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Asked by Anonymous

Asked on 09 Jul 2019

Among the 5 retailers here, what differentiates you from the others?

I'm totally new to this OEM thing, looking to make the switch but I want to understand these companies better first.


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Khairudin Ali
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 21 Sep 2019

It depends on seasonal Promotion and Conditions rates. I still remember that previously months before my subscription, Sembcorp was the perfect fit for me with generous promotion rate but days before my application, it happens that Geneco gave the best rates and conditions compared to Sembcorp.


After all, these companies are still under one parent company. No worries about shortages of electrical supply but do worry about your monthly bills.


Just a heads up for newbie:

  1. Check the best rates among the retailers.

  2. Compare their promotion discounts offered.

  3. Check the term and condition if the contract is 'Fixed' or 'Non-Fixed' contact. Go for Fixed.

  4. Do your calculations. Make sure the bills saves you money.


Good luck.

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Benny Tan
Benny Tan

21 Sep 2019

Did you first do so by comparing against an average month for your household? Have got a new BTO I'm taking over soon, and wondering if I should first get a baseline number :)