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  • It is one of the great card to own it as the rewards system makes me spend even more. As i spend more for shopping, the rewards allows me to earned more at the same time.
  • Updated on 13 Jun 2019
    Had been using this citibank rewards card for many years. What I love is: 1) The 10X Rewards points on my shopping all year long; be it online or offline or overseas. It makes shopping more rewarding 2) And Citibank has an amazing range of merchandise for you to redeem using your rewards points, my favourite has always been using my reward points to get Takashimaya vouchers which has no expire date 3) Citibank is also always been very prompt and hassle free in waiving my annual fee and also late payment finance charges
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    HC Tang
    HC Tang

    08 Jun 2018

    Hi Koh Peng, can you please share with me the links to use the points to redeem takashimaya voucher ? I can't seems to find it. Thanks.
  • Updated on 06 May 2019
    THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR CITIBANK CREDIT card especially if you are always travel and can't keep track on the date. Secondly, there isn't many perks. The customer service is based in Manila which take at least 15 minutes waiting time to speak to someone and line is absolutely lousy. NONE A SINGLE ISSUE will be resolved even if you speak to them. Go for UOB & AMEX for overseas and daily used! HIGHLY RECOMMEND UOB & AMEX!!!! Not even worth 1 star
  • Updated on 14 Apr 2019
    Truly regret that I had chosen this card. I have never received so-called vouchers for all the points I accumulated. Raised the issue numerous times via phone and in person, but all the efforts were in vain. Will never apply for any Citibank credit cards again.
  • Updated on 30 May 2018
    Best card ever. Been using their Citibank Credit Cards still 30 years ago. They are the pioneers of cashback cards in Singapore - changing from their Dividend card to Cashback card. Getting cash back by charging to the card. Getting rebates or discounts for lazada, purchases and Petrol station top up too.
  • Updated on 29 May 2018
    Best card I have as i get the most rebates or miles out of it. On lazada membership giving lots of rebates for lazada (now 8% rebates), Grab and Chope and RedMart purchases and most miles for most online shopping. I only use this card for the 4x miles return for the above and avoid using it when it gives me less than that equivalent.
  • Updated on 28 May 2018
    Pros: - 10X Rewards points for on online purchases within certain categories - Rewards catalog is pretty alot. Am eyeing some of the rewards Cons - 1X Rewards points for every else Generally a good card to get 10x rewards points for Lazada purchases. Just a alternative card to use when my other credit cards doesnt have rebates for some purchases so i can at least get 1x Reward points.
  • Updated on 26 May 2018
    Absolutely brilliant card. Best in the market right now when paired with Apple Pay to give 20x Citi Dollars, with no cap, and 10x Citi Dollars on a good range of stuff. This is my number 1 card right now, and if you have an iPhone, I highly recommend adding this card into your Apple wallet right now. If I were to be really fussy, then the only downside is that bonus points are capped at SGD 12k worth of spending per year, and points across all Citi cards don't pool, but that's not a reason for avoiding the card. The benefits hugely outweigh the costs and I strongly recommend this card if you want to gain miles at an unbelievable speed.
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CITI Rewards Card

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Credit Card

Jonathan Chia Guangrong
Jonathan Chia Guangrong, Fund Manager at JCG Fund
Level 6. Master
Answered on 08 Oct 2018
Personally, I'll stick with Citi.. UOB's rewards structure is in blocks of S$5 spent. Whereas citi's as I recall is for every dollar. You'll also vomit blood getting fee waivers from UOB.



HSBC Revolution Card

CITI Rewards Card

DBS Multiplier

DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card

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Bang Hong
Bang Hong
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 20 Jul 2018
If your spending on CC is huge, converting to miles is typically what people do if they have intention of getting a biz flight or first class. You can refer to other articles write up on the calculation. For economy class the ratio is not that worthwhile comparing to biz/1st class. In summary, yes, converting CC points to miles is good only: 1) High spending on CC ($xxxx per month) 2) Redeeming Biz or First class. my 2 cents.

OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

CITI Rewards Card

Credit Card

YY Yin Yu
YY Yin Yu
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 08 Jun 2018
I just want to highlight the bonus points about citibank rewards because these two cards offer similar rewards for shopping. From now till 31 July 2018, CR gives 8mpd for Apple Pay transaction. No cap. From now till 8 July 2018 Shop at Lazada and earn 8 miles for every S$1 spent On top of that, they offer Up to 10% Citi Rebate at over 300 locations, including Starbucks, Subway and Sheng Siong. So you are practically getting 2 times rewards. If you are a LiveUp member, you get 8% rebate instead of 5%. Though the above mentioned promotion has validity till July, if you need to apply the card now, grab the opportunity.
About CITI Rewards Card
Card NameCITI Rewards Card
Rewards RateOnline + Retail: $1= 10X Points All other spend: $1 = 1X Point
Points to Value Conversion1 Point = 0.4 Miles
HighlightsOnline and Retail shoppers

Fees and Charges for CITI Rewards Card

  • Annual Principle Fee: $192.60
  • Annual Supplementary Card fee: $96.30
  • Fee waiver: Available
  • Interest-Free Period: 25 days
  • Annual Interest Rate: 26.90%
  • Minimum monthly payment: 1% or $50, whichever is higher
  • Late payment charge: $100
  • Cash advance fee: 6% or $15, whichever is higher
  • Overlimit fee: $40

Eligibility for CITI Rewards Card

  • Singaporeans and PR; Minimum annual income of $30,000
  • Foreigners; Minimum annual income of $42,000

Key features of CITI Rewards Card

  • Receive up to 10X Rewards (10 points or 4 Miles) for every S$1 spent on Shoes, Bags, Clothes at Online, Retail or Department stores, locally and overseas.
  • S$1 spent = 1 Reward point for all other spend
  • 1st year fee waived for Principle and 2 supplementary cards
  • Travel privileges which include exclusive offers from different travel websites.
  • Citibank Gourmet Pleasures, which includes great dining deals.
  • Petrol deals, save with participating petrol companies.
  • Citi Rebate, enjoy up to 10% rebate on participating locations.
  • Free Travel Insurance


Terms and conditions of CITI Rewards Card

  • Points accumulated are only valid for 60 months.
  • Transactions made towards, bill payment, educational institutions, government institutions, non-profit organisations and others will not accumulate points. For the full list, please visit CITI Rewards Card’s T&Cs.
  • Only a maximum of 10,000 points per statement month can be earned.
  • Points earned cannot be used to offset minimum payment due.

For more info, you can check out CITI Rewards Card’s website.