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  • Pros: 1) Copy Cat of Amex True Cashback card at 1.5% cash back with no limit and no min spend, so apply this for Big Hospital Bills / Wedding / Travel to States / Europe etc etc. No other benefits do I find.
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    HC Tang
    HC Tang

    07 Aug 2018

    Another tips to add is that this card have very little Exclusion clause, and much more acceptable than AMEX True Cashback card. So you can use this card for any spending. The only catch is that it only offers 1.5%, which is very limited Cash back.
  • Updated on 19 May 2018
    My most used card. Has no minimum spending requirement and no cashback cap. 1.5% cashback, plus there are many 1 for 1 dining deals from Standard chartered! Can also be used as EZ-link card too!
  • Updated on 13 Jun 2018
    Easy to use, and good for a secondary card. No frills and works for almost anything - I use it to purchase Facebook ads on my side gig, since costs vary from month-to-month.
  • Updated on 19 May 2018
    The card that I settle down on to use for most purchases. No minimum purchases required, no concierge fee when using honest bee + other perks for being standard chartered customer (15% off some online merchants) so to me it is one of the most direct card to use on top of the savings.
  • Updated on 08 Nov 2018
    No frills or no conditions attached to SCB Cashback card on 1.5% cashback, and prefer this over miles accumulation as it is a direct cash discount off every month. Used it to charge ad-hoc high-amount purchases such as air tickets, medical expenses, school fees etc.
  • Updated on 31 Jul 2018
    I use this mainly as a back up card when some large, one-off, spendings dont fall under any popular categories- e.g. purchasing a 1-year gym membership, large sum deposit. I like that there's no minimum spending nor cashback cap!
  • Updated on 10 Jul 2018
    Best cashback w no tied conditions at all. Been receiving my 1.5% since I signed up last year. Good initiative since MasterCard is accepted almost everywhere
  • Updated on 10 Jul 2018
    super fuss free and takes the pressure out of you to chase for miles/min spend/remembering what categories have what cash back or reward..
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DBS Multiplier

SCB Unlimited Cashback Card

Yinghua Liu
Yinghua Liu,
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered 1d ago
Only spend on DBS/POSB credit Card is counted for the DBS multiplier. You can just spend any amount on the DBS/POSB credit card (no min spend) to fulfil that criteria.

Credit Card

SCB Unlimited Cashback Card

AMEX True Cashback Card

Quite true for the 4 card between 1.5 to 1.6%, but pretty low these days with no string attached. For the Gynae and delivery fee, I recommend another. HSBC Advance cc. Above 2.8k spending get 2.5% + bonus cash back. Below 2.8k spending get 1.5% Remember to apply via singsaver for more deals and do check out the T&C on the above links for more details and exclusion. I check that so far medical spending is ok. Cheers

SCB Unlimited Cashback Card

SCB Singpost/Spree Card

In terms of Utility payment, best is to look for each retailer's website offer with the banks, so that you aim for the best deal as they have partnership that offer better deals than SCB Unlimited. If the retailers of your choice has no other deal, SCB Unlimited has no exclusion, so you can use it for anything (including phone/internet bill) and get the 1.5% cashback. However, if phone / internet bill provider has any deals with the bank (eg. m1 with citibank), those would have offer better deals that charge to SCB unlimited. Cheers

SCB Unlimited Cashback Card

DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card

HSBC Revolution Card

DBS Live Fresh Card

Credit Card


Dominic Chang
Dominic Chang,
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 07 Jun 2018
Depends. You can look into BOC Family card. 10% on Dining, 5% on online shopping. However minimum spend is $700 so you will be putting everything onto your card expense.

SCB Unlimited Cashback Card

Credit Card

Loh Tat Tian
Loh Tat Tian,
Level 6. Master
Answered on 26 Nov 2018
You will need to check directly with the bank. However, most merchants seldom accept now. So you are right, most premiums are excluded for rebates. But what I do know is they do accept the amount fir minimum spending.

