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Get It Fixed 24

Fixed rate of 17.98c/kwh







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  • Claimed in October 2020
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Geneco Electricity Market Review 2021

Geneco is a popular electricity provider in Singapore that offers affordable and flexible plans with green energy options. They offer standard price plans - fixed and discount off tariffs, with a duration of 6 to 36 months. To ensure price competitiveness, Geneco has a price match guarantee, no transmission loss charges, no monthly fees and no security deposits.

It is also a great retailer for those hoping to switch to a more environmentally-conscious organisation as 2 of their plans are 100% powered by clean energy.

Geneco genuinely believes in upholding sustainability, thus not only do they work towards powering us with green energy they also have many non-energy-related initiatives for environmental sustainability.

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Reviews (238)


238 Reviews

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    Pinned by Geneco

      Updated on 29 Dec 2020


      Get It Fixed 24

      Well, had a seamless experience and never had issues with Billing or any Customer service issues. I have read reviews about Customer service not providing follow-up calls etc I'm with Geneco since 2018 and did not encounter issues...Touch wood.



      Updated 6m ago


      Get It Fixed 24

      After switching to Geneco fixed rate since Dec, I can see a significant drop in my electricity bill as compared to SP. Best of all, there is a $30 rebate from the Singtel wifi recontract. Overall, I'm very happy that I can save the on both bills.



      Updated 14h ago


      Get It Fixed 24

      I am sorry about my experience with Geneco. I moved properties, cancelling was fine but re-signing is not good. When I cancelled was told cant re-sign until move to new property. Even though had all the details. When moved, contacted Geneco to change and the never heard back. Very poor service especially when had to pay a disconnect fee.



      Updated 14h ago


      Get It Fixed 24

      Everything is seamless, from signup to usage of the online portal. There was no need to call customer service. There is no hidden costs. We get exactly what we signed up for. The signup process is simple and fast.



      Updated 22h ago


      Get It Fixed 24

      We had a seamless transfer of services and no hiccups so far. Never had a chance to call customer service to rate its services.



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      Geneco Electricity Plans

      Plan name

      Plan type


      Electricity Rates / Price per kwh (incl. GST)


      Get It Fixed 24

      Fixed rate

      24 months

      17.98 ¢/kwh

      • Good for those who want a trial period
      • No transmission loss charges, No monthly fees, No security deposit

      Get It Fixed 36

      Non Standard Fixed Plan

      36 months

      17.98 ¢/kwh

      • No transmission loss charges, No security deposit

      Give Us a Try

      Fixed rate

      6 months

      16.72 ¢/kwh

      • Good for those who want a trial period
      • No transmission loss charges, No monthly fees, No security deposit

      Get it Green

      Fixed rate

      12 months

      17.45 ¢/kwh

      • No transmission loss charges, No security deposit

      Get It Less 24

      Discount off regulated tariff

      24 months

      17.10 ¢/kwh

      • No transmission loss charges, No security deposit

      Get Sunny

      Fixed rate

      18 months

      20.15 ¢/kwh

      • No transmission loss charges, No security deposit
      Summary of Geneco's electricity plans, rates and prices

      Features and Benefits of Geneco

      • Overall, Geneco has one of the most competitive prices for fixed rates electricity plans. Their 6 months plan, the Give Us a Try, is at a low 16.79¢/kWh, and their Get It Fixed 24 is the cheapest 24 months fixed-rate plan in Singapore's electricity retailers OEM.
      • Decent green energy initiatives that provide you with 100% solar energy or 100% carbon neutral electricity for selected plans
      • No transmission loss charges and no security deposit necessary for all plans
      • No monthly fees necessary for the majority of the plans (excluding Get It Green, and Get Sunny)
      • Get a 1% cash rebate for POSB Everyday Card holders.

      Geneco's Price Match Guarantee

      Geneco also offers a price match guarantee, if one were to see a lower price than Geneco’s within 7 working days of sign up, Geneco will refund you the difference for that contract period. Terms and conditions apply.

      Need help choosing an electricity provider? Compare Singapore's Best Electricity Retailers with Seedly's Open Electricity Market Comparison Tool

      Fees and Charges for Geneco

      • One-time Registration fee: None
      • Security Deposit: Waived
      • Late Payment Charge: 1% interest on the outstanding balance from the previous month
      • Early Termination Fee: $60 - $720. The early termination fees charged by Geneco is a one-time fee corresponding to the consumer’s dwelling type.

      FAQs for Geneco

      1. How to switch to Geneco?

      Choose a plan on Geneco's website, enter your details and wait for a Geneco representative to get in touch with you. Don't worry! Switching of retailers will not cause disruptions to your electricity supply.

      2. Do I have to switch from an analogue to a AMI meter for the Get Free Sundays plan?

      It is not compulsory. If an AMI meter is installed, one will be able to measure their actual consumption on a half-hourly basis, allowing actual Sundays off. If you use an analogue meter, you will be given Sunday’s off based on the daily load profile that the Energy Market Authority has developed.

      3 . How long does it take for me to switch over?

      After sign up and submission of verification, Geneco will begin the verification process. The transfer process will take approximately 2 to 4 weeks upon submission of NRIC/FIN.

      4. Are there fees for early contract termination?

      Yes, there will be an early termination fee charged based on your dwelling type. Please refer to your contract for the exact amount.

      Contact Geneco

      • Phone: 63636677
      • Operation Hours: Mon to Fri, 9am - 5.30pm
      • Address: 450 Alexandra Road., #01-01, Singapore 119960

      About Geneco

      Geneco is a leading electric provider powered by Seraya Energy. Priding itself upon 48 years of experience, 18 years of award-winning customer service in electricity retailing since 2001 and 19 plus years of energy expertise, the UK based company is determined to help Singaporeans find the best ways of buying electricity. Geneco largely believes in providing sustainable energy to your homes. And thus also sustainable initiatives.

      Contact us at [email protected] should you require any assistance or spot any inaccuracies.