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OCBC 365 Credit Card

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Credit Cards/OCBC 365 Credit Card
Credit Cards/OCBC 365 Credit Card
114 reviews


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OCBC 365 Card

6% on everyday dining






OCBC 365 Card

6% on everyday dining







  • A popular credit card with cashback benefits for everyday expenses
  • 6% cash back on everyday Dining & Online Food Delivery
  • 3% of cash back on Groceries
  • 3% cash back on Transport including Privare Hire Vehicles and Taxis
  • 3% cash back on Utilities including Recurring Electricity Bills and Telco Bills
  • 3% cash back on Online Travel deals like purchase of tickets, hotels or tours online.
  • Great Fuel savings of 20.2% to 22.1% for Esso and Caltex respectively
  • Base cashback rate of 0.3% for all eligible spend
  • Cashback amount is capped at S$80 per month
  • To enjoy the maximum cashback, individuals need to spend a minimum of S$800 per calendar month
  • Minimum spend: S$10,000 per year

OCBC 365 Credit Card Review 2020

The OCBC 365 credit card is a popular credit card with cashback benefits for everyday expenses. These include local and online food delivery, groceries, ride-hailing services such as Grab, and recurring telco and electricity bills. Enjoy up to 6% cashback on common transactions like dining and online food delivery. For everyday essentials, get 3% cashback on groceries, transport and utility. On top of all these, stand to save up to 22.10% on petrol at Caltex, or 20.2% at Esso. You can still enjoy 5% cashback at all other petrol service stations for non-Esso or Caltex patrons. There are conditions to enjoying these cashback rates including a cashback cap at a maximum of S$80 per month, and a minimum required spending of S$800 per month.

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114 Reviews

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      Updated on 07 Jan 2021


      OCBC 365 Card

      You will regret once they charge u annual fee. They will not accept waivers. I have use this card for many years as I used it during traveling, which I able to hit 10k spending, actually I do spend a lot more than 10k normal. This year Covid-19 come. I have no business travel and my card is slightly below 10k expense. They rejected my request to waive 192 dlr annual fee after reviewing.Ocbc card is my main usages card. While I seldom to none of using dbs credit card. And I have no issue with waive annual fee. I cancelled all my ocbc credit card and close ocbc account over unpleasant experience. ūüĎč Ocbc and will nvr look back



      Updated on 23 Nov 2020
      Terrible customer service and online banking platform. Extremely difficult for fee waivers. Strongly discouraged for new applicants.



      Updated on 07 Nov 2020
      Had a really bad experience with some of their process and customer service. 1. Tracking of credit card balance is rather inaccurate and it does not refresh every month after payment of bills. As my limit set was rather low, I constantly hit the limit and had to make payment a few times per month to "top-up" my balance. There were a few times when my card was rejected despite having made payment. Real embarrassing. 2. If you set to pay your credit card bill on the 24th of the month, it either means that that is your pay day or that you are able to ensure enough funds in your account on the 24th to make the payment. OCBC, however, will try to charge you way earlier on the 20th, and if you do not have that amount in your account, they charge you late payment fees (which is super hard to waive). 3. I received this message today, at 7am. "OCBC:We need to verify a transaction made using your credit/debit card. For your security,we have temporarily suspended the card. Please call (their customer service number) at once." Worried and unable to use my card at all, I was told to make a call to that hotline. Turns out to be the usual OCBC customer hotline and I was made to go through the whole process of "please press 1 to go to the menu"... Made to wait for 20minutes. If a customer is freaking out about his card security being compromised, shouldn't there be a better process?



      Updated on 26 Sep 2020


      OCBC 365 Card

      [Useful For...] Daily usage like groceries, petrol and dining. However, there has been a few rounds of removal of benefits like medical 3% cashback. It is a primary card for me and I do get a fair percentage return on cashback. Cannot complain about that.



      Updated on 21 Sep 2020


      OCBC 365 Card

      Waste of time! only card in Singapore that refuse to waive off late fees and interest charges. Every bank is easier than OCBC.



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      ocbc 365 credit card

      New to credit cards? Here's your complete guide to cashback credit cards, and the difference between cashbacks and cash rebates.

      Benefits of OCBC 365 Credit Card

      These are some highlights of the OCBC 365 Credit Card and the cashback benefits it has to offer.

      OCBC 365 Credit Card Benefits

      What You'll Get


      • 6% dining cashback (daily) on restaurants, cafes, caterers and fast food outlets (excludes bars, hotel eateries and country clubs)
      • 6% cashback on online food delivery orders (e.g. Foodpanda and Deliveroo)


      • 5% cashback on petrol (all petrol kiosks)
      • Up to 22.1% fuel savings at Caltex
      • Up to 20.2% fuel savings at Esso

      Public Transport

      • 3% cashback on local and overseas private hire rides and bikes (e.g. GoJek, TADA, and Grab but excluding GrabPay)
      • 5% cash rebates on local and overseas taxi services (e.g. ComfortDelGro)

      Utilities & Telecommunication

      • 3% cashback on recurring telco bills (for SingTel, StarHub, M1, Circles.Life and MyRepublic)
      • 3% cashback recurring electricity bills (for Sembcorp Power, Senoko Energy and Keppel Electric)



      • 3% cashback on online air and cruise ticket purchases
      • 3% cashback on online hotel and tour bookings (e.g. Agoda and Airbnb)
      • Up to $500,000 complimentary Travel Personal Accident Insurance if you charge any round-trip land/sea/air travel tickets to your OCBC 365 Credit Card


      • 0.3% cash rebate on everything else (capped at $200/month)

      OCBC 365 Credit Card: Benefits

      Eligibility for OCBC 365 Credit Card

      To be eligible for the OCBC 365 Credit Card, you'll have to meet the following criteria:

      • Be at least 21 years old
      • For Singaporeans and PRs: Minimum annual income of $30,000
      • For foreigners: Minimum annual income of $45,000

      How does the OCBC 365 Credit Card compare?


