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DBS Woman's Card
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  • Posted 6h ago


    DBS Woman's Card

    Great value for miles earning. Ease of application and great customer service. Dbs lifestyle app is ease of use too.
  • Posted on 05 Sep 2019
    Great card for online spending (and nothing else). One star deducted because points are not always rewarded when they should be and you might end up on the losing end if not fully conversant with the Tncs / not tracking your points awarded!
  • Updated on 23 May 2018
    Great credit card for online spending. You could get up to 10x DBS points for it however at a cap of 2k per month. The only con is that you have to spend at least 2k per month to enjoy the wonderful benefits of it.
  • Updated on 21 May 2018
    Only bother with the World Mastercard edition, 4mpd for almost all online spend <= $2000 monthly. Die die must have.
  • Updated on 19 May 2018
    Great online spending card with 10x DBS points for the world mastercard, and both male and female can apply. This is and still is my go-to card for any online local and overseas spending. No minimum spending, but there's a max spending cap of SGD 2k per month, after which you only earn 1x DBS point which makes it pointless to use beyond SGD 2k. However the 1yr expiry of DBS points is a pain point, and that's the main reason I'm easing off usage of this card and moving towards Citi Rewards Visa and Mastercard which has 5yrs expiry and has more partner airlines. Nevertheless DBS Woman's World Card is still a useful card to have and I would highly recommend everyone to get this card to complement a few other cards to maximize your miles earning potential.
  • Updated on 19 May 2018
    Strongly recommend this gold card for online spending for 4mpd. Only negative is DBS points will expire in one year and there is a fee to convert them to either krisflyer/Asia miles
  • Updated on 19 May 2018
    There are 2 types of DBS Woman's Card - Blue & Gold. Go for the Gold! I have heard that the 80k per annum requirement is not strictly enforced, and guys can apply too! My review will be based on DBS Woman's Card Gold. What I love is, the card is great for both Miles & Cashback. Spending is rewarded with DBS Points, which can be later redeemed for either Miles or Rewards on the DBS Lifestyle app. This card gives you the most rewards for the first $2000 spent online: 10X DBS Points for every S$5 spent online. $2000 online spending translates to 4000 DBS points, which you can either redeem 8000 miles (4 miles per dollar) or ~5.8 x $10 = $58 NTUC vouchers (2.9% cashback). Only $5 minimum spend is required to unlock rewards (do note that DBS points are rewarded for every $5 spent). Drawback is that spending above $2000 will only award 0.4mpd, and DBS points earned from this card must be redeemed within 1 year. I'll strongly recommend this card to online shoppers, for their first $2000 online spent. Can be combined with other cards for either a miles/cashback strategy.
  • Updated on 19 May 2018
    Firstly, there are two variants of the "Woman's Card". DBS Woman's Card (Blue) and DBS Woman's World Card (Gold). Their reward system are different, so do check before applying. I personally feel the DBS WC (Blue) is like the evil sister compared to the DBS WWC (Gold), so my review is for the latter. Pros: 10x/4mpd for online spending. (Grab, Fave, and pretty much everything online) Useful to combo it with DBS Multiplier credit card spend for more % DBS Points pool Cons: 10x/4mpd cap at $2k per calendar month, anything more that $2k will award 1x/0.4mpd Poor oversea spending point rate DBS points earned on this card will expire in 1yr If you are into miles, this card is a must have in your team! If you can't put enough spend on this card within 1yr, you might want to checkout DBS Altitude. Don't let the S$80k and above per annum entry level requirement scare you, just apply for it! (Got it with only S$30k per annum salary). And Yes, man can also apply for this card!
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About DBS Woman's Card
Card NameDBS Woman's Card
Rewards RateEarn up to 5X DBS Points (or 10 miles) on online and purchases Earn up to 1X DBS Points (or 2 miles) on other purchases
Points to Value Conversion1 Point = 2 Miles
HighlightsAdditional card privileges

Eligibility for DBS Woman's Card

  • Singaporeans and PR; Minimum annual income of $30,000
  • Foreigners; Minimum annual income of $45,000

Fees and Charges for DBS Woman's Card

  • Annual Principle Fee: $161
  • Annual Supplementary Card fee: $80.25
  • Fee waiver: Available
  • Interest-Free Period: 20 days
  • Annual Interest Rate: 25.90%
  • Minimum monthly payment: 3% or $50, whichever is higher
  • Late payment charge: $100
  • Cash advance fee: 6% or $15, whichever is higher
  • Overlimit fee: $40

Key features of DBS Woman's Card

  • Earn up to 5X DBS Points (or 10 miles) on online and purchases
  • Earn up to 1X DBS Points (or 2 miles) on other purchases
  • 0% interest payment plans over 12 months
  • e-Commerce Protection on online purchases
  • For the full list of woman’s privileges, please visit DBS Woman’s Card's page.
  • Charge a minimum of S$15,000 a year to receive annual fee waiver

Terms and conditions of DBS Woman's Card

  • The following transactions types will not qualify for rewards: bill payments, payments towards educational institutions, financial institutions, government institutions, hospitals and more. For the full list, please visit the DBS Woman’s Card T&Cs.


For more info, you can check out DBS Woman’s Card’s page.