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Electricity Retailers/Sembcorp Power
Electricity Retailers/Sembcorp Power
40 reviews


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Fixed Price Plan 6m

Fixed rate of 16.72c/kwh







Sembcorp Power Review 2020

As part of the Open Electricity Market (OEM), Sembcorp Power offers 6 plans for consumers to choose from, catering to their different needs. Sembcorp offers the standard fixed-rate plans, discount off tariff plans and a non-standard no-contract plan that is based on a fixed rate plus a daily fee. Sembcorp Power boasts one of the highest discounts off tariff plans at 25.50% off the regulated tariff. Sembcorp Power also has a 100% solar power plan called the Sunshine Plan that aims to provide greener energy at just 19.50 cents per kwh.

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  • Updated 4d ago


    Fixed Price Plan 24m

    It is ez and useful to install, no big issues after a year+ , love it! But i hope it has a comparative chart (just like Power Supplies) which allow us to compare the usage with HDB flat size same as us. I purposely pick one ie without much Freebies , however a strong and established firm!


  • Updated on 05 Jul 2020
    [Updated on 5th July 2020] My 24m contract with Sembcorp Power have ended and I have chosen not to renew another 24m, due to two reasons. Firstly was loyalty benefit was non-existence. Sembcorp had sent me an email in March 2020 on my contract expiry and informed that they will be offering attractive renewal rates. But the so call 'Attractive renewal rates' was not stated in the email. I had to reply to their email to find out the 'Attractive rates'. To my surprise, the 'Attractive rates' was higher than their promotional rates for new customers and without new customer's freebies. Secondly was their slow customer service. I had sent an email on 6th March 2020 to facilitate the transfer back to SIngapore Power after contract expiry in 2nd May 2020. And only on 28th April 2020, I got an email reply that it was being processed. No update of ongoing progress in between these period and I had almost forgotten about the contract expiry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks to Seedly, I have signup Fixed Price Plan 24m with Sembcorp Power due to their attractive promotions. I saved more than 30% monthly just by switching by Electricity Provider to Sembcorp Power online effortlessly~! I especially liked the 'Free 12-month Home Protection Plan with Great Eastern', 'One-time $50 bill rebate for NTUC members' and 'One-time cashback of S$50 by setting up recurring bill payment with 'Standard Chartered Credit Card' Sembcorp Power has an app, that I could view my power usage monthly, weekly and even hourly! I could track or adjust my power usage when there is an usually high usage. Thanks for the usage app that I able to to track a faulty electrical appliance in my kitchen! Monthly bill is effortless, just key in my Standard Chartered Credit Card for the first time in the app and following months are charged automatically, I do not have to worry about forgetting to pay my bills.


    Jay Hou
    Jay Hou

    4d ago

    Hi! now which power co. are u with , is it better pricing Now?
    Fong Kin Fai
    Fong Kin Fai

    4d ago

    I switched to Geneco 12mths contract, lowest during May 2020, 17.25 plus $40 cash using friend's referral. But now I guess there are cheaper ones as oil prices have dropped quite alot.
  • Updated on 29 Jun 2020
    Still my preferred choice as of 2020. Regular email update of electricity usage. Best to sign up at roadshow whereby there are more promotions such as vouchers and credit card bill rebate. However, do keep track of the bill rebate and inform the bank if you do not get the rebate by end of the stated month.


  • Updated on 24 Jun 2020


    Discount Off Tariff Plan 12m

    [Customer Services] customer service is very friendly, helpful & patience attending to our problem and will try their very best to answer our every doubts, cheers!


