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Card NameUOB ONE Card
Cashback Rate3.3%-5%
Monthly Cashback Cap$50/ $100/ $300 per quarter
Monthly Min Spend$500/ $1,000/ $2,000
HighlightsUOB One bank account holders, large payments (eg wedding, renovation)
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  • Jacky Yap
    Jacky Yap
    9 Reviews, 49 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 04 Mar 2019
    Been using this in conjunction with cardup to get cash back for my monthly rental + automating 4 other monthly expenses into this card to hit the 5% cash back requirements. Similar to other users, once you hit the 2k monthly spend, you can get a 5% cashback and it hits the higher tier UOB One Savings account interest rate. Highly recommended. :)
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  • Teresa Wu
    Teresa Wu
    4 Reviews, 39 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 15 Sep 2018
    I am using this card to pay for my banquet. Easy to meet the 2k monthly requiremnet to get the 5% rebates. 5 different transactions required so have been allocating 1.6k for the banquet and 4 other transactions.
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  • Jin Shun Chia
    Jin Shun Chia
    2 Reviews, 62 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 29 Aug 2018
    Maybe I'm a bit biased but this card fits my spending needs. Used it mainly for insurance, and then followed by bill payments and other fixed recurring expenses. Set it right to $2,000 a month and get $300 credit every quarter. $300/($2,000 x 3) = 5% rebate my credit card bills. Plus extra interest in UOB One account. Happy man here! :)
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  • Audrey Ying Liu
    Audrey Ying Liu
    1 Reviews, 0 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 19 Jun 2018
    Have been using this card for years, charging my monthly fixed expenses such as insurance, internet, subscriptions, and variable expenses such as transport, groceries, never had a problem hitting the min. spend.
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  • Harris Lim
    Harris Lim
    2 Reviews, 11 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 13 Jun 2018
    Perfect for wedding banquet expenses - my wife and I split our banquet payments monthly, $2,000 each, for over a year - and got back a couple of thousands from our spend. Not too bad for something we were already committed to spending on, right/
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  • JR Tan
    JR Tan
    2 Reviews, 2 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 30 May 2018
    Have rebates when you shop at supermarkets but other than not a lot of benefits. An average card to have and I only use it occasionally. Other cards are better!
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Fees and Charges for UOB One Card

  • Annual Principle Fee: $192.60
  • Annual Supplementary Card fee: Free (Subsequent card: $96.30)
  • Fee waiver: 1-year annual fee waiver
  • Interest-Free Period: 21 days
  • Annual Interest Rate: 25.90%
  • Minimum monthly payment: 3% or $50, whichever is higher
  • Late payment charge: $90
  • Cash advance fee: 6%

Eligibility for UOB One Card

  • Singaporeans and PR; Minimum annual income of $30,000 or fixed deposit collateral of at least $10,000
  • Foreigners; Minimum annual income of $40,000 or fixed deposit collateral of at least $10,000

Key features of UOB One Card

  • Up to 10% rebate on all Grab transactions
  • An additional 5% rebate on Grab rides, food and top-ups (must hit quarterly cash rebate)
  • Up to 5% cash rebate based on a retail spend of $2000 with a minimum of 5 transactions per statement month.
  • Up to 3.33% cash rebate based on a retail spend of $1,000 or $500 with a minimum of 5 transactions per statement month

Cash Rebate will not be awarded on:

  • Payments made to charitable/religious organisations
  • Payments government institutions and services
  • Cash advancements
  • Any late payment charges or interests charges on any Card
  • Any fees payable to the bank

For more info, you can check out UOB One’s website here.