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Tuas Power PowerDO 24

22% off regulated tariff







*Estimated Monthly Bill incl GST
Enjoy These Deals
  • Credit Card Deals
    - Get 1% Cash Rebates on your monthly electricity bills with POSB Everyday Card.
  • Promotions
    - Free 12 Months Aviva Insurance Protection with choice of Home/Personal Accident/Travel.

    - Enjoy $60 bill rebate for any 18/24 months sign up.

    - NTUC members earn 1 LinkPoint for every 8kWh used.
Product Features
  • Self Service Portal
    Pay, manage and track you bills and activities online.
  • Solar Energy
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Same SP Bill
    Receive your charges on the same utilities bill you get from SP Group.
  • Require Smart Meter
What Others are Saying
  • Signed up with Tuas Power today after comparing between Keppel Electric, Geneco, Ohm, iSwitch and Tuas Power. Here's my 9 reasons why I signed up with them after extensive research online and finding out more at their roadshows: 1) Integrated billing means no need to receive two bills, or set up new/additional payment arrangement 2) Billing transparency means having a piece of mind. Have requested to see billing sample from the above retailers. Only Tuas Power shows the usage in figures (i.e. XXX kWh); exactly as what is shown in your SP bill now. Keppel one shows a bar chart with no indication of the exact kWh which leaves room for billing manipulation (although you can log into your SP utilities portal, if you have one, to see the figures). No wonder so many people reviewed about their billing in-transparency. 3) Competitive sign-up incentive. Tuas offers Bonus Link Points, $𝟯𝟬 𝗡𝗧𝗨𝗖 𝘃𝗼𝘂𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗿 (sign up at roadshow or online) Tuas, Keppel, oHm and Geneco have a 1% rebate with POSB everyday card and/or 5% UOB One Card rebate + 1% off with UOB. For roadshow, Keppel offers a total of $50 off bill if payment by UOB, $20 off bill if by other cards. 4) Earn 1 NTUC Link Point for every 8kWh 5) No additional security deposit which some retailers charge. 6) TFL is absorbed. Of the retailers above, only Keppel does not. 7) No relocation fee. Geneco charges a $10.70 fee if you shift house. 8) They have been in business for a long time and own their own power generator, unlike other smaller independent retailers. 9) Roadshow promoters not pushy or touting. To be honest, I went down to the roadshow wanting to sign up with Geneco as many people gave good reviews and the prices shown online by banks are one of the lowest. However, I realised at the roadshow that prices are the same/almost the same across the different retailers for the 2 year fixed package. Keppel had the best sign up incentive especially for UOB card holders and direct rebate to the electricity bill. I finally went ahead with Tuas Power given the plus points mentioned above (esp. billing transparency), positive reviews about its customer service, no-fuss online sign up process, and pretty competitive incentive.
  • Updated on 16 Aug 2019
    After poring through all the reviews, articles online on open electricity market, calling up the hotline of the retailer, I finally decided on Tuas Power. Took up the fixed price 17.98/kwH (after GST) Non-standard plan for 3 years, getting a $120 bill rebates. For those who are worried about extra charges under a non standard price plan, this review is just for you. I called and verified with the customer hotline staff the charges that may apply: 1. Early termination charges of $200. 2. Admin fee of $53.50 if the account holder fails to provide the retailer the mandatory supporting documents. 3. One time fee to install the smart meter (OPTIONAL) 4. Security deposit if you are not existing SP customer. 5. 1% interest per month on the unpaid outstanding balance. What the above means is that if u are a diligent customer in paying bills, stay with Tuas during the time period you sign, there will be NO additional charges. For those who are confused with the charges in the fact sheet for a non standard pricing plan (18/36 month), I have done the due diligence by calling the customer hotline and basically the difference lies in the pricing plan and potentially charges AFTER the expiry of the non-standard pricing plans so please MAKE SURE YOU READ THE TUAS POWER LETTER BEFORE THE EXPIRY TO SELECT IF YOU WANT TO OPT OUT OR STAY WITH THEM, in which case, if you do not do so, the contract will AUTORENEW. Some other people have highlighted the perks above which you can read from above but what I find the best about Tuas Power are: 1. Same SP bill ( not electronic but physical); good for elderly people who are already familiar with it 2. For people who are renting house, you will be happy to know that in case you take a 18/24/36 months pricing plan and you move house within the time period, Tuas Power will not charge you for moving to a new residential address and you can use up the remaining months of the existing pricing plan without RECONTRACTING. 3. Fuss Free online application. You just need to send your existing SP bill and the copy of your NRIC/FIN via whatsapp after signing up. Hope the above review was useful.
  • Posted on 14 Aug 2019
    Just signed up fixed rate to lock in rate for 3 years. Integrated bill with SP Group so foresee no more problems using U-save unlike what I personally experienced with Sembcorp Power.
Hidden Fees & Charges
  • Late Payment Fee

    1% per month on outstanding amount.

  • Security Deposit

    Security Deposit retained or collected by SP Group.

  • Early Termination Charges

    Flat fee of $200 (no GST).

  • Paper Invoice

    No charges, same SP bill.

  • Other Charges

    - Special meter read fee = $21.40 (if consumer wishes to engage SP to do special read)

    - One-time administrative fee = $53.50 if applicant who is signing on behalf of the account holder or account holder had failed to provide the retailer with the mandatory supporting documents

    - Admin charge: $10.70 for any changes to their promotion code or electricity plan made 3 days before date of transfer of electricity account to TPS.