SCB Unlimited Cashback Card

Credit Card

Gabriel Tham
Gabriel Tham,
Top Contributor

Top Contributor (May)

Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 09 May 2018
Depends on your spending needs. Spree card has better cashback benefits for online and foreign transactions. It also has cashback cap but no minimum spend required. Unlimited cashback is a flat cashback % for all spends but has no cashback cap and no minimum spend required too. So, if you spend alot online maybe consisder spree card. If you spend alot offline, maybe get the unlimited.
About SCB Unlimited Cashback Card
Card NameSCB Unlimited Cashback Card
Cashback Rate1.50%
Monthly Cashback CapNone
Monthly Min SpendNone
HighlightsFuss-free Unlimited cashback

Fees and Charges for Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

  • Annual Principle Fee: $192.60
  • Annual Supplementary Card fee: -
  • Fee waiver: 2 years annual fee waiver
  • Annual Interest Rate: Effective interest rate of 25.9% per annum. If payment is not made in full by the due date, finance charges will be calculated on a daily basis at 0.071% from the respective transaction dates for all transactions to the date the payment is received.
  • Minimum monthly payment: 1% of principal plus interest, fees and charges (or S$50, whichever is greater)
  • Late payment charge: A late payment charge of S$80 will be charged if minimum payment due is not received by the due date
  • Cash advance fee: Cash advance fee per transaction is 6% on the Cash Advance, subject to a minimum fee of $15 plus Finance Charges at 0.077% per day on the amount withdrawn from the date of the transaction until the date of full payment.

Eligibility for Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

  • 21 years old and above
  • Income of S$30,000 and above per annum for Singaporeans and PR
    Income of S$60,000 and above per annum for foreigner

Key features of Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

  • 3% cashback on all foreign currency spend
  • 1.5% cashback on all spendings (No cashback cap and no minimum spend)

Terms and conditions of Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

  • Unlimited Cashback is awarded only on retail transactions which exclude those transactions listed in Clause 3 below (“Eligible Retail Transactions”) made on your Card based on the date such purchases are posted to your Card account.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, the date the transaction is charged may not be the same as the date the transaction is posted due to factors including but not limited to processing time and differences in time zones (where applicable).
  • For clarity, Eligible Retail Transactions charged to the Card in a month (as defined in Clause 6 below) but yet to be posted to the Card account by the Card statement date will not be taken into account in the computation of Unlimited Cashback earned for that month (as defined in Clause 6 below).
  • Unlimited Cashback is computed on a monthly basis based on your statement date and will be calculated based on two decimal places for each individual Eligible Retail Transaction without any rounding off.
  • Unlimited Cashback earned will be reflected in that month’s card statement but credited to your principal Card account only in the following statement cycle month. Such Unlimited Cashback amount will be automatically offset against the following statement cycle month’s billed amount.
  • Unlimited Cashback earned by your supplementary cardholder(s) of the Card will be credited into your principal Card account.

Cash Rebate will not be awarded on:

  • any cash advance;
  • any fees and charges (including annual fees, late payment fees, interest charges, and or finance charges) charged to your Card;
  • any balance or fund transfer;
  • any monthly instalment of an EasyPay transaction;
  • any amount charged to your Card (and/or your supplementary credit card) that is subsequently cancelled, voided, refunded or reversed;
  • recurring payments or payments made to all billing organisations using Standard Chartered Online Banking;
  • AXS or ATM transactions made using the Card;
  • amounts which have been rolled over from the preceding months’ statements;
  • tax refunds credited into your Card account (and/or your supplementary credit card account);
  • any tax payments charged to your Card (and/or your supplementary credit card);
  • any insurance premiums charged to your Card (and/or your supplementary credit card); and
  • any top-ups or payment of funds to any prepaid cards (with the exception of EZ-Reload charged to your Card) and any prepaid accounts including without limitation to the following accounts or any other accounts as we may specify from time to time: