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Circles.Life SIM Only Base Plan
$28 per mth (w GST)


Circles.Life SIM Only Base Plan

$28 per mth (w GST)

No Contract


20 GB


100 min


25 SMS

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  • Promotions
    - Registration Fee (Use code 'SUPER38').

    - 20 GB for $18 for the first year.

    - Up to $640 off new phones for sign-ups on 20 GB Base Plan.
  • Key Benefits
    - Refer others using referral code and earn $50 cashback and 1 month free unlimited data add-on for each person who signs up.
Product Features
  • Roaming Add-ons
    Stay connected while travelling with data roaming add-ons
  • Mobile Tracking
    Make payments and track your usage on the go
  • Port In Existing Number
    Transfer your current number to your new plan
  • Discount Off New Phones
    Enjoy a discount on new phones
What Others are Saying
  • Updated 1d ago


    Circles.Life SIM Only Base Plan

    Totally misleading information and singing up procedures on the website. Went to website and saw 20GB for $18, browse a little more to check what's included and happily click on "Buy Plan" which redirects to a page to fill-up the necessary details and the pages also includes a breakdown of the amount payable monthly,a struck off $28 was replaced by $18 and other discounts was also shown. Right at the bottom, there's a clickable button with the words " choose number", anyone will click on it and start choosing their new mobile number and also to complete the transaction. And there's where I find it most misleading and i dare say it's almost cheating. This 20GB for $18 is only applicable when you port your old number to them. If you choose a new number, the amount payable monthly is $28! Let me ask you circles life, to enjoy the $18 plan, one have to port one's old number over, right? Then what is purpose of having the clickable "choose number" button there for? Isn't this trying to mislead potential customers? Also, define your term "talk-time" and how you calculate it. Is it the duration when one has a tele-conversation after picking up an in-coming call or the duration of conversation when one place an out-going call till the point that one ends the phone call? the100 mins talk time is divided between in-coming and out-going? If it's divided as what I assume, then why are you not allocating some "talk-time" to out-going calls when I pay for the "unlimited in-coming calls" add-on? Isn't this cheating? Starhub is also offering sim only plans at $25/mth though it's only 5GB but weekends are unlimited and they state very clearly of the 100 mins as outgoing calls and in-coming calls are totally free and other features that can match up your plans as well. What's the big deal of signing a 12 or 24 months contract like this? In fact, isn't it more reassuring that every month is a flat rate that one is paying? Moreover, starhub is a full fledged telco with many physical shops around and one can go directly to them if there are any issues, be it technical or billing. Not forgetting the infrastructures they have invested and build throughout Singapore and unlike you, they don't need to ride on other telco's line. Seriously, circles life, you are such a disappointment to me. Lee
  • Updated 1d ago


    Circles.Life SIM Only Base Plan

    Used to the market leader in the SIM-Only telco phone plans scene. Not as price competitive compared to newer players (GOMO by SingTel, giga! By Starhub, MyRepublic with StarHub) anymore. There are better choices out there trying to earn your customer loyalty, Circles.Life.
  • Updated 6d ago


    Circles.Life SIM Only Base Plan

    Please avoid circles life if you can because they are just lying about what they say. I have enough with them. Many issues encountered ever since I tried to use their service with CIS benefits 1) Porting of my number. It was delayed TWICE until i raised the issue over and over again. I got to pay more because Im ‘using’ two plans for my previous telco plan and circles life. 2) After the success of my number ported over, I do not have my CIS benefits of unlimited outgoing and incoming calls. Contacted them and activated it at my own cost which they told me i do not have to worry about the cost. At the end of the month, I was charged TWO MONTHS of the service in my bill. I have to contact them AGAIN to inform them of their ERROR and finally agreed to give me a cashback. 3) Lastly, this is the tipping point of my patience with you guys, circles. I asked you if there will be a $200 discount off phone via CIS plan if I ordered the SIM card first, you said yes AND I GO AHEAD TO DO SO. And yet, when I asked again after I bought the phone, you told me I have to order THE SIM CARD AND PHONE TOGETHER to be eligible for the discount, isn’t it all too late? The need for me to contact you every now and then really turns me off. Lies everywhere and I’m really disappointed, please, whoever reads this please go to other telco. Thank you for the short lived honeymoon, circles.
  • Local Data
    1 GB$6.00/mth
    Unlimited Data$20.00/mth
  • Call Time
    100 min$4.00
    Unlimited Incoming Calls$2.00/mth
    Unlimited Outgoing Calls$8.00/mth
    25 SMS$1.00
  • Others
Extra Fees
  • Monthly Fee
    Incoming call time
    Incoming SMSFree
    Caller IDFree
    Roaming ActivationFree
  • One Time Fee
    Registration FeeFree (Use code 'SUPER38')
    Admin FeeFree
    SIM CardFree
    SIM Card DeliveryFree
Roaming Plans
  • Roam Boost A

    Roaming in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan at $5 for 1 GB.

  • Roam Boost B

    Roaming in up to 8 countries at $8 for 1 GB.

Watch Out For
  • None.

    Nothing to watch out for right now!