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  • Posted on 03 Oct 2019
    It is among the cheapest, very reliable, good support and value for money. Overall better than my previous Service Provider.
  • The plans are way too expensive and needs to be tweaked to attract customers. The sub charges are too expensive.
  • Posted on 02 Oct 2019
    It is among the cheapest plan i have encountered. Reasonably reliable. Good support. In short value for money
  • Posted on 02 Oct 2019
    I've been using their service since February this year. I subscribed to their promotion during the CNY period, 1Gbps 24-Month (Mesh Wi-Fi Solution) Incl. Askey AP5100W (2 Units). Generally the internet seems to be alright but at night it is cranky with really low speed and sometimes timeout. I don't really have much complain but if the connection is better at night it will be great. I am going to shift house from west to north-east next week. I am looking forward to see if the connection is going to be affected in anyway. Will comment again after move.
  • Posted on 29 Sep 2019
    Cheap and reliable and customer service is great and very good.But service not available everywhere in Singapore.
  • Updated on 28 Sep 2019
    I subscribed to WhizComms 500mbps No-Frills 24m Plan at the IT Comex Show. 3 reasons I decided on this plan after researching: 1. WhizComms provides a no-frills plan (no router), most of the other providers bundle the cost of the router together with the plan. As I have an existing router, the no-frills plan saves me $100+ which I can use to buy a good router from Challenger if required. 2. 500mbps is sufficient for our usage given there are only 2 of us with 2 devices each (computer & phone). 3. Most wallet-friendly compared to other ISPs The sales person was very patient in explaining all the tiny details to us, including the fact that the modem is a loan, we would have to return the modem to them in the even we choose not to renew our subscription after the end of the contract. Installation was fuss-free and so far the connection has been stable and fast. Will recommend!
  • Updated on 25 Sep 2019
    I subscribed to Whizcomm when I moved out of my parents' place this year. Price: 5/5 The reason I chose Whizcomm was that it was the cheapest no-frills 1Gbps plan available. They don't charge activation fee, and have free delivery and installation on off-peak time slots (weekdays, working hours). So if you have someone staying home this might work for you. I had to pay extra for a weekend installation because both my wife and I work. Unfortunately, you don't get a free router at this price, but luckily we had an extra from our old homes. You can always pay for one though. You also have to pay a deposit. Ease of signing up: 5/5 Just fill up an online form and everything's settled. You don't even pay upfront. Compared to other telcos such as MyRepublic this process was a lot easier. Customer service: 3/5 Whizcomm really falls short here. Firstly, their engineers who installed the internet were very junior and seemed quite unsure about their technical stuff. Not very confidence-inspiring. Secondly, it is not very easy to get information from them. I was not given an invoice for my first bill, and was not given any information on when I would be billed. They also took 2 days to get back to my email enquiry. It's a far cry from services provided by telcos such as Circleslife, where you can get all the information you need via the app. Internet connectivity and speed: 4/5 The optical network terminal (modem) provided free by them is not very reliable. Sometimes it doesn't connect to the internet and I have to reset it by turning the plug off and on again (it has no off and on switch on the device itself). Quite troublesome. Internet speed is reliable when it does work though, and doesn't drop suddenly. Overall score: 4/5 Pretty good, more or less happy with them, but not perfect.
  • Posted on 25 Sep 2019
    Decide to sign up after comparing across all the ISP for 1GPS with cheapest provider for my new home in 2017. Arranged for the installation and activate the same day when network engineer. Engineer is professional with the network tracking device , although he advise there is no need for additional Wifi mesh as the weakest spot in the house is the toilet where it around around 78% Wifi signal. Wife overwrite the decision to install the mesh with full Wifi coverage at every corner of the house.
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About WhizComms Broadband
24-Month Plans1Gbps @ $34/month 300Mbps @ $26/month
12-Month Plans1Gbps @ $38/month 300Mbps @ $32/month

Types Of WhizComms Broadband Plans

WhizComms offers a 12-month and 24-month contract option for 2 different speeds:

  • 300Mbps, 12 Months @ $32/month
  • 300Mbps, 24 Months @ 26/month
  • 1Gbps, 12 Months @ $38/month
  • 1Gbps, 24 Months @ $34/month
  • 1Gbps, 12 Months, Wireless Router Plan @ $47/month
  • 1Gbps, 24 Months, Wireless Router Plan @ $39/month
  • 1Gbps, 12 Months, Mesh Wi-Fi Solution Plan @ $44/month
  • 1Gbps, 24 Months, Mesh Wi-Fi Solution Plan @ $49/month

Free Weekday (9am-5.30pm) Delivery and Installation

Why Is WhizComms Able To Offer Home Fibre Broadband Service At Such Low Rates?

WhizComms is able to do so because they:

  • Operate on a digital platform (e-commerce sales/enquiries, electronic registration, and e-billing service) and encourage consumer to self-help, with no physical stores. This reduces retail and manpower costs, which are translated to savings for subscribers.
  • Offer no-frills solutions for subscribers. This gives subscribers the freedom to choose and purchase their own preferred wireless routers and accessories.

Fees and Charges For WhizComms Broadband Plans To Take Note Of

  • NLT service activation fee @ $56.71
  • Service Activation/Admin fee @ $53.50
  • Relocation of Address fee @ $110.21
  • Installation/Repair/Replacement/Removal of Fibre Termination Point by NetLink Trust (high-rise) @ $160.50
  • Installation/Repair/Replacement/Removal of Fibre Termination Point by NetLink Trust (landed) @ $288.90
  • Internal cabling charge for every subsequent 5m of optical fibre by NetLink Trust @ $2.14
  • Cancellation/amendment of confirmed NetLink Trust FTP Appointment (high-rise) @ $160.50
  • Cancellation/amendment of confirmed NetLink Trust FTP Appointment (landed) @ $288.90
  • Early cancellation fee before scheduling NetLink Trust appointment @ $53.50
  • Early cancellation fee after scheduling NetLink Trust appointment (high-rise) @ $160.50
  • Early cancellation fee after scheduling NetLink Trust appointment (landed) @ $288.90
  • Termination of Fibre Broadband Service 5 working days before installation or contract expiry @ Remaining value of contract period
  • Deposit for Non-Singaporean/credit risk @ $200
  • Weekday Installation (9am-5.30pm) @ $53.50
  • Weekday Installation (6pm-8.30pm) @ $69.50
  • Weekend Installation (9am-5.30pm) @ $80.25

Contact WhizComms

  • Tel: +65 3109 0088
  • Fax: +65 3109 0099
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Download monthly bill: Log into your account and select e-Bills option