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  • Been using Starhub broadband for many years and recently switched to Starhub fibre broadband with Google wifi. Hardly any connectivity issues so far. Customer service may not be the fastest in terms of picking up calls, but they managed to come down to fix my connectivity issue within 4 hours once even on a Sunday.
  • Updated on 22 Oct 2019
    Actually i used Starhub for few years alrd and the connection is quite stable. Their staff is friendly and actually get the job done pretty well.
  • Posted on 03 Oct 2019
    The speed is normal and the prcie is a little expensive. But in terms of rewards - it is still value for money.
  • Posted on 03 Oct 2019
    I am a current user of Starhub, on Jun 2019 I have subscribed cable TV and 1GB broadband Internet to support Cable TV. Initially my broadband cannot support a lot of App, like common Apps Wechat, NEA, Qoo10, Lazada, Grab, Paylah/Paynow, Youtube etc. Only Instagram, 4D/Toto, Facebook and Whatsapp able to use but intermittent, quality not so good. I called Starhub Technical Support and was told that the problem is caused by the router and maybe my phone WiFi. But I told him that my mobile plan can use all Apps and I also try another phone also the same. Moreover if the router faulty why my Cable TV and some Apps can work. After I lodge a complaint, they send an Engineer to setup my router, after the engineer setup the configuration. Everything is working fine. I am told that my router is too new and need to configure to lower standard to support some "old" phone. Unless I use iphone X, samsung galaxy note 10 or huawei mate 30 there will be no problem, other older phone need to configure the router to suit the need. Now my WIFI is working fine until now. I am satisfied with current speed and stability.
  • The speed is normal and the prcie is al ittle expensive. But in terms of rewards - it is still value for money.
  • Posted on 02 Oct 2019
    My family has been subscribing to Starhub broadband for many years now, since the days where Starhub was one of the only few service providers. In general, the download speed is alright - not much issues watching videos and the likes - it does what it's supposed to do. Price-wise, it's still somewhat competitive other providers. However, there are a few things that noticed over the years about Starhub that I do not like. Not sure if other service providers carry out the same practice or have similar issues: - as mentioned, internet speed is alright in general but there are intermittent disruptions that happen at a frequent pace of once a week or so. Sometimes the speed is really slow. - hard-selling of their cable tv services by packaging it as a "free" item when you sign up for internet service then after a period of time, will start charging you a fee for that. When you try to cancel that cable tv service, they'll say that you can but your internet service fee has to increase by like $30/month or something. It pretty much forces you to continue on the cable tv service that cost less than the price increase but essentially PAYING FOR SOMETHING YOU DON'T NEED. - their customer service hotline is forever busy; it takes almost 30 minutes to reach anybody, only to hear "switch off and on the router", which everybody knows how to do. When the same problem surfaces every week, Starhub should pick this up and do a household visit to check what exactly is wrong because switching off and on the router is just a temporary measure. But Starhub never offers any checks nor compensation unless you make a big fuss over it.
  • Posted on 02 Oct 2019
    I recently recontract my subscription line online with my SIM card only with nocontract promo code. It costs me $20 for 15GB (5+10GB 1year promo). One of good deal offered by Starhub.
  • Posted on 02 Oct 2019
    I switched to StarHub 1Gbps Fibre Broadband with Google Wifi back in 2018, and I have not looked back since! There has been minimal issues with the internet connection and speed up to date. The only problem is StarHub customer service - it is really hard to call in, whether it is during or after office hours!
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About StarHub Broadband
Broadband Plans1Gbps Fibre Broadband @$39.90/mth 1Gbps Fibre Broadband @$39.90/mth + ASUS VivoBook X407UA 500Mbps Fibre Broadband @ $29.90/month

Types Of StarHub Broadband Plans

StarHub only offers 24-month home broadband plans:

  • 500 Mbps Fibre Broadband (a pair of AirTies WiFi Mesh) @ $29.90/month
  • 1 Gbps Fibre Broadband + Free Linksys EA8100-AH MAX-STREAM AC2600 wireless router (worth $329) @ $39.90/month

What Do You Need To Get Your Home Ready For StarHub Fibre Broadband?

Before you sign up for a StarHub home broadband plan, here's what you need first:

  • Fibre broadband home eligibility: click here to check if your home is eligible.
  • Termination Point
  • Optical Network Terminal
  • Wireless AC Dual-Band Router

Fees and Charges For StarHub Broadband Plans To Take Note Of

  • Installation Fee @ $90
  • Installation of 3rd Party Devices @ $53.50
  • Delivery fee @ $12.84
  • Service call base charge @ $40.66
  • Service call transportation charge @ $12.84
  • Service activation fee @ $56.71
  • Fibre Service Early Termination charge @ $385.20 (if subscription is < 12 months)
  • Fibre Service Disconnection fee @ $32.10
  • Fibre service cancellation charge @ $234.50 (high-rise) or $481.50 (landed)
  • Additional fibre cable @ $2.14 per 5m

Contact StarHub

  • General Service Hotline (24 hours): 1633 (or +65 6820 1633 from overseas)
  • Billing Enquiries (Mon-Sat, 8am-9pm): 1637 (or +65 6820 1637 from overseas)
  • Sales Hotline (Daily, 8am-9pm): 1630 (or +65 6820 1630)
  • StarHub Public Hotline: +65 6873 2828

For more info, you can visit Starhub’s Broadband website here.