      • A standard daily transactions card, suitable for daily usage
      • Fee waiver for the first 2 years (with S$10,000 spend per year, which breaks down to about S$833.50 a month)
      • Great fuel savings at 20.2% - 22.1% for Esso and Caltex customers
      • 3% Online Travel cashback attractive for frequent travellers with an entry-level card


      • S$800 minimum monthly spending
      • 0.3% base cash back rate
      • Not ideal for individuals who spend more in other specialised areas like entertainment or shopping

      Fees and Charges for OCBC 365 Credit Card

      • Annual Principle Fee: $192.60
      • Annual Supplementary Card fee: $96.30 a year (First 2 years free)
      • Fee Waiver: 2 years annual fee waiver, subsequently waived for annual spend of $10,000
      • Minimum Spend: S$10,000 in one year, starting from the month after your OCBC 365 Credit Card was issued
      • Interest-Free Period: 23 calendar days from statement date (provided no balance has been carried forward from the previous statement)
      • Annual Interest Rate: The effective interest rate is 25.92% per annum and is subject to compounding if the monthly charges are not repaid in full.
      • Minimum Monthly Payment: 1% of principal plus interest, fees and charges (or $50, whichever is greater)
      • Late Payment Charge: A late payment charge of $100 will be charged if minimum payment due is not received by the due date
      • Cash Advance Fee: A Cash Advance Fee of $15 or 6% on the amount withdrawn, whichever is greater, applies for each Cash Advance transaction. Cash Advance interest of 28.92% p.a (minimum S$2.50) will be calculated on a daily basis and levied on the amount withdrawn from the withdrawal date until full payment. Interest subject to compounding if the monthly interest charges are not repaid in full.

      OCBC 365 Credit Card Promotions

      • New OCBC 365 cardmember sign-ups enjoy a $50 cash rebate upon successful application
      • No minimum spend is required
      • Online applications only. Valid till 31 Dec 2019

      Terms and Conditions of OCBC 365 Cashback Card

      • To be eligible for the above cashback on Dining, Petrol, Online, Grocery, Recurring Telecommunications bill and Medical (where applicable), Cardmembers must spend a minimum of S$800 based on posted transactions in a calendar month on the OCBC 365 Card.
      • The spending can be aggregated between the Principal and Supplementary Cardmembers and is only valid for retail transactions.
      • Cashback is computed based on 2 decimal places per transaction without any rounding.
      • Cashback earned will be credited into the Principal Cardmember‚Äôs card account in the following month based on posted transaction. Cashback earned by a Supplementary Cardmember will be credited to the Card Account of the Principal Cardmember.
      • OCBC reserves the right to vary the percentage of the cash rebate or revise the minimum spend required without notice at any time or from time to time.
      • Cashback is awarded only for retail purchases made on the Card. Annual card fees, Cash-OnInstalments, Instalment Payment Plan, PayLite, tax payments, interest, late payment charges, Cash Advances, Balance Transfers and other fees and charges, and bill payments made via Internet Banking or any AXS network will not be taken into account in the award and computation of cashback.
      • In relation to spend incurred on any EZ-Link and Transit Link transactions posted in a Principal Cardmember‚Äôs credit card account (‚ÄúEZ-Link spend‚ÄĚ) in a relevant calendar month, such a Principal Cardmember is only entitled to claim up to 0.3% cash back from an amount not exceeding S$200 of the total EZ-Link spend for that relevant calendar month. For the avoidance of doubt and notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the total cash back a Principal Cardmember may be entitled to receive in relation to his/her total EZ-Link spend for a relevant calendar month shall not exceed S$0.60.
      • Purchases charged to the Card but yet to be posted to the Card Account will not be taken into account in the computation of cashback to be awarded.
      • Refunded purchases will be deducted from the relevant monthly billed amount for the computation and award of cashback. Any reversed portion of cashback will be reflected in the Billing Statement of the following month.
      • OCBC may retract, deduct and/or re-compute any cashback awarded if any Cardmember fails to effect due payment for the Card Transactions, abuse the cashback programme as deemed fit by the bank or if the Card Account is terminated by a Cardmember or the Bank.
      • Any cashback awarded will be reflected in the Billing Statement provided on a monthly basis. Such Cashback will be automatically offset against that month‚Äôs billed amount.
      • OCBC reserves the right to replace the cashback with another item or kind of reward as we may determine without notice at any time or from time to time.
      • The crediting of cashback to Cardmember‚Äôs Card Account will be entirely at our discretion and we shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any Cardmember in connection with the Card.
      • All rebates will be awarded in accordance with, among other things, the relevant recognised universal merchant category codes designated by the relevant merchant. As such, OCBC Bank shall not be liable in any way whatsoever to reward any rebate or compensate any Cardmember for any losses, liabilities, expenses or claims suffered or incurred by any such Cardmember if a relevant merchant classifies its universal merchant category code inaccurately and thereby causing the inability of OCBC Bank to reward any rebates to any Cardmember.

      OCBC Contact Info

      About OCBC (OCBC 365 Credit Card)

      Founded in 1932, OCBC Bank is the the second largest banking group in Southeast Asia by total assets. It has steadily ranked in the Global Finance's World's 50 Safest Banks list - coming in at 15th place in 2019. Popular credit cards issued by the bank include OCBC 365, OCBC Frank and OCBC Platinum Credit Card. OCBC Bank's key markets include Singapore, Malaysia and Greater China. At large, its presence spans over 560 branches and offices in 19 countries. OCBC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of Singapore, which manages its private banking services.

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