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PacificLight Electricity Review 2020: Is it Worth The Switch?

As part of the Open Energy Market (OEM) PacificLight has offered different residential plans to cater to different household needs. Offering plans from as low as 17.19 ¢/kWh, Pacific Light is one of Singapore's crowd favourite, environmentally-conscious, energy providers as its prices are affordable with bill rebate promotions.

PacificLight champions green energy with their carbon-neutral plan, the Sunny Side-Up, that has a Renewable Electricity Certificate (REC) that proves that one-megawatt hour of electricity was generated from clean and renewable sources.

PacificLight is owned by FPM Power Holdings (Singapore) Ltd and PETRONAS Power Corporation (Mauritius) Ltd.

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Reviews (18)


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  • Posted on 06 Dec 2019


    Super Saver 36

    [Customer Services] Sufficient customer service which helps my parents to understand the product. [Signup Process] The signup process was smooth. Overall, I did not encounter any issue so far and all is good.


  • Updated on 23 Oct 2019


    Easy Peasy

    I use pacific light for my family. I think is really good because their service is perfect and awesome.



    04 Dec 2019

    Hi.. can I get your referral code. You will get a discount
  • Posted on 29 Aug 2019
    We have not paid utility bill more than 200sgd in the past 5 years. it consistently ranged from 150-180. Ever since the switch to pacific light, our utility bills from SP and Pacific light, now add up to more than 220 sgd EVERY SINGLE MONTH WITHOUT FAIL. We were made to sign up a 2 year contract since it gives the lowest price per watt. And now? completely stuck. Tried to understand why is that so but the service line takes forever to connect and the response is slow and unsatisfactory. Please avoid.


  • Posted on 14 Jul 2019
    The best and attractive is no paper bill charge, no hidden cost unlike other retailers. easy online signup. Prompt customer service and solution. I experienced recurring issue, they put effort calling me and solved the problem in day. No recurring deduction failure charge, unlike some ither retailers. Highly recommended.


  • Posted on 12 Jul 2019
    no reason for not giving a full star rating simple signup process with great promo and package no hidden cost, whatever cost is written down on flyers the best part is no charge for paper copy bill prompt and professional customer service highly recommended


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PacificLight Electricity Plans





Easy Peasy

16.88 ¢/kWh +32¢ daily charge

No Contract

Fixed Rates

Sunny Side-Up

17.19 ¢/kWh

12 months

Fixed Rates

Savvy Saver

  • 17.19 ¢/kWh
  • 17.64 ¢/kWh
  • 12 months
  • 24 months

Fixed Rates

Confirm Save

  • 24.5% off
  • 23% off
  • 12 months
  • 24 months

Discounted Tariff

Save While Sleeping

up to 35% off

12 and 24 months

Discounted Tariff

Super Saver

18.35 ¢/kWh

36 months

Fixed Rates

Plans Price summary for Pacific Light

Features of Pacific Light

  • PacificLight delivers reliable and sustainable electricity that meets stringent environmental emission standards.
  • Fuelled by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), their power plant is one of the most efficient and modern power plants in Singapore
  • Promotes carbon-neutrality through their Sunny Side-Up plan that issues RECs, bills are also issued online to reduce paper wastage.
  • PacificLight might not offer the best rates at first glance but they often have ongoing promotions that can help reduce a fraction of the cost, ultimately keeping their prices affordable. So look out for PacificLight's promos!
  • PacificLight's discounted tariff prices are also reasonably competitive, as most competitive plans have their ranges between 23%-25% off.
  • Referral reward program for individuals with 24/36 months plan, refer others to PacificLight and both sides get to earn bill rebates!


How do I switch to PacificLight?

You can sign up online or call 6266 1188

Will my electricity be disrupted when I do decide to switch?

No, as you are switching electricity retailers and not supply you will not experience a disruption.

Is there a service charge?

There is no registration fee. However other fees apply (if applicable), such as Price Plan Change fee ($53.50), Historical Billing Information Request ($21.40) and Reprint and Mailing of hardcopy bills ($2.14 per bill).

Does PacificLight require a security deposit?

Yes, the security deposit will be collected upon the first bill.

How will I be billed?

PacificLight offers direct billing, this means you will be billed directly from PacificLight. SP Group will send you a separate bill for the rest of your utilities.

Do I have to change my meter if I switch to PacificLight?

No, unless you choose the Save While Sleeping Plan. Switching meters with PacificLight would incur a one time fee of $40 (before GST)

About PacificLight

PacificLight is an electricity power generator and retailer committed to helping their customers effectively and simply manage their energy needs. As part of the Open Energy Market (OEM) PacificLight has offered different residential plans to cater to different household needs. PacificLight is owned by FPM Power Holdings (Singapore) Ltd and PETRONAS Power Corporation (Mauritius) Ltd.

Contact PacificLight

  • Customer Service Hotline: 6266 1188
  • Electricity Supply interruption: 24-hour hotline, 1800 778 8888
  • Email: [email protected]