  • Updated on 11 Jun 2020


    Fixed Price Plan 24m

    [Customer Services] I am a user of SembCorp Power and I find that SembCorp Power customer service still have room of improvement. I have 2 incidents want to share with all. 1. On April I discovered that my bill was deducted twice, one from my Standard Chartered credit card (which automatically deduct because I get a promo rebate from the credit card for 2 years) and another was from SP Power U-Save (govt subsidize). The amount is the same but the date was 1 day difference. I called the SembCorp Power customer service but they have no idea about deduct and insisted that only deduct from Standard Chartered Credit Card. So I called SP Power but they said that the amount already credit to SembCorp. I presented both with the bills issue by both companies. Eventually I lodge a complaint to SembCorp Power Support over the website. And I receive an email reply that SembCorp had deducted both side and the extra amount from U-Save will credit for next month deduction. 2. This month deduction I found that there was a UnitedSG rebate of $15 from SembCorp Power but the Sembcorp Power deduct the full amount for my U-Save (from a bill from U-Save) but SembCorp bill show that the amount has deducted the $15. I called the customer service of both side but both side push to the other so no choice once again I lodge a complaint to SembCorp Power Support and confirm that the reminder amount will be credit back for next bill. I am very disappointed with the SembCorp customer service because they have no access to the detailed information to help the customer. I hope SembCorp can improve their system


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Sembcorp Electricity Plans Overview

Plan Name and Duration


Electricity Rates / Price per kwh


Fixed Plan - 12 months


17.10 ¢/kWh

Complimentary Home Insurance

Fixed Plan - 24 months


17.63 ¢/kWh

Complimentary Home Insurance

Sunshine Plan - 12 months


19.50 ¢/kWh

  • 100% Solar Energy
  • Complimentary Home Insurance

Discount Off Tariff Plan - 12 months

Discount Off Tariff


Complimentary Home Insurance

Discount Off Tariff Plan - 24 months

Discount Off Tariff


Complimentary Home Insurance

No Contract Plan


17.45 ¢/kWh + Daily Fee: 33c/day

Online Sign-Up Only

summary of sembcorp power's electricity plans rates

Features and Benefits of Sembcorp Power

  • Sembcorp Power offers one of the cheapest discount off tariff (DOT) electricity plans with their Discount Off Tariff - 12 months plan at 25.50% off the regular tariff
  • Many types of bill rebates and promotions through multiple credit cards - UOB, Standard Chartered, OCBC, POSB, AMEX and more
  • Multiple payment options available - AXS, Giro, Credit Cards
  • Monthly e-bills accessible via email instead of physical bills saves paper
  • Manage your account, track usage, access past bills and earn referral fees through a dedicated self-service portal.

Need help choosing an electricity provider? Compare Singapore's Best Electricity Retailers with Seedly's Open Electricity Market Comparison Tool

FAQs for Sembcorp Power

1. How do I switch to Sembcorp Power?

Choose your preferred power plan, submit your details and set up a preferred payment mode.

2. Will my electricity be disrupted when I do decide to switch?

No, as you are switching electricity retailer and not provider.

3. Is there a service charge?

There will be no recurring fees for Standard Price Plans. However Non-Standard Price Plans might include recurring charges or fees throughout the contract duration.

4. Does Sembcorp Power require a security deposit?

Yes, dependent on your residence type. The initial security deposit ranges from $50 - $200.

5. How will I be billed?

Sembcorp Power provides Direct Billing. This means that you will be billed directly from Sembcorp Power. SP Group will send you a separate bill for the rest of your utilities.

6. Do I have to change my meter if I switch to Sembcorp Power?

Standard Price Plans do not require a meter change.

If your plan requires a meter change, a one-time installation fee of $40/ meter will be charged by SP PowerGrid.

Contact Sembcorp Power

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +65 6727 8833
  • Address: 30 Hill Street, #02-01, Singapore 179360
  • For more info, visit Sembcorp Power’s FAQ.

About Sembcorp Power

As part of the Open Electricity Market (OEM), Sembcorp Power offers a long list of plans for consumers to choose from, catering to their specific needs. Priding itself in its sustainability efforts, it has steadily grown it’s renewable energy business and has over 2,500 megawatts of wind and solar power projects across Singapore, China and India. In Singapore alone, Sembcorp boasts the largest solar power portfolio with over 125 MWp in capacity.