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  • Updated on 30 May 2019
    Have been using Singtel's broadband, mobile and TV bundle for quite a while now! My household is pretty satisfied with their services and customer service. Whenever we face WiFi connection difficulties, their customer service centre is reasonably efficient at providing us with some help. The best part is honestly the free Singtel WiFi hotspot around many locations in Singapore. There have been many moments when my monthly 4G usage is about to 'bao' and the free Singtel WiFi comes along handy.
  • Nothing great and fantastic as usual. Just typical day in the park for Singtel. Time for a revolution.
  • Singtel markets itself as a "premium brand" in the internet space --- touting better coverage and charging higher premiums --- but it's products and services fall way short. I subscribed to a two year 1 Gbps home broadband package and kept getting problems with SLOW internet and frequent connection issues. I consistently measured download speeds of only 80Mbps on my iPhone which is way below their quoted "typical" speeds. I abandoned Singtel after my contract expired last month in favor of MyRepublic - now I pay $20 less every month, with absolutely no difference in internet speeds plus no connection issues. I really don't understand the value of choosing Singtel over their competitors, unless you're going with the home cable TV bundle. Personally, I won't ever go back to them again.
  • Currently using this for my home broadband! connection is usually pretty decent, but occasionally when it's down we have to trouble shoot it. What I like is the customer service where they will send someone over to help repair the place when we need help with the broadband configuration. And within 1 day!
  • Updated on 30 May 2019
    Hi friends, if you are a foreigner I suggest not to take this connection under 12 months or 24 months contract. I lost my job in SG due to some company issues within 6 months and singtel is worse and don't want to waive off even a small amount on penalty. The penalty is same as what you have to pay for remaining months. Also you may not able to transfer this line you need a friend whose contract is really ending up. I am very unhappy to pay full amount even without using the service, which is very worse part with singtel service.
  • Updated on 12 Jan 2019
    I have been on Singtel Fibre 1Gbps internet for many years. The speed has always been good and stable. Perhaps because I have been using my own ASUS router. I never use the router provided by Singtel in all my years of subscription.
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About Singtel Broadband
Plans Available1Gbps @ $49.90/month 2Gbps @ $64.90/month 10Gbps @ $189.00/month
Online Perks- Free registration worth $53.50 - Weekend or weekday service installation worth up to $145 - Fibre Termination Point installation waiver (worth up to $160.50)
All Fibre Plans come with- 10% off monthly mobile subscription - Free Singtel WiFi (1,600 hotspots) - Home Line (bundled) - 4G Mobile broadband plan (500MB)

Types Of Singtel Broadband Plans

Singtel only offers 24-month home broadband plans:

  • 1 Gbps Fibre with WiFi Mesh Bundle (a pair of Askey WiFi Mesh) @ $49.90/month
  • 2 Gbps Fibre with WiFi Mesh Bundle (a pair of AirTies WiFi Mesh) @ $64.08/month
  • 10 Gbps Fibre Broadband Bundle @ $189/month
  • 1 + 1 Gbps Fibre Pro Gamer Bundle (includes Razer Sila WiFi Mesh gaming router and wtfast Gamers Private Network service) @ $69.90

All Singtel Fibre Broadband Plans Come With Special Features

  • Mobile Subscription: 10% off monthly
  • Free Singtel WiFi: over 1,600 hotspots
  • Home Line: Bundled
  • 4G Mobile Broadband Plan: 500Mb monthly

Why Sign Up For Singtel Broadband Online?

  • No Queuing: Beat the queues and shop from the comfort of your home
  • Free Router Installation: Get your weekday or weekend router installation fee waived (worth up to $145)
  • Free Registration: Save $53.50 on registration when you sign up online

Fees and Charges For Singtel Broadband Plans To Take Note Of

NetLink Trust Installation

  • NetLink Trust Fibre Termination Point Installation Fee @ $160.50 (high-rise) or $288.90 (landed)
  • NetLink Trust Service Activation Charge @ $56.871 per port
  • Internal cabling charge for every subsequent 5m @ $2.14

Other Associated Charges (imposed by NetLink Trust)

  • Re-location, repair, replacement, and removal of Fibre Termination Point @ $160.50 (high-rise) or $288.90 (landed)
  • Internal cabling charge @ $2.14 per additional 5m

SingNet Installation

  • SingNet Installation Fee @ $90 (weekday) or $145 (weekend)
  • Wiring (Cat 5e) charge for first 35m @ $80.25
  • Wiring (Cat 5e) charge for subsequent 5m @ $10
  • Wiring (Cat 6) charge for first 35m @ $100
  • Wiring (Cat 6) charge for subsequent 5m @ $15

Other Associated Charges

  • Fibre wiring consultation service @ $53.50
  • Configuration of device @ $10
  • Service cancellation fee (before installation appointment day) @ $217.17 (high-rise) or $345.61 (landed)
  • Transfer of ownership @ $21.40
  • Onsite maintenance/ assessment charge (other than faults caused by SingNet) @ $60

Contact Singtel

1. Personal

General Enquiries (8.30am-8.30pm daily)

  • Calling from Singapore: 1688
  • Calling from overseas: (65) 6235 1688

Technical Assistance (24 hours)

  • Calling from Singapore: 1688
  • Calling from overseas: (65) 6235 1688

2. Business - Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)

General Enquiries (Mon to Fri: 8.30am-6pm; Sat: 8am-2pm)

  • Calling from Singapore: 1606
  • Calling from overseas: (65) 6221 1606

Technical Assistance (Mon to Fri: 8am-6pm; Sat: 9am-2pm)

  • Calling from Singapore: 1606
  • Calling from overseas: (65) 6221 1606

3. Business - Corporate Enterprises

General Enquiries & Technical Assistance (24 hours)

  • Calling from Singapore: 1800 538 5056
  • Calling from overseas: (65) 6538 5056