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Union Power Review 2021

Union Power is an electricity retailer, licensed by Energy Market Authority (EMA) and a member of Union Energy Group (UEG).

If you're wondering why UEG sounds so familiar, that's because they're the same group which supplies gas to your favourite hawker centres. Yep, that's how your favourite hawker stalls can cook up your favourite char kway teow and mee goreng.

More importantly, Union Power is committed to helping you manage your energy costs in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner. So if you'd like to lower your electricity bill today, why not consider Union Power for your power solutions?

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Union Saver 6 Plan

Fixed rate of 32.10c/kWh






Union Saver 6 Plan

Fixed rate of 32.10c/kWh






Reviews (63)


63 Reviews


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      Posted 2d ago


      Union Saver 6 Plan

      Avoid Avoid Avoid. no number to contact them. Bills seem to be made up. No way of querying charges. Really one of the poorest experiences I have had with a Utility company (and that is a low bar)


      What are your thoughts?

      Posted 08 Jun 2022
      I terminated my contract on 14 of April . They billed in me and I think it is ok. In june I received another billing. Tried going in the website , cannot get into my account. Service is no good


      What are your thoughts?

      Posted 22 Apr 2022


      Union Saver 6 Plan

      After discontinuing their services, they still charge me after I switch to another electricity provider. Poor. Cant call the service line cuz i guess they save cost.


      What are your thoughts?

      Posted 07 Mar 2022


      Union Saver 6 Plan

      Don’t seem to be interested in renewing our contracts. Only have 6 month renewal at very high price!


      What are your thoughts?

      There is no response from customer services & poor quality of website

      Posted 06 Mar 2022


      Union Saver 6 Plan

      The website page is comparatively of poor quality and needs a lot of improvement in User interface and User experience.


      What are your thoughts?

      Posted 24 Feb 2022
      Renewal price plan option limited. Doesn’t seem interested to retain customer. Will be switching out.


      What are your thoughts?

      Posted 15 Feb 2022
      Ridiculous, customer service team leader said there is no referral code found in my application, hence unable reward for my referral. Please take note that I did sign up power saver 12 plan under my friend referral link. Felt cheated.


      What are your thoughts?

      Posted 17 Jan 2022


      Union Saver 6 Plan

      [Customer Services] is doesn't exist at all ! The standard machine will ask you to wait and after waiting, it will ask you to leave a message and auto hang up. The customer portal is absolutely useless. Can't even log in ! Lesson learn .. never go to small players even though you may save a few dollars. It sucks when you can't find help.


      What are your thoughts?

      Posted 01 Dec 2021


      Power Saver 12 Plan

      The portal is next to useless. Sent feedback via "contact us", but the feedback is not working, just spins and spins when click on submit. They weren't even aware until I had to contact them via facebook messenger and tell them. Mobile app also shows nothing of use. I though we paid for smart meter? But I can't monitor usage? Can't pay bill via the app, Can't cancel recurring payment via app, everything need to call/email customer service to do. Whats the point of your app/portal? If its just to say you have an app/portal but its useless, then might as well don't have. You have been around for quite a while and from my queries on your customers who have been with you for a long time, the app/portal was useless long ago and nothing has been done to improve it since. If not for your pricing being good, I wouldn't be impressed at all.


      What are your thoughts?

      Dear Valued Customer, thank you for taking the time in providing us with your feedback. At Union Power, we take a serious look into customer’s feedback and is always looking for ways to improve our services hence we value every feedback given by customers. We are already looking into ways in providing more assistance in the form of our Customer Portal so that customers can have more option for self-help and there are solutions in the pipeline waiting to be rolled out, and it should be progressive. Do keep a lookout for all the upgrades to better serve our customers.
      Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time in providing us with your feedback and we look forward in serving you better!

      Posted 15 Nov 2021


      Power Saver 6 Plan

      I had to do a re-location. Customer service was very helpful and guided me. Online portal was easy to use. Some paper work (hardcopy) involved but not unexpected as they don’t have economies of scale to go fully digital.


      What are your thoughts?

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      Features and Benefits of Union Power

      Thinking of switching to Union Power?

      Well... here are some benefits which you can enjoy if you do:

      • The plan has its security deposits waived
      • The pricing for a Union Power plan is pretty straightforward
      • Union Power will absorb the carbon tax charge and transmission loss factor for fixed-rate plans

      Need help choosing electricity providers? Compare Singapore's Best Electricity Retailers with Seedly's Open Electricity Market Comparison Tool

      Union Power's Electricity Plans Comparison

      Union Power has 1 type of electricity plan.

      The Union Saver (fixed price) comes in 6-month duration. This is more suitable if you prefer a constant rate throughout your entire contract.

      Plan name

      Plan Type


      Electricity Rates / Price per kwh (incl GST)


      Union Saver 6

      Fixed Rate

      6 months

      32.10 ¢/kWh

      Security Deposit Waived

      summary of union power electricity plans and rates

      Union Power Review: Fees and Charges

      Besides the plans and their pricing, here are some other fees and charges levied by Union Power which you might wanna take note of:

      One-time registration fee

      None for all plans.

      Late Payment Charge

      1% per month on unpaid opening balances of invoice

      Security Deposit

      Waived for all plans.

      Early Termination Fee

      If you choose to terminate your Union Power plan before your subscription is up

      Early Termination Charge = (Fee Payable to the Retailer based on Dwelling Type and Remainder of Contractual Obligation) + Administrative Costs + EBT Account Closure Fee

      The administrative costs refer to one-time amount (S$26.75 inclusive of GST) to cover any administrative expenses incurred in the termination of the Electricity Agreement

      EBT Account Closure Fee refers to the prevailing fee payable to SP Services (i.e., change of electricity account holder or relocation of Premises)

      For the avoidance of doubt, the Early Termination Charges for the full contract duration shall be applicable for any termination of the Electricity Agreement prior to the Commencement Date.

      Dwelling Type

      Remaining contract duration more than 3 months

      Remaining contract duration less than 3 months

      HDB 1-Room



      HDB 2-Room



      HDB 3-Room



      HDB 4-Room



      HDB 5-Room / Executive HDB






      Landed Property



      Early Termination Charge

      AMI Meter Installation

      Note: (It is not compulsory to install an AMI meter)

      Paper Bill

      You can access your Union Power bill on the Union Power Customer Portal or via the mobile app.

      But if you prefer receiving a hardcopy bill because you're old-fashioned like that, it'll cost you S$1.07 per bill (inclusive of GST).

      FAQs about Union Power

      1. How do I switch to Union Power?

      Once you've decided on which Union Power plan you'd like to sign up for, just scroll up and click on the "Apply Now" button!

      2. Will my electricity be disrupted when I decide to switch to Union Power?

      No, as you will be switching retailers and NOT electricity supply. Your electricity will still be delivered to you via the SP PowerGrid, so you won't have to worry about disruption.

      3. Is there a service charge?

      No service charge but administrative charges will apply in accordance the Union Power plan your choose.

      4. Does Union Power require a security deposit?

      No security deposit required.

      5. How does Union Power bill?

      Union Power offers Direct Billing, this means you will be billed directly by Union Power.

      The rest of your utilities like water and gas will continue to be billed to you by SP Group.

      6. Do I have to change my meter if I switch to Union Power?

      No. You do not have to change meters if you choose to go with a Union Power plan.

      Contact Union Power

      • Address: 25 Genting Road, #07-01, Union Energy Group Building, Singapore 349482
      • Phone: 6858 5555
      • Fax: 6284 2414

      Contact us at [email protected] should you require any assistance or spot any inaccuracies.