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Fixed Ohm 12m
$64.71 per mth (w GST)
Based on 370kwh


Fixed Ohm 12m

Fixed rate of 17.49/kwh







*Estimated Monthly Bill incl GST
Enjoy These Deals
  • Promotions
    - One-time $25 off bill with promo code 'OHMSEEDLY25'.

    If you renew on Fixed Ohm Discount:
    - 6 mth Ohm Discount: 3% Discount off 3 electricity bills from month after end of trial period
    - 12 mth Ohm Discount: 4% Discount off 6 electricity bills from month after end of trial period
    - 24 mth Ohm Discount: 5% Discount off 12 electricity bills from month after end of trial period
  • Credit Card Deals
    - Enjoy $3 off for each electricity bill, up to $72, when you charge it to your UOB credit/debit card and pay with promo code 'UOBOHM'. Valid until 30 April 2020. Unstackable with 'OHMSEEDLY25'.
Product Features
  • Self Service Portal
    Pay, manage and track you bills and activities online.
  • Solar Energy
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Same SP Bill
    Receive your charges on the same utilities bill you get from SP Group.
  • Require Smart Meter
What Others are Saying
  • Updated 22h ago


    Fixed Ohm 6m

    very easy to transfer online, it makes no difference to change provider, I saved money. i'd recommend it, well worth considering
  • Updated 3w ago


    Fixed Ohm 6m

    If you are switching to another electricity retailer in the current Open Electricity Market, the best retailer is Ohm after I had conducted a thorough analysis. It is using SP power grid with no disruption and has 25% discount off SP's regulated tariff. It has a 3-months trial too. Its bill is integrated with SP bill too. No security deposit needed. Special meter installation is not required. It has the most positive reviews online. Moreover, its customer service reviews are very high. Very smooth transition as they are partners with SP group. For instance, there is no need for any paperwork nor additional payment of deposit.
  • Updated 4w ago


    Ohm Discount 12m

    The customer service is top notch, instead of weaving around different agents. I was able to get good advice via online. The online transfer is also easy. They are also flexible with different situation. For example, I can opt for the no contract plans if I have plans to move house in the next few months or so.
Hidden Fees & Charges
  • Late Payment Fee

    1% per month of total outstanding.

  • Security Deposit

    Retain SP's security deposit or pay a security deposit in an amount determined by SP.

  • Early Termination Charges

    No early termination charges for the first 3 months.
    $42.80 for every remaining full mth left in your Supply Term.

  • Paper Invoice

    No charges, same SP bill.

  • Other Charges

    - CO2 Offset Fee (Turn energy into carbon neutral) = 0.54 cents/kWh (Ohm may adjust the CO2 Offset fee from time to time - correct as of 3rd July 2019).