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"Chope" the Rate 36m
$66.12 per mth (w GST)
Based on 370kwh


"Chope" the Rate 36m

Fixed rate of 17.87c/kwh







*Estimated Monthly Bill incl GST
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  • Credit Card Deals
    - Enjoy 1% cash rebate on POSB Everyday Card.

    - Up to 5% cash back on UOB One Card bill payment.
  • Promotions
    - Free AIA Personal Accident Protection
Product Features
  • Self Service Portal
    Pay, manage and track you bills and activities online.
  • Solar Energy
  • Mobile Tracking
    Manage your bills on the go.
  • Same SP Bill
  • Require Smart Meter
What Others are Saying
  • Updated on 22 Feb 2020
    [Customer Services] Didn't get the promised free aircon services. Tried booking the time slot but wasn't available. Sent emailed various times and was told they will contact me but to none. Felt cheated. Guess I'm not the only one. Will consider switching back to SP Power.
  • Updated on 30 Jan 2020


    "Chope" the Rate 12m

    Did not get the promised free aircon servicing promo. App looks ugly and glitchy. Only thing good is their cheap rates. Will be moving to Ohm or TuasPower when my 12 months contract ends. Glad i didn’t sign for longer. [Customer Services]
  • Updated on 20 Jan 2020


    "Chope" the Rate 36m

    [Signup Process] Process was fast and although there’s no linkages to SP but there’s the AXS tab under new electricity so it’s fine. [Customer Services] Been almost a year since sign-up. No disruption persay and also still enjoying the FOC ipad till date 👍.
Hidden Fees & Charges
  • Late Payment Fee

    1% per mth of total outstanding.

  • Security Deposit

    - HDB 1-3 room = $30
    - HDB 4-5 room = $60
    - Condo to landed property = $90

    An initial security deposit will be charged to your first invoice. Thereafter, a subsequent adjustment may be required using customer’s actual average electricity consumption within the first 3 mth to equate to one mth bill amount. So your effective Security Deposit amount would be equivalent to 1 mth’s electricity bill.

  • Early Termination Charges

    Within 3 calendar days from sign up: $100

    After 3 calendar days from sign up:
    Calculated as 30% x Average of latest 2 mths bill x Remaining months in contract.

  • Paper Invoice

    Do not provide, can be requested at $1.07/mth.

  • Other Charges

    - Monthly service fee of $5.30.

    - HDB 3/4/5 Rm/Executive = $130
    - Condo/Private apartment = $180
    - Landed (Terrace/Semi Detached) = $350
    - Bungalow = $720