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13 Apr 2020


Which robo-advisor (StashAway, AutoWealth, Smartly) is better for a beginner?

I'm planning to invest $500 monthly

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Tai Zhi

07 Jun 2019

Chief Investment Officer at Autowealth

Hi friend,

Below is a guide "What to consider when choosing a Robo-Advisor". The guide is designed to be objective and free from bias. It summarises important factors to consider when choosing a Robo-Advisor.


Disclaimer: I work for AutoWealth and would be happy to take your feedback, if there is any!

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HC Tang

02 Jul 2018

Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society

Seedly crew has spend their time did a good comparison:


Next, read user unbiased review at:


it provides a very good usage and history / practical review.

The banks Robo are new and coming soon but not sure how good it is , can also wait for them to come out and then read review to decide later.


30 Jun 2018

Undergraduate at National University of Singapore

Hi, I would recommend StashAway since it charges the lowest fees (0.8%) for investments under S$10k....

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