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  • Updated on 10 May 2019
    Just get onboard with sembcorp. A big company make it more reliable, and the fee structure is much more transparent comparing to some small tricky ones. Greater deal if you able to work it out with some cashback credit cards, unlike SP power which only accepts POSB Everyday Credit Card. =)
  • Updated on 16 Mar 2019
    Apart from cost savings and a hassle-free billing system, Sembcorp also possesses indigenous capabilities in power generation, thus making them a trusted partner in serving the needs of both businesses as well as households.
  • Updated on 22 Sep 2018
    Sembcorp is a big company and well established so I no longer have to concern if they will stop service abruptly. And everything runs smoothly, bill and past usage can easily seen in their app. I’ve gotten a fix rate plan and I am enjoying more that 20% saving on electricity bills. Just imagine how much money we can save just by switching.
  • Updated on 21 Sep 2018
    sembcorp is well established in singapore. they have their own power generator compared to some providers that are "virtual" based. Transfer is relatively problem free. wasnt affected by the jurong blackout on 18 sep (even if jurong hospital was affected - hospital is more critical). the small issue is that now i get 2 separate utility bills, so a bit more complicated to record my household usages (for example, tuas power dont have this issue). Hope that sembcorp can work with sp services to upgrade on this. Hope to have more freebies from sembcorp as im one of the first 700 sign-ups!
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About Sembcorp Power
Plan Types and PriceNo Contract Plan: 17.55 cents/KWH Fixed Price Plan (24 Months): 17.78 cents KWH Fixed Price Plan (12 Months): 18.65 cents/KWH Discount off Tarif Plan (24 Months): 22.50% off regulated tariff Discounted off Tarif Plan (12 Months): 20.50% off regulated tariff Flat Fee 450 Plan (24 Months): $78.99/Month Flat Fee 450 Plan (12 Months): $82.99/month Flat Fee 600 Plan (24 Months): $104.99/Month Flat Fee 600 Plan (12 Months): $109.99/ Month Flat Fee 900 Plan (24 Months): $157.99/Month Flat Fee 900 Plan (12 Months): $163.99/ Month Sunshine Plan (12 Months): (7AM-7PM) 21.40 cents/KWH (7PM-7AM) 18.65 cents/KWH
Contract Length/ Supply TermNo Contract Plan: No Contract Fixed Price Plan: 12/24 Months Flat Fee Plan: 12/24 Months Discount Off Tariff Plan: 12/24 Months Sunshine Plan: 12 Months
Early Termination FeesNo Contract Plan: No, if given 14 calendar days notice Fixed Price Plan: Yes Flat Fee Plan: Yes Discount Off Tariff Plan: Yes Sunshine Plan: Yes
PerksPrice plans are greener, carbon tax is absorbed and is based on metered consumption. Deals and complimentary items are available of the Sembcorp website.

About Sembcorp Power

As part of the Open Electricity Market (OEM), Sembcorp Power offers a long list of plans for consumers to choose from, catering to their specific needs. Priding itself in its sustainability efforts, it has steadily grown it’s renewable energy business and has over 2,500 megawatts of wind and solar power projects across Singapore, China and India. In Singapore alone, Sembcorp boasts the largest solar power portfolio with over 125 MWp in capacity.


How do I switch to Sembcorp Power?

Choose your preferred power plan, submit your details and set up a preferred payment mode.

You can also refer to this video.

Will my electricity be disrupted when I do decide to switch?

No, as you are switching electricity retailer and not provider.

Is there a service charge?

There will be no recurring fees for Standard Price Plans. However Non-Standard Price Plans might include recurring charges or fees throughout the contract duration.

Does Sembcorp Power require a security deposit?

Yes, dependent on your residence type. The initial security deposit ranges from $50 - $200.

How will I be billed?

Sembcorp Power provides Direct Billing. This means that you will be billed directly from Sembcorp Power. SP Group will send you a separate bill for the rest of your utilities.

Do I have to change my meter if I switch to Sembcorp Power?

Standard Price Plans do not require a meter change.

If your plan requires a meter change, a one-time installation fee of $40/ meter will be charged by SP PowerGrid.

Contact Info

Address: 30 Hill Street, #02-01

               Singapore 179360

Phone: 6727 8830

Email: [email protected]

For more info, you can visit Sembcorp Power’s FAQ.