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OCBC FRANK Credit Card

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6% on Online Spend


    6% on Online Spend


OCBC FRANK Credit Card Review 2020

  • OCBC FRANK is a cashback credit card which gives you 6% cashback for nearly everything
  • Get 6% cashback for online spend (like shopping, travel bookings, movie tickets, Grab rides, and etc.) capped at $25 per month
  • Also get 6% cashback for in-store mobile contactless payment and in-store foreign currency transactions, capped at $25 per month
  • Base 0.3% cashback on all other eligible spend, capped at $25 per month
  • Minimum monthly qualifying spend of $600 (excludes online and NETS FlashPay Top-ups and Transit Link related transactions)

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    [Updated on 5th July 2020] I have not been using this card as often before or even none in a month, due to the lower perks as compared to other credit cards. The revised terms for cashback is that I got to spend a minimum $800, excluding bill payments, which is not attractive and too high. I do not want to force myself to spend at least $800 a month. Other banks are giving out more perks such as $12 vouchers for just spending a minimum of $300. =================================================================== I have applied and use this Frank Credit Card for more than 5 years, though the rebates, cashbacks and perks have changed through these years, this card is still the best among other credit cards for modern lifestyle usage. [Useful For...] 6% online shopping rebate - this is the best of the best rebate. Nowadays, most of my purchases are from online, from groceries to apparel to electronics. My favourite online malls such as Qoo10, Lazada, Amazon, Zalora, Fairprice Online are all applicable for 6% cashback! 5% from Friday to Sunday, and 3% during the rest of the week for Entertainment & Cafe. Although I do not go to KTV or clubs, but I do go to cafes such as Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf weekly! Just topup the Starbucks card using the Frank Card for 6% cashback and earns Starbucks points for purchasing! [Cashback Card] Do note that do not spend more than S$1400 on this card as the rebates/cashback are capped at S$60 per month! [Promotions and Perks] Frank Card tied up with several online merchants which grant extra rebates such as as Zalora (15% off) , Lazada (12.1% off) and Expedia ($15 off) which I uses often! Do note that the total $60 cashback monthly capped still applies! [Hidden Terms] A minimum spend of S$400 on in-store transactions on the FRANK Credit Card is required to qualify for additional cash rebates on online purchases and entertainment. This S$400 excludes online transactions. A minimum spend of S$400 is quite a low amount and easy to hit the target, as compared to other bank's credit cards that need a minimum spend of at least S$600-800. I could easily spend at supermarket, restaurants and petrol. [Fee Waivers] Frank Credit Card has similar terms as with other OCBC credit cards. In order to waive of the annual fees, I will need a minimum spend of at least S$10,000 in one year. That is quite ridiculous and considerable amount! The other banks do not have such terms and gladly to waive off the credit card annual fees if you uses their card. Some banks even offered no credit card annual fee for life! [Card Hacks] Shh....there is still a hack to waive off the annual fee without the need of a minimum spend of at least S$10,000 in one year. Just have multiple products across OCBC Group, such as Savings Account, Term Deposits, Easi-Credit account, Home Loans, Unit Trust Account, Securities Account and GE Insurance. I have 5 different OCBC credit cards and their annual fees are all automatically waived annually! [Bill Payment] I paid through my OCBC Savings account or ibanking, so no worries of late payment.
  • Updated on 08 Jun 2020



    Note that from 1 July 2020, OCBC will revise their spend criteria to a total $600 minimum spend. While it is “higher” (you only had to hit $400 offline previously) the advantage is it now counts both online and offline expenses, so it’s easier to both track and hit this quota to maximise the new rebates available, which are mostly good with higher % cashbacks. All other transactions are at 0.3% instead of 0.1%, and the 6% cashback is now applicable to 2 other types of spending: in-store mobile contactless payments or in-store purchases in foreign currency. Both are difficult to do now in as malls stay closed and travel is limited in this time of COVID-19, but something definitely doable when the restrictions finally lift. Do note however that the cashback cap for online spend has been reduced from $60 to $25 — for cardholders who indulge in online shopping, this effectively means in order to maximise the 6% rebate for every online dollar spend, you can only spend about $417 monthly compared to $1000 before (the old $60 rebate cap is exactly 6% of a $1000 spend). That said, it’s an easy workaround by spreading out your online purchases across months. This card may be marketed to students or young professionals, but it’s really great for anyone who does a fair bit of shopping online, and now also offline and overseas! Even with the revised card benefits and spend criteria, this is still one of the better cashback cards available.
  • Updated on 04 Feb 2020



    [Cashback Card] Firstly, the cashback rate of this card stands at 6% for all online purchases including Grab. It also offers a cashback rate of up to 5% on entertainment purchases such as purchases from Starbucks. The rebates are capped at a maximum of $60. Do note however that you need to spend at least $400 in-store in order to be eligible for the cashback i.e. you need to spend a min. of $400 in-stores (meaning paying with your card physically present) in addition to your online spending. As a cashback card, I would say you could consider getting it if most of your spending is done online, and your in-store spend can easily reach $400 if you do groceries and eat out on a weekly basis. [Useful For...] I got this card when I was a student and chose it as opposed to the OCBC 365 card as my expenses don't typically exceed $800 (which is the minimum spend for the OCBC 365 credit card). Additionally, as I wanted to earn a higher interest rate on my OCBC 360 savings account, I opted for this card as well. So, it's a useful card if you spend most of your money on online purchases (especially if you ride around town on GRAB or live on Starbucks), and if your monthly expenses don't exceed $800.
  • Posted on 24 Dec 2019



    Using this card for a long time, decent rebates and cash back. there are better card out there i believe
  • Posted on 20 Nov 2019



    Owned this card since I was a student, and would recommend especially for the younger folks. Promotions and perks are be quite appealing at times, so do keep a lookout for them when available!
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New to credit cards? Here's a complete guide to cashback credit cards.

