Union Power Fixed Saver 24 - Seedly

Union Power

Fixed Saver 24

Fixed rate of 17.70c/kwh







*Estimated Monthly Bill incl GST
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  • Credit Card Deals
    - 1% cash rebate with POSB Everyday card for recurring bill payment.
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Product Features
  • Self Service Portal
    Pay, manage and track you bills and activities online.
  • Solar Energy
  • Mobile Tracking
    Manage your bills on the go.
  • Same SP Bill
  • Require Smart Meter
What Others are Saying
  • I am not a user of Union Power. However, I am aware that this is attractive as it offers the cheapest 2 yrs fixed plan among it's competitors. After comparison, I have a suggestion of a company that is bigger scale, yet offer this lowest rate. I have been using Geneco since January 19 (Get It Fixed 24 Plan). The reasons why I chose Geneco are as follows: 1) They do a price match if you signed up for their 2 yrs plan (Refer to below for more details) 2) Geneco is powering >100k users currently. They are one of the main providers and reliability is definitely an important factor. 3) They are very transparent in terms of price, no transmission loss charges, carbon tax absorbed, no hidden cost, no deposit required 4) The bill is easy to read, simple, straightforward. My usual electricity bill is around $70. My current bill (based on entire cycle with Geneco) comes up to $44. This is 37% less than the average of $70. The bill has been quite stable as well, $40+ for the past 4 months. 5) They responded to me promptly before and after sales. You may PM me for details on how to do the price match. Note that you need to do the price match within 7 working days of signing up and that you are only allowed to price match once. Note that the difference of price matched price and contract price will be refunded in voucher form after the 2 yrs contract.
Hidden Fees & Charges
  • Late Payment Fee

    1% per month of total outstanding.

  • Security Deposit


  • Early Termination Charges

    Administrative Cost: $26.75 per account in the termination of the Electricity Agreement
    Account Closure Request: $30+ payable to SP Group

    Early Termination Charge = (Prevailing Regulated Tariff* X Average Consumption X 3 months) +Administrative Costs+ Account Closure Fee)

    i) *Prevailing regulated tariff on the month of request of account closure
    ii) Average consumption refers to average of latest 3 months’ electricity consumption
    iii) Administrative Costs refers to one-time charge to cover any administrative expenses incurred in the termination of the Electricity Agreement
    iv) Account Closure fee refer to charges payable to SP Group for account closure request

  • Paper Invoice

    Do not provide, can be requested at $1.07/mth.

  • Other Charges

    - Giro Rejection = $1.07
    - Credit/Debit Card rejection fee = $5.35

    - $42.80 for Optional One-time Advance Metering Infrastructure Meter Installation.