believes in providing the most innovative and data-focused mobile packages. From our seedly reviewers, CirclesLife is affordable, easy to port over, has a fast network and bonus data-rollover option. However, they aren't that great on their supposedly "unparalleled customer experience" and the connection island-wide faces some bald-spots.

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  • Updated 4d ago


    Circles.Life SIM Only Base Plan

    An unfortunate horrible customer service experience at all the stage of the process. I wouldn’t recommend the company to anyone.


  • Updated 2w ago


    Circles.Life SIM Only Base Plan

    Switched over from M1 because it costs 40% lesser, for even more benefits! The switch saved me $20 every month. However, they will charge $0.05 for any incoming SMS, which is ridiculous to me because I get spam SMSes and/or delivery SMS/MMS quite often. The one thing that stands out is about their super fast customer service. 2 years later, they have lost their competitive edge as GIGA has a pop-up plan for $18 for 40GB, with rollover data, and even MORE Talktime and SMS! Pretty much the same network and service for even less money!


  • Updated 2w ago


    Circles.Life SIM Only Base Plan

    For a telco company, internet speed is the most important aspect of their business. Even if you get a good deal in terms of price, what is the use if you are unable to use the internet as and when you wish to? The only reason they can give for bad internet is location issues which I could accept when I was in Jurong but. I am now in town. Every day. It says 4g but sure as heck feels even worse than 3g with the intermittent connections, leading to missed OTPs, calls, laggy internet calls and the unforgivable gaming lag. Used to be good and honestly the speed I had in Jurong is better than what I am now getting in Dhoby Ghaut so please, do yourself a favour and don't sign up here despite the competitive pricing. Not unless you're not a big data user then by all means, knock yourself out


    Invisi Bear
    Invisi Bear

    2w ago

    Totally agree with you, circle's life connection these days is horrible. I used to love it as it is way more affordable than Singtel, and the connection was decent when i first signed up. However, for the past 3 months, the connection is horrible. I keep getting disconnected from my gaming apps.... this has never happened when I first signed up.
  • Updated 3w ago


    Circles.Life SIM Only Base Plan

    Got their $0 base plan for my parents. Very thankful to this service as my parents dont use much data. This is a wonderful cost saver plan xD


  • For a Telco that aspires to be a "breath of fresh air" to our local Telco scene, it had been an utterly disappointing experience, and this will probably be the end of my relationship with Circles.Life. I had been a customer with Circles.Life for more than a year, and the network coverage had been getting worse for some reason. To end off this terrible experience, I had an erroneous charge to my card because of a problem with the app. Since last week, I had raised this issue and the customer service executives had assured me that they had opened a case and raised this. However, there was no update nor waiver of the charge from their end and upon a follow up inquiry, I was informed that the case had not been submitted for follow up action despite the initial assurance. Even as I am typing this now, there is still no action from their end, except the default answer of "we are looking into this". An SLA of more than 1 week is ridiculous, and requests for callback with a proper solution had been ignored. Circles.Life had started as a breathe of fresh air to our local scene that was dominated by major conglomerates, but the air had grown stale as they had started resting on their laurel after the initial success. Customer service is bad now, and I will advise everyone to think twice if they are considering switching to this failing Telco. Just take a look at their Glassdoor reviews to understand the sh*tstorm that is going on in the organization. Little wonder everything is just going down south.


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Circles Life Mobile Plans Available

Reset 2020 300GB for $30/month

  • Their newest plan and probably the craziest mobile plans out there is this 300GB plan with 4G Rollover
  • 300GB
  • 100 mins talktime
  • 25 SMS
  • No contract
  • costs $30/month for the first year, and returns to $48/month thereafter

20GB SIM Only Base Plan for $18/month

  • For $18 / month using your existing number, and S$28/month for a new number
  • Get 20GB of data
  • 100 mins Outgoing and Incoming Talktime
  • 25 Local SMS
  • Free Home Delivery
  • Includes Caller ID
  • Conveniently add data anytime in-app

100 GB SIM Only Plan for $38/month

  • Cost: S$38/month using your existing number, and S$48/month for a new number
  • Generous 100GB data,
  • 4G Rollover
  • 100 mins Outgoing and Incoming Talktime
  • 25 Local SMS
  • Free Home Delivery
  • Includes Caller ID

Circles Life Add-Ons

1. Unlimited XP

  • Unlimited Data with 4G+ speeds,
  • $20/month of device credit
  • $3/month of digital subscription cashback
  • Cost: at an additional $30/month

Does CirclesLife have Roaming?

Yes! Here are CirclesLife's roaming optional add-ons:

1. Roam Boost A

  • Roaming in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan at $5 for 1 GB.

2. Roam Boost B

  • Roaming in up to 8 countries at $8 for 1 GB.

Is CirclesLife the Best Telco for You?

What sets CirclesLife apart?

  • Zero upfront costs
  • Prices as low as 45/month
  • Data as generous as 300BG
  • No contract to tie you down
  • Data can be rolled over for applicable plans
  • Incredibly easy and convenient to port over or switch from your current provider
  • There are add-ons available if you'd like to further customise your plans
  • e-SIM also available to add on to your existing plan

However, some Seedly review users have mentioned that CirclesLife's connection is iffy at some places, and their customer-service leaves more to be desired.

Take a look at our SIM plans price comparison here to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money.

Contact CirclesLife

  • 24/7 Voicemail Service: 8742 1330
  • Live Chat on the Circles.Life app
  • Facebook Messenger