Key Benefits of OCBC FRANK Credit Card

Mostly catered to young adults, the OCBC FRANK Credit Card rewards transactions that most millennials and young Singaporeans would engage in such as online and in-store mobile contactless spend.

You can enjoy 6% cashback on all eligible app and online purchases such as Grab, Zalora, Lazada, and more. You can also enjoy 6% cashback on in-store mobile payments via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Simply GO. Plus all foreign currency purchases and transactions made over the counter and in-store.

Stand to receive up to $75 in monthly cash rebates when you spend a minimum of $600 on your OCBC FRANK Credit Card.

These are some highlights of the OCBC FRANK Card and its cashback benefits:

OCBC FRANK Credit Card Benefits

What You'll Get

App and online shopping purchases

(including PayPal transactions)

6% rebate, capped at $25

(examples of qualifying merchants: Grab, Zalora, Lazada, FoodPanda, Expedia)

In-store mobile contactless payment and in-store foreign currency transactions

6% rebate, capped at $25

(examples of qualifying merchants: Starbucks, Zara in-store)

All other transactions

0.3% rebate, capped at $25


  • Monthly rebates are capped at $75 in total per calendar month
  • To qualify for the rebates, a minimum spend of $600 (transactions made online and in-stores) is required

OCBC FRANK Card Benefits

Eligibility for OCBC FRANK Credit Card

To be eligible for the OCBC FRANK Credit Card, you'll have to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 21 years old and above
  • For Singaporeans and PRs: Minimum annual income of $30,000
  • For foreigners: Minimum annual income of $45,000

Fees and Charges for OCBC FRANK Credit Card

  • Annual Principle Fee: $80 (waived for first two years)
  • Annual Supplementary Card fee: $40 (waived for first two years)
  • Annual Fee Waiver: To enjoy annual fee waiver on FRANK Credit Card, spend a minimum of $10,000 in one year (starting from the month your card was issued)
  • Interest-Free Period: 23 calendar days
  • Annual Interest Rate: 26.88% p.a.
  • Minimum Monthly Payment: 3% of total balance or $50, whichever is higher
  • Late Payment Charge: $100
  • Cash Advance Fee: 6% of the amount withdrawn or $15, whichever is higher
  • Lost/Stolen Card Liability: $100
  • Card Replacement Fee: Waived for up to two replacements within the first 12-month period. A $30 card replacement fee applies from the third card onwards.

The Best Cash Back Credit Card Review 2020: How does OCBC FRANK compare?


  • OCBC FRANK Credit Card is the ideal cashback credit card if you shop online regularly (for example, buy clothes and sneakers online, or order food delivery)
  • The 6% rebate on eligible online spend might be enticing for avid online shoppers.
  • The 6% rebate on in-store mobile contactless payment should be okay to hit because most places accept in-store mobile contactless payment (unless you eat regularly at the kopitiam or hawker centre, then this might potentially be a problem); this is combined with in-store foreign currency transactions (ideal if you intend to spend overseas)
  • 2-years fee waiver


  • The monthly rebate is capped at a total of $75 for OCBC FRANK Credit Card
  • There is a minimum spend of $600 (excludes online and NETS FlashPay Top-ups and Transit Link related transactions)

Overall, OCBC FRANK Credit Card is an attractive card for young, working adults who have just started their careers. Especially if you're actively spending online or using in-store mobile contactless payments. It has a relatively low minimum spend and minimum income requirement. But if you're looking at starter credit cards and want more options to choose from, you might also want to consider the UOB YOLO Credit Card, another card targetted at the same demographic with a similar reward scheme and slightly higher cashback rates (depending on your spending habits and patterns).

Still unsure? Find out everything you need to know about credit cards - including what the best credit cards in Singapore are for miles and cashback, factors to consider before getting one, fees to know, and why a good credit score matters.

Still have questions? You can ask the SeedlyCommunity (anonymously, if you'd prefer) for their insights and discuss which credit card you should get.

Terms and Conditions of OCBC FRANK Credit Card

  • Transactions not eligible for cash rebate include: prepaid accounts and payment service providers (e.g. EZ-Link), charitable/religious organisation donations, cleaning, maintenance and janitorial services, real estate agents and bank fees. For the full list and specific conditions, please refer to FRANK by OCBC’s T&Cs.
  • To be eligible for cash rebates, cardmembers must spend a minimum of $600 worth of transactions on the card in a calendar month
  • Monthly cash rebates are capped at $75
  • The bank determines the eligibility of cash rebates per customer by identifying online transactions and their categories with the help of Visa. These are not decided by the bank but rather the merchants and their acquiring banks. If the merchant classifies themselves under a category that falls in OCBC's list of excluded transactions, it will not be eligible for online rebates. All other retail transactions processed as an online transaction will be eligible for 6% cash rebate

How to Apply for OCBC FRANK Credit Card

  • Apply Online or
  • Visit OCBC

About OCBC

The Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation, Limited - or OCBC Bank - is headquartered in Singapore. Its inception in 1932 was the result of a merger of three local banks. As the second-largest bank in Southeast Asia, the multinational banking and financial services has assets of close to $468 billion. It has an Aa1 rating from Moody's, and an AA-rating from Standard & Poor's.

At present, the bank has over 570 branches across 18 countries and regions. Its services range from commercial banking and specialist financial and wealth management to asset management, stockbroking, insurance and treasury services.