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iSwitch2Green (6 Months)

Fixed rate of 16.72c/kwh







iSwitch Electricity Review 2020

iSwitch is one of the most competitively priced electricity retailers in Singapore for fixed rate plans.

As part of the Open Energy Market (OEM) scheme, iSwitch intends to empower consumer choice by offering different options to allow consumers to better manage their energy costs. iSwitch electricity plans offer different levels of flexibility and cost savings while under the same, reliable electricity supply from Singapore’s national power grid (known as SP Power Grid).

Other than aiming to help customers save money, iSwitch is also committed to helping its consumers offset their carbon emissions through UN Certified Carbon Credits.

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  • Updated on 02 Nov 2020


    "Chope" the Rate 36m

    terrible at processing refunds but very fast to overcharge and take your money. better avoid them if you can.


  • Updated on 29 Oct 2020


    "Chope" the Rate 24m

    Sign-up in Jan 2019. No complaints. Mostly communicate via webportal and receives replies through emails.


  • Updated on 14 Oct 2020


    "Chope" the Rate 24m

    Generally the price is cheap If you signing up please use my referral code to earn rebate tgt LIM11932 Thank you


  • Updated on 16 Sep 2020


    "Chope" the Rate 24m

    Been about 20 months since signing up with them and still have not receive their "promised" free air-con servicing till today. I feel they don't have any customer service retention mentality and don't treat customer's feedback seriously. Definitely considering another company after 24 months contract.


  • Updated on 15 Sep 2020


    "Chope" the Rate 24m

    Customer service is horrible and unreliable. I had the hardest time just reaching them to terminate my plan. I had tried every method possible (call, fb messenger, email). Eventually after multiple attempts they had claimed they had replied my email but I did not receive it (not in my junk mail either) and they had not bothered to send a follow up email. It's as though they were hoping I would forget so that the plan will recontract to the more expensive one automatically. Then after termination, I was supposed to receive my security deposit refund via cheque sent to my mail (explicitly said so in the bill) but 3 months later i still haven't received any cheque. I had to call in to check and found out they haven't even sent it out. I demanded an explanation and the guy said they normally wait for customer to call then can decide whether to send by cheque or bank transfer. Basically again means they were hoping we forget so they get to keep our money. I am really unsatisfied with iswitch and definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND. I'm with ohm now and they are a million times better!


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Benefits and Features of iSwitch

  • Super Competitive prices - iSwitch has one of the most competitive prices in amongst Singapore's Electricity Providers. Their plans start from as low as 16.76 ¢/ kWh for 6 months, for their environmentally-friendly iSwitch2Green plan.
  • Flexible contracts - choose from no-contracts to 6 months or 24 months.
  • Carbon-neutral electricity - Through their iSwitch2Green plan, consumers can offset their carbon emissions footprint that comes from their electricity use. This is done by purchasing UN Certified Carbon Credits at no additional charge to the residential customers.
  • Other Selected plans are also entitled to 'Green Certified Energy' at no additional cost.
    (Although we're not quite sure what this Green Certified Energy is)
  • Lower Deposits - iSwitch requires a 1-month equivalent of security deposit
  • Multiple Payment options - choice of online payments, payment through GIRO, recurring payments via your credit or debit card, or through AXS machines islandwide.
  • Referral and rewards program
  • Convenient account management through iSwitch's online portal and mobile app
  • All electricity plans come with a FREE AIA Personal Accident Insurance protection

iSwitch Electricity Plans Summary

In pricing their electricity, iSwitch offers both Fixed Rates and Discounted off Tariff options. Thus far, they only have 1 discounted tariff plan while the majority of the plans are fixed rates.

Plan Name

Plan Type


Prices / Rates (incl GST)


Fixed rates

6 months

16.76 ¢/ kWh

"Chope" the Rate Exclusive


12 months

17.44 ¢/ kWh

"Chope" the Rate


  • 24 months
  • 36 months
  • 17.76 ¢/ kWh
  • 17.87 ¢/ kWh

Super Saver Discount Exclusive

Discounted Off Tariff

12 months

18% off

No Lock-In Plan

Fixed Rates

No Contract

17.87 ¢/ kWh

Pricing rates of iSwitch electricity plans

Plans with Green Certified Energy: iSwitch2Green, all "Chope" the rate, Super Saver Discount

iSwitch subscribers also get FREE AIA Personal Accident Insurance Protection for all plans.

Fees and Charges by iSwitch

  • One-time registration fee: No
  • Late Payment Charge: 1% per month interest on outstanding amount
  • Early Termination Fee: S$100
  • Hard Copy Billing: S$1 per bill
Security Deposit:
  • HDB 1-3 room - $30
  • HDB 4-5 room - $60
  • Condo to landed property - $90

FAQs about iSwitch

How to switch to iSwitch?

One must first check their eligibility to switch, followed by price plan selection, then proceed with online sign-up. There are no registration fees required.

Will my electricity be disrupted when I do decide to switch?

No, you will not experience disruption as you would be switching retailers, not supply.

Is there a service charge?

Yes, a monthly charge of $4.95 (before GST) will be charged for maintenance of the IT systems and infrastructure. This charge is kept separately from the electricity rate for your monthly consumption, to ensure that your electricity rate remains competitive. This fee is applicable to Non-Standard plans.

How long does it take to process my application?

Within 10 days for residential consumers to transfer your electricity account from SP (non-market) to iSwitch (market).

Does iSwitch require a deposit?

  • HDB 1-3 room ($30)
  • HDB 4-5 room ($60)
  • Condo to landed property ($90)

The initial deposit will be charged to your first invoice. A subsequent adjustment may be required using customer’s actual average electricity consumption within the first 3 months to equate to one month bill.

Effectively your security deposit will equate to 1 month’s electricity bill.

Your security deposit with SP Group cannot be transferred.

How will I be billed?

You will receive a separate e-bill from iSwitch for your home electricity. You can download your bill at your convenience as you sign into the iSwitch Customer Portal.

No hardcopy bill will be provided by iSwitch

Do I have to change my meter if I switch to iSwitch?

No. But if you do decide to switch from an analogue to an AMI meter, there will be a one-time installation fee of $40 per AMI meter (exclusive of GST).

Contact iSwitch

  • Phone: 1800 505 9900 or 6914 2360
  • Electricity Supply Interruption: 1800 778 8888 (SP Group 24 hours)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Operating Hours: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5.30pm